DAP Chong “Accelerated Too fast”

The last twenty four hours in Sarawak has seen the arrival of Najib in Miri but that has caught the imagination for only the Miri people in particular his visit to Long Banga in Ulu Baram. The PM is on a two days working visit.

However throughout Sarawak the article which appeared in Sarawak Tribune Project 71 on Voon Lee Shan DAP Assemblyman for Batu Lintang has created a huge wave and had many talking in all the political corridors big or small. Voon in own words said when questioned in the exclusive interview,” When the chief Minister finally steps down,who will be a capable replacement? He answered there is still no one capable of replacing Pehin Seri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud. Who will be able to lead the State Barisan National? Taib is still the only leader capable of leading the PBB(Parti Pesaka Bersatu Bumiputra Sarawak)

In the Borneo Posts and Tribune today Chong said in praising the Chief Minister in an article in New Sarawak Tribune yesterday,said it was Voon’s personal opinion and not the party’s.

The Borneo Posts highlighted it today as “Voons statement is according to his observation.it is his personal opinion.He may think very highly of Taib.But it is not DAP’s stand. We dont share the same opinion as Voon and we think it is high time he is replaced. 

A political analysts said that “Voon is very witty and he did not waver from the question and for Chong to pull the trigger on one of his own eventhough he is suspended is not very or too  clever.” 

Chong has lighted the fire and the damage control on DAP is his to repair. The Justice Bao as Voon was headlined in the Tribune has struck back and Chong needs to lower his gears especially when it will affect the party where the people can just choose who they want.

Did Chong Accelerated Too Fast..??