A Football Purist said to audie61 at breakfast,”.Did you watch Ghana”s penalty kick at extra time..??” Gyan had the whole of Africa’s shoulder on his back and with virtually the last kick of extra time,he hit the crossbar of all places. Sebastian with the last kick in the penalty shootout had the nerve  to score the most ‘Cheekiest Penalty” to win it for Uruguay. This is the Drive,Inspiration and Motivation they need going into the the semifinals of the World Cup to face Holland.

Todays English tabloid had Mawan President of SPDP questioning SNAP on the reason of going for only seven(7) seats. On the same breakfast table the political analyst said,” You see Mawan’s timing PERFECT. This statement unknowlingly of the results of last nights game drives the message clearly to SNAP.

They SNAP are now harping on being a partner of the Pakatan4 and are in fact strong in the grassroots.They could even stand in Bandar Kuching area abastion for SUPP where the late Lo Foo Kee Assemblyman for Padungan and later Appointed Assistant Minister won. Why they only target certain areas especially {SPDP areas} while they could gain more to build the party up.

What Mawan meant was as an Opposition party if you win more seats you will be a “FORCE” again and its absolutely a NUMBERS GAME in politics. He is not diverting the force of SNAP away from SPDP.

SNAP a powerful party at its peak has indeed fallen badly into a “DILAPIDATED FORCE” It has been given a lifeline no doubt but the struggle to rebuild the party will take time. It will provide some sort of resistance to the BN parties in walking away without breaking into sweat. It takes more than PAST  GLORIES to reenter into the new political picture in Sarawak.

Times have changed,technology has advanced ,people are exposed to the borderless world and SNAP will need to build a NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS to succeed. No question it takes TIME to rebuild. They do not have the TIME. They need to act fast and hope for the bests.


Gyan the Ghanaian striker if he had scored the goal he would have been a National Hero and walked into any eating establishment in Ghana without paying. Will SNAP be the toast of Sarawakians again? They have seen their bests days but if they are serious about giving BN4 a run for their money they need to look at themselves first.

In this instance Mawan is correct and he does not need to mince his words as he knows the situation and political climate has changed in Sarawak. He has the feel of the ground and his political acumen and knowledge are all but provided by his true,trusted and loyal liuetenants and party faithful.

DAP will provide SUPP with more than a headache,PKR will engage PRS in former PBDS areas, PBB will have to contain with PAS/PKR in the malay/melanau areas while SNAP feels that their grassroots at their former strongholds of SPDP areas are there for the taking. This is the Pakatans Hope and their message is clear and simple,”


SNAP will want to return to proven ways not because they are old but they think they are true. However they need to,must and shall need to revitalise the party into a running entity again. Without that it will be WEAK IN ITS SEAMS and only STRONG IN SPIRIT. Seriously,this State elections will come too soon for SNAP to wrestle back the SPDP seats.

It might just be a “BRIDGE TOO FAR” for now says the political analyst and SNAP has to rebuild from its sorry state of affairs to be THE  NEW FORCE. The football purists said,”