SUPP Resignations,”Implications..?”

The sms earlier read to Natasha of audie61,”A press conference by Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Bengoh branch youth chief Lee Chee Fui will be held at Four Seasons hotel at 4:00pm today.”
By late afternoon it was revealed that Lee with a group of party members from Bengoh Branch said they decided to quit the party SUPP. The political arena was slightly rocked similarly to the  6.1-magnitude earthquake that hit northern Sumatra this morning, sending tremors to the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There was also not a need for a tsunami warning.

The SUPP top leadership had already decided not to take disciplinary action against a number of the Branch members for their outspokeness and the case was considered closed. 

Their boldness and actions has somewhat created a downward spiral for the Bengoh SUPP State Seat. The truth though is that there were “Disagreements and Requests” which could not be met halfway and their untimely resignation strategy might just backfire on them.

Word has been circulated to the Pakatan4 and in a telephone inteview PKR Sarawak Information Chief See Chee How said.” The Coalition will  monitor the whole situation and will discuss it collectively when the need arises. There will not be any RASH decisions and we have had learnt our lessons in Sarawak and the implications it will have on the Pakatan4.”

The Blade is already drawn,”It will be swung,stabbed and struck…??” Our formation in Pakatan needs to be resolute and strong to outmanouvere whatever is thrown and hurled at us. We need to stick together and agree in matters which will not divide us

It seems that some doors are already closing for the Bengoh SUPP members but their boldness might just trigger another divison to follow suit according to our reliable source. SUPP needs to iron out these problems before the State BN Chairman decides or is ready to call for Sarawak State Elections.

Seems SUPP has triggered a “small war” to tell CM that they are not ready yet…???

You did not plan this did you…??

65 thoughts on “SUPP Resignations,”Implications..?”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    Wah! SUPP really in trouble. Needs to change the top boy George. Is it another war of Team A versus Team B..?? Something big is about to hit the party.

  2. phyllis says:

    It seems that DAP will surely capitalise on the Bengoh SUPP .But they must be very careful as word has it they are not exactly very friendly and not angels within their own party.Hmmm

  3. zainuddin says:

    Read in one of the blogs that “way forward” is mentioned.Is there trouble again brewing between the factions. Jerips branch is not aligned to George and they are with Wong Soon Koh. Is this the end of SUPP..?? All out war will see many casulties.DAP beneficiary..hahahaha

  4. fedup says:

    Interesting and kudos to those who have taken this bold first step in SUPP!

    They will gain some respect of the people as most of the SUPPs are perceived as nothing but ‘yes’ men.

    Well, who knows, may be Dudong branch can follow suit! SUPP can’t be saved with the current leaders! Maybe these ‘rebels’ can recruit the young turks in SUPP and overhaul SUPP which is definitely a must.

    To these ‘rebels’ don’t be surprised that there may even be more support from SUPP members than you may think. God knows, so many are sick and tired of the current SUPP leadership which is seen as ‘USELESS”, therefore, the name S’wak Useless Peoples Party.

    Maybe their future is in a new party but please don’t join some adit’s joke cinta party! So, go forth and form your own party and who knows may be you can recruit larry sng.

  5. kpt99 says:

    Almost all political parties are embroiled with internal problems regardless of opposite or ruling parties.There are more politicking focusing on power gaining than looking after the welfare of people and developments of the country.Is this healthy for country ?Can 2020 high income and developed country achievable ?.

  6. Jolia says:

    SUPP will remain clueless with self appointed Public Relation and Communication chief, Burung Kenyalang, churning out tons of “sayang Barisan” propaganda and pleading Sarawakains to give SUPP another chance to reform from inside out or upside down or whatnot.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Jolia, you are very mistaken, I not asking anyone to give a chance for SUPP or any of the other component parties in BN to reform from inside or out side, I am asking for the voters to force the BN government of Sarawak to give them what they need through their votes, because voting DAP or PR as a whole, will get you nothing, because there is no possibility of PR winning the 2011 Sarawak state elections. Think clearly, what is the point of winning 10 seats, or even 20 seats? You are only asking the voters in these PR constituencies to be pawns in the political game, where the only losers are the voters in these PR constituencies for the next 5 years. Yes, Jolia, you can probably afford to sustain these economic sufferings for the next 5 years, but many of your poorer and less fortunate friends may not be able to sustain these 5 or 10 years before PR is strong enough to win over the state. This is not PROPAGANDA, but logic on survival. I can survive comfortably under any administration, but can all my fellow Sarawakians be as fortunate?

      • Irene Kana says:

        Almost 50 years of lost hope and aspiration under UMNO dominated BN hegemony and under the uncle and nephew Melanau empire cannot bring back the lost generation who were robbed of their rights to equal wealth distribution and opportunities. The present generation of rural poor are witnessing their own arable land been taken away from them and the present generation of Malaysians are witnessing how the UMNO dominated BN government has mismanaged our country and abused its power and belittle the voters who lend them the right to govern. We have suffered for almost 50 years. Enough is enough! I can survive very comfortable and happily in Australia, Canada, Singapore or any part of the world where there is not even a single Dayak representation in their government. But I choose to stay back to do my part to effect change and reforms.

        I don’t give a shit about what Najib’s birthday wish was but my own birthday wish is to do what I need to do to ensure Pakatan Rakyat captures Putrajaya before great and true Malaysians like Lim Kit Siang, “Tok Guru” Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh and Anwar Ibrahim retire from active politic.

        I have great respect for DAP and I shall vote for any partners of Pakatan in my constituency. My vote is for Pakatan.

      • audie's reader says:

        “This is not PROPAGANDA, but logic on survival. I can survive comfortably under any administration, but can all my fellow Sarawakians be as fortunate?”

        You have my support.

      • Frankie says:

        Winning and losing is a democratic process. DAP has lost many battles since 1967 and had each time graciously accepted defeat. That was most important but can BN or UMNO accept defeat? But since 308 DAP captured Penang and would have led the Perak government too but Perak constitution only allowed a Malay to be appointed CM. It was not a big issue as Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had proven to be a very capable administrator and a clean Minteri Besar despite UMNO staging a coup later.

        NO votes will be considered a waste if the voter has made a choice for either BN or PR. Why would it be a waste if Pakatan did not win 37 of the 71 seats or 25 of the 71 seats. Similarly BN would not be stronger if it had won 72 out of 71 seats. Voters are getting more informed and now they have a choice and an alternative government to vote for. Burung need not preach about survival and with the assistance of SPR he can vote more than once to help BN not to lose power to Pakatan.

      • Mata Kuching says:

        Sarawak has been ruled by the BN since 1963. We are the state with the richest natural resources, in land, minerals, timber, oil and gas. We have great political stability in that the state government has never changed hands and the opposition is still weak 46 years after independence. Isn’t that very good for BN Sarawak, Burung?

        Yet Sarawak is still one of the poorest states in Malaysia, ranked 12th. Meanwhile, we know how filthy rich the political top dogs in Sarawak are. What is the value of that kind of political stability and BN dominance in our state? Before 2006 Opposition had zero and BN 71 seats. Was that not good enough Burung? Before 2006, the rakyat are denied of representions in a lop sided ADUN and SUPP, PRS and SPDP were known to be only rubber stamped the Thief Minister’s policies of self development and self enrichment.

        In contrast, the per capita income in Selangor is in the region of RM50,000 per annum. In Penang, the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has just announced that poverty has been completely eradicated in the state; he just gave monthly government assistance to the last few hundred Penang residents who live below the poverty line.

        Already, the people of Selangor are seeing unprecedented change. The income of each State Executive Councilors has been made public. Under a committee headed by Eli Wong, Selangor shall be the first state in Malaysia to pass the Freedom of Information Bill.

        In Selangor, Penang, Kedah, and Kelantan, they enjoy political stability and economic development under their PR state governments. The problem in Perak is the product of the scheming, machination, sabotage, and dirty politics of UMNO, specifically that of the prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. It is BN that is the source of the constitutional and political crisis in Perak.The only way out is for a state general election to be held now in Perak. That is what BN will not allow to happen, because BN will lose big. Even Dr. M has said so!

        The Dayaks and all working class in Sarawak certainly did not prosper under UMNO controlled BN in the last 49 years and will continue to be poor and or struggling for the next 50 years under the same corrupted regime. Malaysia as a nation has found itself competing with underdeveloped countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, and Myanmar and is now even overtaken by the Phillipines. Even foreign investors have chosen not to invest in Malaysia under UMNO controlled BN government.

        Isn’t that obvious enough Burung that our political system and investment climate are rotten to the core? The Judiciary, MACC, PDRM, AG, Perkasa, and even Rosmah Mansor are frightening away investors and driving Malaysians nut ! Not only the Brilliant non-Malays are migrating but also the brilliant Malays. In Perth alone there are more than 15,000 Malays who had applied for Australian PR. In London alone there are more than 200 Malay doctors working there and who refused to come home!

        Time to Change. Time to kick out all UMNO controlled BN lawmakers. Vote Pakatan Rakyat to save Malaysia. Vote Pakatan Rakyat to save Sarawak and bury Taib Mahmud empire.

      • fedup says:

        I’ll tell you burung what’s the point of even having one more seat in DUN…so that there will be more hands to dig up the shit of BN! More thorns in the side of BN and esp pek mo, burung’s master.

        You take the cake when it comes to stupid political analysis and no wonder Be eng are losing votes with cronies like you.

        Honestly, burung, why would anyone support a party that only their cronies benefits at the expense of the public. (have asked this question in previous comments and still is awaiting your answer.)

        Answer that since you’re the self proclaimed champion ‘convincer’ of people through intellectual means. (puke puke)

        I guess, your shit don’t stink too eh!

  7. Poh Kwong says:

    SUPP has sold out the interest of the ordinary and working class Chinese and had conspired with PBB and more specifically with Abdul Rahman Yakub to weaken SNAP then and with Taib Mahmud the last 29 years to colonize the Dayaks and rural poor to gain foothold on the enormous timber resources and now NCR land for Oil Palm Plantation. Dayaks and rural community should reject SUPP for good and teach them a lesson. No right thinking Dayaks and all indigenous community in Sarawak should continue to support SUPP, PBB and Taib Mahmud.

    The past 48 years under the rule of BN has been a regretable lesson and a big price to pay for the Dayaks community. Recent announcement by BN biggest liar Najib to survey NCR land and distribute titles is nothing but yet another political gimmick to placate the Dayaks. The BN government should have taken the very first and most important step to withdraw its appeal against the high court decision to give back NCR land to Dayak owners and to terminate all illegal contracts with private plantation companies which affect NCR land.

    All Dayaks must reject PBB, SUPP and Taib Mahmud and give Pakatan Rakyat the power to recover all the stolen wealth belonging to all Sarawakians.

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: B-eNd bumNO so ‘SOMBONG’ n think that by pulling COW head,Burning Churches,Buying Frogs,Bully PR MP from Parliament,Increase Prices To Burden The Poors,Sweeping All Their High Profile :evil: Cases Under The Carpets n many more sick BAD things they have done n still think they can CONTROL PR MPs n RAKYAT with their DIRTY + EVIL tactics :evil: then they are damn wrong n for sure they will be kick the HELL out come any coming elections in short period n years to come :oops: B-eNd dirty tactics is actually ‘ketingalan zaman’ like primitive barbaric with ISA n inHUMAN that really makes RAKYAT really fed-UP with them n even many members in their own components n many now DO NOT WANT TO BE B-END YES MAN OR TOOLS TO DO SICK ;evil: THINGS NO MORE :oops:

  9. Irene Kana says:

    A repost from an article :

    In the recent Sibu by-election, the people rejected money politics when they elected DAP’s Wong Ho Leng who edged Robert Lau from the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) by 398 votes.

    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak visited the sleepy coastal town three times with offers of money and promises of development but the relentless assault by the opposition to cover every inch of Sibu gave them the sweet victory.

    With the Sibu victory, Pakatan Rakyat will soldier on despite limited resources for the people’s unwavering support in the coming state elections and if the opposition succeeds in capturing the Sarawak government, BN could face another thrashing in the general elections expected to be called in the months ahead.

    Many non-Malays do not trust Najib’s 1Malaysia concept which they say is only a slogan aimed at benefitting the Malays and Umno cronies and he has not walked his talk that his government cares for all Malaysians.

    The recent report that Penan women were raped and molested by timber logging workers and no action taken by the state and federal governments will be added ammunition for the opposition who will exploit the situation for the sake of the indigenous tribes.

    Najib’s visit to Ulu Baram, Sarawak’s most remote interior and home of the Penans on July 22 is seen as an attempt by the federal government to appease the Penans and the Sarawakians who are unhappy that their welfare and interests are not being looked after.

    My comment:

    Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah are getting increasingly FED-UP.Urban voters have already decided to give Pakatan the power to place Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman under house arrest to recover all the stolen wealth. Our rural brothers and sisters will be united to regain their dignity, identity and rcover their stolen rights and native land. Together Malaysians from Sabah and Sarawak will kick out UMNO dominated BN government and vote for Pakatan Rakyat. There won’t be any “if or but” and we shall face all obstacles and BN cheating to dethrone UMNO hegemony and BN Sarawak and BN Sabah. Najib Tun Razak, Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman MUST GO.

    Sarawak4Pakatan. Sabah4Pakatan. Malaysia4Pakatan

  10. francis ngu says:

    SUPP grassroots and cadres have been revolting since around 2006 state elections, which incidentally increased the opposition share of votes even in Piasau to 28% from 20% previously. Of course tectonic shifts of votes were in Kuching,lower Rajang and Bintulu.

    An en-bloc resignation which is effectively crippling the Bengoh Branch is however a remarkable coup or uprising. I tend to believe that the revolt is for real, and not SUPP wayang. The Bengoh revolt may even be of historic significance, viewed years later—-.

    There seem to be festering trouble in Bintangor, Sibu, Engkilili, Miri, perhaps elsewhere; but will Bengoh create an irretrievable Domino effect?

    On another score, a 10% vote swing to Sarawak Pakatan would deliver 15-20 seats for Pakatan. A swing of the same scale would deliver Sarawak Pakatan 6-10 Parliament seats in the GE which must be called by 2013.
    It is likely that the State elections will provide the needed momentum for the march of the Rakyat with Pakatan to PutraJaya, taking into account possible significant vote swings in other states.

  11. francis ngu says:

    I wrote on my FB profile on July 20th: I read at Audie61s, quote “Among the young Turks in SUPP, increasingly better educated, the
    consensus is that the party must part company with BN, sooner rather
    than later, and strike out on its own.”

    And I commented:”This was clear to me,even on May 20th 2006, even when Dr. George Chan beat me by a hugh majority at Piasau, but it would have been overly arrogant of me as a loser at that time to make such an observation.
    Moreover, advising… SUPP what to do is not really my business. Even as I lost, I was overjoyed at the hugh
    vote swing, especially in urban Sarawak.

    After 2008 and Sibu 2010, it is now late in the day for SUPP to decide its future.

    This is a party that Sarawak people held so dearly 40-50 years ago,(including myself, still in my childhood !). It must now be prepared to spend a long period as an opposition party, and to re-package itself to serve the Rakyat, and later take part in the government of Sarawak many years from now. This is now clearly the inevitable route of its life-cycle.

    Regards to the SUPP “young turks” and all grassroots with better social conscience.

    Your unworthy opponent in Pakatan,

    • fedup says:

      SUPP is indeed shooting themselves in the foot each time members of the public seek help from their leader’s regards to land issue in S’wak.

      Many have sought the help of SUPP leaders on the renewal of land lease only to be met with ‘tai chi’ tactics saying sudarsono etc are to be consulted and he cannot do anything because pek mo says no.

      Such instances and similar others just says one thing to the voters, WHAT THE FUCK DO WE NEED THESE FUCKERS IN OFFICE FOR? THEY ARE USELESS!

      SUPP always think that as long as they try that’s enough for people to have them in office.

      Just refer back to the recent news on premiums discounts taib announced after post sibu by elections and what supp said after that…offering to help people push forward the process for premium reductions after the fact!

      What a joke, as usual trying to claim the credit when it is DAP in particular that caused this reduction!

      With people like lily yong and alfred yap wanting to come back into the fold when they have already lost and been kicked out by the public once before just goes to show SUPP clearly has a death wish!

      Well screw you SUPP, as far as the public is concerned, supp is the S’wak Useless People’s Party!

      • Chen T K says:

        WEll said. SUPP is indeed a useless party and political platform. It only serves the interests of a few tycoons who have been divesting their business in Malaysia and moving their investment overseas after milking the rakyat through negotiated timber concession. My family land in Bako has been under sect. 47 for over 27 years and despite that quit rent still need to be paid yearly and the land is due for renewal in less than 3 years time. L & S said land owners can renew the land now and pay the premium BUT there is no guarantee the land will be renewed or that sect. 47 will be lifted because there is no directive from “BIG BOSS”. Apparently the “BIG BOSS” refered to is not Director of L & S but Taib the white crocodile! Sarawakians should NOW vote for change. There will not be another 5 to 10 years to waste as we have wasted almost 50 years with the corrupted and greedy BN government. I also agree with comment posted by some wise men and women here that ” No right thinking Dayaks should continue to support PBB, SUPP and Taib Mahmud “. Let us unite to vote them all out. NO MORE ANOTHER CHANCE !

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: BURUNG will always be YES man @ Kow Tow man to B-eNd bumNO n second class citizen that have to sit in the BUS n be a passenger that just sit boo boo n keep quiet + carry their balls :mrgreen:
    :oops: SHY SHY LA YOU RACIST GOONS :oops:

  13. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: Perkasa n Burung ‘robs’ our identity,says Orang Asli :mrgreen:

  14. Burung Kenyalang says:

    Nobody can deny or not know of the corruption and gross mishandling of some issues in the current government. If there is a possibility of a change in Government, I would certainly want a change also, but even the top echelons of PR have stated, again and again, that they do not expect to win the 2010/11 Sarawak State elections, but they expect to gain a stonger foothold only. PR will probably win in the next election. Even, I conceed to that fact.

    Now, since you know so well the misdeeds of the BN government, what do you think they will do to the constituencies which went against them? Give them a big ang pow full of development projects for the area or starve them to punish them and to make an example of them? You answer the question yourself. This is probably white hairs last run, you think he gives a damn if you vote him or not in the next election.

    He will take this time (5 years) to screw all those constituencies voting for PR. If PR can win over Sarawak in 2011, then the story is different, but since it cannot, why dont we, the Rakyat, play the system for once, by voting in BN and grabing all the rewards which will be endowed upon the supporters. The Rakyat have always been played out, this time we should play to win.

    Listen to the Propaganda put out by the PR supporters, waste your vote on a losing group and suffer like hell for next 5 years, when we already know it is only a matter of time when the change of government is to take place. We know in 5 years time PR will be much stronger and stand a good chance to win, at this moment, PR dont stand a chance, they dont even have the infrastructure to get to the remote locations of Sarawak to campaign.

    Imagine if Sibu, gave BN a win in the last election, it was ‘status quo’ for BN as it’s power did not increase in that win, PR was status quo as well, in gaining 1 seat, did not win it government of Malaysia, but imagine with Rm1.8 Billion injected into the Sibu economy, and the economic roll on effect, Sibu economy would be booming. Unfortunately, the Sibu voter are asking, why Sacred Heart and St Elizabeth combined only recieved 1 scholarship, residents in Tong San road asked why the flood mitigation project had to be reviewed for a new access drainage system, Rejang park asked why the infra structure worth Rm5M is not being done. I wonder if they ever asked themself why and what if Lau Jr had won.

    You want this for your communities for the next 5 years? Why this is not being done, why that is not done? Vote for PR and PR lose the election, this is what will definitely happen.

    Just to clarify, I am not a BN supporter, I am a supporter of my community and I am a realist. I look at what is the best for my community. Many of us also have our lands under Sec.47 and have NCR title problems, some of our leases are also expiring soon. I ask myself, if the leaders of PR do not expect to win in this coming election, what kind of bullshit promises are they making about giving titles to all NCR land, lifting of all Sec 47 land and auto renewal of leases, if they cant win they can’t do shit.

    We may not be from a big town or city, but pls Pakatan Rakyat, don’t talk to us like fools, you already have Mata Kuching, Fedup and Ho Ho Ho and the rest of them, who will swallow everything you give to them. At least we do not swallow the BN swill, we just want to make the best of what we can have at hand. To side with PR is just suicide at the moment.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

      :oops: OMG you what kind of selfish Burung without balls this is???? You must gone cracko or nuts to ask everybody to wait for next five years 2016!!! n only vote for that corrupted to the core B-eNd to WIN n give them 5 years to robs n bankrupt everything 1st!!!! mumbo jumbo “££”$%^^%$£%&**& :oops:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
      PR ‘Keng’
      PR ‘Seng’
      PR ‘C’han Hai Mou Tak Teng’
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Hey Stupid, you ho here, you ho there, tell us why you think PR can win when Anwar thinks, PR cannot win Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

        Tell me how PR is going to go to Bario, Bakalalan, Long Semado, Long Lama and remote areas like that? You think Anwar can grow wings and fly? People have brains and know how to vote, just need to let them know their options not ram your crap propaganda down their throats.

        Yes, pls accept the SUPP gifts, embrace them into your party, your homes. Mark them your brothers, let them sleep with your sisters. just as they did at Troy. ha ha ha ha. but an illiterate imbecile like you would be too stupid to learn from History.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Hey Idiot,you coo cuu here n coo cuu there with all your birdie sHIt n nobody will wants to listen to you this sick SHIT old bird that sound more like an OLD WOLF hahahahahaha :mrgreen:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    • Irene Kana says:

      Burung, you seem to be farting too much and polluting nobody but your own mind in your own small little self contained incubator. You can talk till your wife or mother-in-law turn into a cow and nobody will read your scripts which have been read out many times repeatedly by all the politically impotent and castrated leaders from SUPP.

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Irene, you are correct, no body reads my scripts, all I write is nonsense, therefore, PR supporters should not get so defensive and uptight about what I write. Unless of course there are some merits to my writings, which some members of the voting public may be in agreement with me. Is that what you guys are scared of?

        If you think scripts are without basis or merit and no body will read it, then just leave me alone to write my thoughts and ideas, which no body will read according to you.

        PR is suppose to champion freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and internet, how come, you who profess to be ardent supporters so against me expessing my views? If you act like this now, what is the difference between you and the BN, even before being elected, you are already acting in contravention of what PR Media freedom mandate, what is going to happen, when PR actually get elected?

  15. Sixth Sense says:

    Ya I see your point. But what if there is a unexpected tsunami like in 2008 and pakatan rakyat win.So how then brown cow?

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      If PR wins, then no problem, everythings fine. BN supporters, happy, PR supporters happy, because PR will treat us all equally. The problem is, what happens if PR doesn’t win? Will BN seek retribution PR held areas? I dont know the answer.

      Can PR win the Sarawak elections in 2011, Anwar Ibrahim gave the answer for Johor, Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia Today. Go look for yourself.

      • Sunny says:


      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Sunny, Sorry, your thinking is too complex for my simple mind, I cannot grasp all the points in your posting.

        I will reply what I can understand.

        If BN lost, I will assume PR has won, then, personally I am no longer worried for the people, because, as per the PR promises made with regards to land rental, leases, titles, corruption, scholarships etc have already been addressed, and if all goes to plan, there is no need to worry about my community. Whether we support BN or PR, the new PR government will treat us equally.

        It is only if BN wins, that we have to develop a strategy, which will enable my community to at least maintain its status quo in it’s development and progress, because BN is not as Christian in thought as PR, they do not turn the other cheek when slapped, they usually slapped back twice as hard.

        If PR wins, they will treat supporters and opposition all equally. Very considerate of them.
        BUT CAN PR WIN IN THE 2011 SARAWAK STATE ELECTIONS? because Anwar, Kit Siang and Guan Eng doesn’t think so.

      • Sixth Sense says:

        Burung Kenyalang,
        Although I do not agree with you, but your realistic and down to earth type analysis is very sound, thought evoking and may appeal to some groups. Reading your postings have given me a fresh insight in the how the other side thinks. Keep your objectivity and refrain from going into the gutter like some of the other contributors to this blog.

  16. Batholomew says:

    Burung, stop analysing and keep working to prevent BN from losing more seats. We do not like to see an intellectual like you end up in Sentosa Mental Hospital. Losing to BN was nothing new to many voters in Sarawak. Some have voted for Opposition for the last 9 elections and was pleased to see 6 Rockets and 1 PKR reps representing them and speaking out for the weak and helpless after 2006 state election. The same voters and many new ones will continue to vote Opposition under the Pakatan Platform this coming election. If BN still forms the government good for you and we shall come back in GE13.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Very good, then since you guys voted for a losing party for the last 9 elections, you should accept the shit dished out to you by the winners. If you had voted for the winners, maybe you have a platform to negotiate with them. Since you are the losers, why should the winners listen to your gripes.

      Do you endeavour to enrich your business competitor to a point, where he will out grow your own company and be a dangerous business threat or would it be sound business practise to retard the growth of your competitors? Ask Bill Gates, What Windows did to Netscape, What Steve Jobs, did to the new IT start ups, Find out how Microsoft either bought out or destroyed new market players. Is politics any different from business? You expect BN to give you a helping hand? If not, then don’t complain when BN shit on you. You have to hope and pray that PR can win, but the PR leaders have already made it clear that PR Sarawak cannot win the 2011 elections

      • Frankie says:

        Yes you are right and I will give PR a 40% chance of wining and that in itself will motivate many thousand more voters to vote for PR. PR leaders did not want friends and supporters of PR to be complacent and so we feel the need to work harder and convince all friends, relatives and colleagues to vote for PR.

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Frankie, 40% of a loss is still a loss and supporters of the opposition will still be victimised. BN have come out to say that they will win the 2011 sarawak state elections. PR leaders have come out to say that they expect to lose the elections in Johor, Sabah and Sarawak. So how do you derived your 40%?

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: So Burung you call me stupid n I call you Idiot :lol: fair enough n anyway I Thank You you bcoz I can read your good HEART now BUT 1 thing I can GUARANTEE you Burung is that if B-End @ Barang Naik gomen WIN then I’m very sure all Petrol,Gas,Sugar,Flour n many things will be increase n then those :evil: will ask all the media n their YES Man newspaper to say only Price adjustment n cannot says Price Hike or Increase :lol:
    I’m sure B-eNd need to call for Sarawak election ASAP or they will lose more votes if they increase PRICE of everything before election!!!! Why ?? Bcoz they cannot ‘tahan’ already bcoz all their goons are BIG spender n too corrupted until RAKYAT need to suffer more bcoz of their sick SHIT + racist attitude :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  18. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Ai yo yoyoyo FDI – Foreign Direct Investment drops 81% n counting n those Pink Lips Brother still ask RAKYAT to look at the BRIGHT SIDE n methink he should look at the BACK SIDE + BACK DOOR MISSnister to advice them all bcoz RAKYAT will not be fool by them no more :lol: Sure this Pink lips Brother will see BRIGHT SIDE la bcoz his Pink Lips Brother already bail his Bank out from trouble what !!!! :lol:
    BACK SIDE :arrow: n :lol:

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Why does FDIs come into a country, primary reason is stability of government, it does not matter if your government is a corrupt dictatorship or a ultra liberal anarchy type administration. As long as it has a stable government, FDIs will flow in. You know why under the Mahatir regime, FDIs peaked? because Mahathir was strong and decisive, opposition was non existent. Multi nationals trusted Mahathir to be able to have full control of the people in the country. China, Vietnam, Cambodia are current favourite destinations for FDIs, the common factor in this is because these governments are strong with no opposition.
      I am NOT stating that government with no opposition is good, on the contrary, I am saying “A GOVERNMENT WITH TOO STRONG AN OPPOSITION IS BAD FOR FDI” So the reason for a reduction in FDI is because Malaysia is currently not stable, due to an overly strong opposition. Either PR or BN make a convincing victory. We will be in the doldrums until then.

      To those opposition supporter, FDI reduction is a direct product of your actions. Either BN or PR must have a convincing win, otherwise FDIs will never come back. most of the Multi nationals dont really give a damn who comes in, as long it is strong enough to carry out its mandate with minimal opposition.

      • Sixth Sense says:

        Your statement is a simplistic one. Agreed that a strong and stable government is one of the factors for FDI flow, but transparency, fair trade practises and government trade and financial assistance also play a big part.

      • Mata Kuching says:

        Let’s see how foreign investors view Malaysia:

        * the lack of creativity and bureaucracy is serious in the country
        * the government is not open enough and there are complicated and lengthy procedures
        * corruption problem is serious and there is a great deal of red tapes
        * there is a shortage in general labour, and a lack of professional manpower
        * it has many strong slogans but lacks competitive advantage

        Are the government, political parties and politicians really aware that Malaysia has reached a crucial point in which we will have to either wake up and reform or sink and disappear from the world economic map?

  19. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Hope investor will not be chase away by their goons bad attitude :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  20. fedup says:

    Hey Burung, you kept saying if PR wins then they will get your support…well by then, i don’t think it will matter.

    It matters especially now not by then! You’re just a self serving typically soup bee end types that are ruining this country!

    btw, your master taib is he happy with his oxford appearance? He’ll be famous now alright! for the wrong reasons! what a PR blunder eh! guess he can kiss his honorary doctorate from oxford good bye!

  21. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: STUPIDITY is not a crime n only those who CHEAT,LIES,CORRUPTED n KILLS living things is real criminal n RAKYAT must reject them :idea: ‘NOBODY’ would like to have corrupted n bad leaders in their gomen :lol: :lol: :lol:

  22. francis ngu says:

    Clearly UMNO/BN is using double-talk to hold on to the last straws of power.
    You hear from UMNO/BN parties talking about “Reform, transform, read conform !”, it is all about status quo.

    They are insulting the intelligence of the rakyat, even trying to confuse a section of the Rakyat smart enough to be engaged in serious discussion on netspace.

    Ludicrous political and economic theories are spun, believe you at peril. Worry not, I think a large proportion of people who come to these columns are college educated, university degree holders or higher.

    Does one need to debunk bizarre BN “theoreticians” ?

  23. francis ngu says:

    About the disastrous FDI figures, readers including B. Kenyalang are referred to our eminent former Finance Minister (under TDM), T. Razaleigh’s speech to students of UKEC at his blog Blog for Change, and reprinted at other leading news portals.

    From his writings over the last 2-3 years, I have learnt
    more than a thing or two about economics and Malaysian economy. And this from a veteran UMNO leader who speaks with a moral conscience, never mind about another UMNO Minister of yesterday, Zaid.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Hi Dr, I advocate a Stable government for a conducive economic environment for an increase inflow of FDIs, not a government who is seen to be unstable due to the continued banterings of an opposition which does not have a solution to problems, just standing on a platform of complaints with nothing constructive to offer.

      “Francis Ngu Wrote : From his writings over the last 2-3 years, I have learnt more than a thing or two about economics and Malaysian economy” – Since you purport to have learned about a thing or two about economics, please advise, if the instability caused by the opposition is the main cause of the slow down in FDIs? If you want to talk about draconian legislations, then during Dr M’s time, it would be worse, but that was when Malaysia recorded the highest FDI inflows. Care to explain? The difference now, is that the opposition DAP, PKR and PAS, have been actively sabotaging Malaysia in the eyes of the world. The Badawi government was weak and allowed this, the Najib government is trying to repair it. I just hope he can do it in time. DAP, PKR and PAS in their quest to win, they have sacrificed Malaysia’s economic well being.
      Francis Ngu, instead of just saying FDI is decreasing, finding fault, tell us how the opposition would bring FDI back? Give us something constructive, show us you have ideas not just complaints. Show us, if you win the elections, you can actually act as government and not continue to act like the opposition. Do nothing but complain and complain only.

      • fedup says:

        Hey burung, u dumbass, cuba is stable, North korea is stable, power passes from father to son and soon to grand son. So much growth in those countries eh!

        In fact, Cuba had a ‘stable’ very corrupt government under batista which as a result, someone like Fidel Castro lead the people’s revolution to oust batista!

        Batista had a glitzy and glam corrupt government that couldnt give two hoots about the people kinda like this one!

        He had to run one new years eve when fidel came to town! You better hope and pray this country do not end up like cuba!

        U must have attended the dumbass School of Economics!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:


        See how much money came into Cuba during the Batista Regime, problem was that wealth was not distributed. Development for the state was neglected. Do you see poor starving people in Sarawak, relative to the size of Sarawak, the infrastucture is better than most Peninsula Malaysian states. Business opportunies are a lot more here than many other states, that is why many west Malaysian companies and individuals like to come and do business in Sarawak, because there are more opportunities here than in Semenanjung Malaysia. It is because some people in Sarawak, like yourself are so blind and stupid that they cannot recognise and harvest the incredible amount of opportunities in Sarawak. Those Sarawakians that have this foresight and will to succeed is frown upon and thought to be linked to political parties.

        The opposition political parties really look down on Sarawakians. They feel Sarawakians are so backward that they cannot succeed by themselves, any achievements must be government linked and due to corruption. Hey DAP, PKR PAS, In Sarawak we also have many capable people. Those you have been able to CON with your nonsense propaganda is those at the bottom of the barrel. There are many more Sarawakians who have not been cheated by you guys.

        Hey Sarawakians, look at yourself, your failure to succeed, is it because of your own lack of initiative or is it something else. Don’t swallow the opposition propaganda. Do you have roads. do you have houses, do you have food to eat everyday, does your kids go to school?
        I worked many years in West Malaysia, I have lived in many states over there, Sarawak is better by far in terms of opportunities. Sarawak gets Rm6 Billion a year from Federal. We have 2.6million people. West Malaysia has 23 million population, go find out how much Federal government spends on each Sarawakian compared to each West Malaysian. Do some work, don’t just swallow the crap given to you by the opposition.

  24. Irene Kana says:

    Of the average RM6 billion been allocated to Sarawak yearly (for easy calculation), 70% of the infrastructure projects went to Taib Mahmud and cronies. The balance of 30% allocation (RM 1.8 billion), 60% went into somebody’s pockets and the 40% went into paying contractors for shoddy and sub-standard projects because there was no profit for the small time contractors.

    Yet 60 % of Sarawakian are earning less than RM300 per month and in the whole of Malaysia less than 18% are earning less than RM2,000 per month based on IRD data. A lay man will tell you Burung that UMNO dominated BN government is a LOUSY and GREEDY government and dont deserved to be voted in for another term both at state and federal level.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Irene, Maybe you are correct, 70% infrastructure projects went to Taib Mahmud and cronies, Can you drive from Kuching to Lawas?, do you drive on good sealed roads? Does your drain flood when it rains? Are there projects underway to improve infrastucrure issues and problems?

      Irene wrote ;”40% went into paying contractors for shoddy and sub-standard projects”

      Maybe these 40% should also go to Taib and his cronies, because they can do a better job, and economies of scale ensure they can do a job at a lower cost and higher profitability.

      Irene, you do not know what you are talking about. You are saying 60% of the 2.6 Million Sarawakians earn below Rm300. Are you stupid or what, read the report properly, you are saying 1.5 million Sarawakians earn below Rm300, you think The Spring, Boulevard, Everise, Unaco, H&L,Parkson, etc etc can remain in business with 60% of Sarawaks population earning Rm300? The only reason for the rise of the numbers of Supermarkets and department stores throughout Sarawak is due to it’s growing affluence. You, Irene Kana is the epitome of the problem with Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters, stating data with no backing or reasoning. This is just stupid, how many people will believe such nonsense published by you. If you want to lie, at least lie convincingly. I hope there are more PR supporters like you, Pakatan Rakyat will definitely lose credibility with supporters like you. Thank You,

      • Irene Kana says:

        Arte you retarded or what Burung? 40% do not include children and unemployed. We are talking about working adults including those who participated in government agricultural schemes.

      • Asri Rahman says:

        Paloi Burung! What is so great about a tar sealed raod linking Kuching to Lawas in the last 49 years. Many parts of Sarawak are still not connected and not to mentioned certain feeder roads which never get tar sealed in the last 40 years.

        Look at Communist China which has zero tolerance for corruptions and more than 1.4 billion mouths to feed. In the last 18 years, China has constructed 800,000 km of highways and boasted of having the fastest bullet train service in the world! What has your UMNO’s BN governemnt got to show in the last 52 years? Yet you are so proud that Taib Mahmud has been responsible for sarawak progress and that he should have been given 100% of Sarawak governemnt project. What a bumb asshole that your parents have given birth to ?

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Irene, I have only 1 word to describe you. A LIAR. Much like your Pakatan Rakyat Propaganda. IRD data include the number of residents earning below Rm2K p.m. because these group do not get taxed on their income for the financial year. No where in the IRD report does it include a break down on the number of people earning Rm 200, Rm201, Rm202, Rm 203 and so forth. I asked the IRD officer and he said, that they never keep such information and do not have capacity to keep such information, people at Rm300 income do not normally submit tax returns. Only those with taxable income, the IRD will keep detailed records.

        Anyway for tax management purposes, people will tend to manipulate their income at a level which will minimise their payable income tax.

      • fedup says:

        burung, you’re a product of the unfortunate circumstances of being under BN rule for this many years.

        In case you haven’t notice, they are churning out dumbasses by the minute and elevating them to positions which are way beyond their intelligence. They just shame themselves every time they open their trap!

        Check this out, one of your beloved b eng!

        The bugger doesn’t even realise the audience was laughing at him! And, these sorts you support!!!! You dumbass!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        So Fedup, I ask again, is Irene Kana Lying about her figures. Does IRD keep tabs on people earning below Rm300 per month? Is the IRD officer lying?

        Well, I think Irene Kana is talking nonsense. Who would believe her, other than the stupid fedup that 60% of Sarawakians earn below Rm300, and an even bigger lie, that Inland Revenue Department (Tax Department) gave her the figures. Hey, at Rm300, you dont get taxed

  25. fedup says:

    Fuck off lah burung, you piece of shit! same breed as adit, a monkey that’s good for nothing! Breed like yours knows no shame and would sell your own grandmother to make a buck!

    Time to get rid of your type in government and clean up this state of ours. Send those monkeys to prison!

    It’s a matter of time dickhead, it’s inevitable.

    Save Sarawak, save Malaysia!

    Time for change!

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