SUPP Resignations,”Implications..?”

The sms earlier read to Natasha of audie61,”A press conference by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Bengoh branch youth chief Lee Chee Fui will be held at Four Seasons hotel at 4:00pm today.”
By late afternoon it was revealed that Lee with a group of party members from Bengoh Branch said they decided to quit the party SUPP. The political arena was slightly rocked similarly to the  6.1-magnitude earthquake that hit northern Sumatra this morning, sending tremors to the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There was also not a need for a tsunami warning.

The SUPP top leadership had already decided not to take disciplinary action against a number of the Branch members for their outspokeness and the case was considered closed. 

Their boldness and actions has somewhat created a downward spiral for the Bengoh SUPP State Seat. The truth though is that there were “Disagreements and Requests” which could not be met halfway and their untimely resignation strategy might just backfire on them.

Word has been circulated to the Pakatan4 and in a telephone inteview PKR Sarawak Information Chief See Chee How said.” The Coalition will  monitor the whole situation and will discuss it collectively when the need arises. There will not be any RASH decisions and we have had learnt our lessons in Sarawak and the implications it will have on the Pakatan4.”

The Blade is already drawn,”It will be swung,stabbed and struck…??” Our formation in Pakatan needs to be resolute and strong to outmanouvere whatever is thrown and hurled at us. We need to stick together and agree in matters which will not divide us

It seems that some doors are already closing for the Bengoh SUPP members but their boldness might just trigger another divison to follow suit according to our reliable source. SUPP needs to iron out these problems before the State BN Chairman decides or is ready to call for Sarawak State Elections.

Seems SUPP has triggered a “small war” to tell CM that they are not ready yet…???

You did not plan this did you…??