PKR ” Communist are We..?”

A political watcher said,”The Cat has been thrown amongst the pigeons”

 Some one also wants to be a Hero especially going all out against PKR/DAP/PCM.” Does he know that he might have  shortened his political life especially on the mention of PKR wanita chief Ibi ak.Uding.

A PKR supporter asked” Could it be done deliberately..? Politicians know the repercussions and the reason will be reflected in the coming State Elections. We are campaigning in the best way we know. Communists are we..?? ” 

The Sarawak tribune covered the article in Project 71 covering N25 Balai Ringin and the headline appeared was “Beware the thieves in the night

Snowdan Lawan assemblyman for N25 Balai Ringgin has compared  the actions of opposition politicians to tactics of CCOs(communist guerillas) He questioned the motives of opposition politicians who went ‘from longhouse to  longhouse in the dark of the night to gather support” He also threw down the gauntlet to PKR Wanita chief ibi ak Uding to come out in the open. He also welcomed the DAP and PCM as he said.”the more the merrier”

Meanwhile audie61 called the PKR Wanita chief for any updates. It has been a BUZZ today and our PKR source mentioned to us that Ibi has been receiving a lot of calls and it has indeed been inescapable from most political conversations  in Sarawak.

Every poltical party are making preparations for the impending Sarawak state elections and there will be hundreds of statements of this magnitude and Snowdan will not be the last to challenge the opposition politicians.

A check with tribune newsroom and there is a counter reaction and this was filed in by their lead reporter and we publish the contents here:-

Abang Salfian Nawawi
26th July 2010


KUCHING: Sarawak Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Wanita Vice Chairlady Voon Sia Nie refuted to YB Snowdan Lawan’s statement on the frontpage of New Sarawak Tribune’s on July 26th (yesterday) comparing the opposition’s tactic of the CCOs (communist guerrillas).

“We are not like communist and we are not thieves,” she said adding that “it is not a very fair statement” and asked Snowdan to clarify what does he meant by that statement.

“What is wrong about us coming to the longhouse at night, it a democratic country, we are not “thieves” stealing, we are just campaigning as the State election is near,” said Voon, venting her anger through a telephone interview yesterday.

“That type of statement is not very good and I want to ask him (Snowdan) what is the different when he (Snowdan) went to the longhouses to campaign..nobody is stopping him so what is wrong with us doing it.”
“I believed that this also shows we (PR) are putting out a creditable candidate (Ibi Uding) who is the Sarawak PKR wanita chief and that is why the challenge was thrown directly by Snowdan, indicates that Barisan Nasional (BN) is running scared of our candidate.”

“Wait and see the next State election, PKR central had identified Ibi as one of the potential candidate (in N.25 Balai Ringin) according to the quota for Pakatan Rakyat (PR),” she adding that Ibi is presently concentrating on the fight (campaigning).

In the last State election, in a three corner fight, Snowdan garned 3,075 votes defeated an independant candidate Cobbold Lui (742) and Ibi Uding (contesting on a SNAP ticket) garned 1,559.