“Pakatan4 v BN4”

The groundswell is reverberating and its not visible unlike an earthquake where cracks are evident. We only need to service and be with our constituents to ensure we not only survive but win our allocated seats for our coalition .

There is now more of a “United” platform now for the opposition and many have welcome the inclusion of SNAP in the Pakatan fold. Shall I say this it’s “BN4 v Pakatan4”

 These words by a current Sarawak YB talking to audie61 has more or less set the stage for the next Sarawak State Elections. Of course the inspired date has not been disclosed by the CM Taib though he insists its a “Saturday” .His aide meanwhile said that SNAP has never losts its support in the rural community and SNAP will be a FORCE now with Pakatan 4.

The people he said will choose the Government of their choice and its like this Traditional proverb,” Good Government is attained when those who are near are made happy,and those who are far away are attracted.”

Times have changed, people are more propaganda inclined and technologically savvy and the Political Parties Agenda and Ways of Governance are microscopically dissected in more ways than one.

Those days of “Anang Lawan Perintah { Don’t Fight or Go against the Government of the day is Gone } The Choice is there be it BN4 or Pakatan4. The lifeline accorded to SNAP has even awoken the ‘ Dead Alive Soldiers ” from the tomb. Not the Dead please…!

One though could imagine there could even have been” Cheers !Two Thumbs Up,Hip Hip Hoorays from the Past SNAP Commanding Officer,Generals and Lieutenants alike .”

We have been harping to the YBs for the past couple of days and also months that the “people power” is REAL and dont take it for granted. The sad thing though is when the reality bites after the election the same sentence will come out from their tongues,” If Only I have Listened and done this, done that! The English would say this though,


The SuperHero battle-field will not be for the fainthearted and in any confrontation there will be Winners and Losers. Some will be left to fend on their own while others will continue to fight another day.

Who will be your choice “PAKATAN 4 or BN 4…??”