Sarawak Minister “Santau-ed..??”

It seems that ‘rumours” especially when it involves a “high profile Sarawak Minister” it sparks, and it does catch fire quickly and by the time you spell your name it will already have arrived at every possible political corridor or corner. 

True Kah..? Benar Kah..?

This internet posting and the blog which started posting since May 11,2010 and has visitor count of 6135 at time of writing is creating some sort of uneasiness amongst the PBB circles.

Who is behind it is the next question..??

The number of articles it churns out is unbelievably realistic but mosts of it needs confirmation. The slogan of the blog however giving credit where its due,” We aim to expose the truth … only the truth.” where the word “aim” has to be taken literally. It has also created an account in FaceBook under,” 

Sebanaku Sarawak

Cindy of audie61 made enquiries and checked with Awang Tengahs Brother in law and he said,” That is absolutely no truth and he was with the Minister last Saturday.Who is cooking these stories up..??”  

Awang Tengah is one of three named as possible successor to Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud. The other two are Adenan Satem and Abang Johari.

An excerpt from the blog ,” There are rumours that Dato Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan had fallen ill on last Friday due to ‘santau’ which is a kind of black magic .”