Awang Tengahs men” Attack and Let Them Defend”

bn9One would use nothing more nothing less than the war slogan”Kill or Be Killed” The uncertainties surrounding the KINGs rule is now firstly to ensure that all ADUNS who have a part to play in the NEW CABINET must be seen working and moving on the ground too.

It’s too clear and the question remains “WHY AND WHO ARE ASKING THEM TO MOVE EVERY WEEKEND? { say this..its because its GE13 soon…no way, my friend look forgot someone is watching over your shoulder}

The modus operandi of the “infamous Ming Court attempt” must not be repeated openly as it turned ugly to say the least. Times have changed and now the opposition holds 16 State seats while BN has 55 seats.Obviously the KINGS divide and rule to ensure the safety net of holding on to power is diminishing by the day.

The 3 earlier articles written are put together and this is the fourth  edition.


One must also read the trilogy too to understand the scenario

2013 will be very fascinating and intriguing as the group will try to move before GE13 but their COVER has been blown WIDE OPEN. It has reached the inner circles of the KING and the waiting game is painful to the many who fears that they will be found out/sought out/thrown out and fed to the wolves,with their amassed wealth consigned to be check by the authorities and even saying/swearing on any holy books will not help them.

A youthful and unintentional banter by the group saying” Crisis what Crisis?  is even thought as undermining the rule of the KING. They have even said “we stay together,we survive” and the usual whispering voices heard are “With Crisis comes Opportunity and we need to strike clean or our political careers are over like many before us.”

The writer has been down that road before without doubt and he knows now with experience on his side who the boss is and will not compromise the KINGS Chair for a small token of just praise.

Others will cash in on their follies and even an Asssitant Minister told me”some have pushed their agendas a bit too and did not read the repercussions which comes with it. The King was very watchful on this and he knows 1983 was when it started and happened with 1987 the peak time for the youthful group to move their agendas.

The King is nowhere near what he was in 1987 but he has read the moves very clearly and will move his pack of inner circles into an unknown territory and monitor them. My late grandfather told me once” whatever that comes from the tongue cannot be taken back” this is the rule of life and we need to be careful and money cannot buy it back{ Business we can still go around but this is politics-Sarawak Style{ some KINGS man must be shuffling their shoes and feet}

{1987 during the height of the Ming Court affair there were NO social media technology of this magnitude in the likes of Face Book,SMS,Twitter,Linkeden,Digg,Reddit,Stumble Upon,Google,Emails,teleconferencing etc etc. Those days were poison letters,telexes and telephone calls and meet headon. }

Awang Tengah’s men are in full throttle but it will be defended by the KINGS inner circle. The King has been subjected to too many BAD PRESS plus Hyped out articles made public to the opposition and it could not have happened if there is a security breach of some sort. Do we need to put the website here. I think we should they know who they are and if they think the KING does not know they have something coming:-

The question posed to us in no uncertain terms “ARE ANY MP”S INVOLVE?” It’s a State affair and they are now more focus in preparation to defend  their own seats. The KING will have to take into account this matter too and being at the helm for 30 years as CM he will know when his knights  will move in.

The undermining of the KINGS rule and the call of  “end of melanau rule” is not been taken lightly and the BOOK will be thrown to those who have sold/leaked state secrets to the alternative media. Certainly the amount of wealth amassed by Awang Tengah’s men who are now no longer just bystanders remains a threat too to the KINGS rule.

old-man-in-hammock 1


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