PKR ” Communist are We..?”

A political watcher said,”The Cat has been thrown amongst the pigeons”

 Some one also wants to be a Hero especially going all out against PKR/DAP/PCM.” Does he know that he might have  shortened his political life especially on the mention of PKR wanita chief Ibi ak.Uding.

A PKR supporter asked” Could it be done deliberately..? Politicians know the repercussions and the reason will be reflected in the coming State Elections. We are campaigning in the best way we know. Communists are we..?? ” 

The Sarawak tribune covered the article in Project 71 covering N25 Balai Ringin and the headline appeared was “Beware the thieves in the night

Snowdan Lawan assemblyman for N25 Balai Ringgin has compared  the actions of opposition politicians to tactics of CCOs(communist guerillas) He questioned the motives of opposition politicians who went ‘from longhouse to  longhouse in the dark of the night to gather support” He also threw down the gauntlet to PKR Wanita chief ibi ak Uding to come out in the open. He also welcomed the DAP and PCM as he said.”the more the merrier”

Meanwhile audie61 called the PKR Wanita chief for any updates. It has been a BUZZ today and our PKR source mentioned to us that Ibi has been receiving a lot of calls and it has indeed been inescapable from most political conversations  in Sarawak.

Every poltical party are making preparations for the impending Sarawak state elections and there will be hundreds of statements of this magnitude and Snowdan will not be the last to challenge the opposition politicians.

A check with tribune newsroom and there is a counter reaction and this was filed in by their lead reporter and we publish the contents here:-

Abang Salfian Nawawi
26th July 2010


KUCHING: Sarawak Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Wanita Vice Chairlady Voon Sia Nie refuted to YB Snowdan Lawan’s statement on the frontpage of New Sarawak Tribune’s on July 26th (yesterday) comparing the opposition’s tactic of the CCOs (communist guerrillas).

“We are not like communist and we are not thieves,” she said adding that “it is not a very fair statement” and asked Snowdan to clarify what does he meant by that statement.

“What is wrong about us coming to the longhouse at night, it a democratic country, we are not “thieves” stealing, we are just campaigning as the State election is near,” said Voon, venting her anger through a telephone interview yesterday.

“That type of statement is not very good and I want to ask him (Snowdan) what is the different when he (Snowdan) went to the longhouses to campaign..nobody is stopping him so what is wrong with us doing it.”
“I believed that this also shows we (PR) are putting out a creditable candidate (Ibi Uding) who is the Sarawak PKR wanita chief and that is why the challenge was thrown directly by Snowdan, indicates that Barisan Nasional (BN) is running scared of our candidate.”

“Wait and see the next State election, PKR central had identified Ibi as one of the potential candidate (in N.25 Balai Ringin) according to the quota for Pakatan Rakyat (PR),” she adding that Ibi is presently concentrating on the fight (campaigning).

In the last State election, in a three corner fight, Snowdan garned 3,075 votes defeated an independant candidate Cobbold Lui (742) and Ibi Uding (contesting on a SNAP ticket) garned 1,559.

32 thoughts on “PKR ” Communist are We..?”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    That kind of statement only reflects his arrogance as a person and as an ADUN. His rightful place is still in the night scene of a pub or karaoke.It used to be true that even when BN fielded a monkey in the past to be its candidate it could win because of cheating and fear factors. My special branch friend told me that Snowdan’s father, Donald Lawan, used to purchse few hundred tablets of sleeping pills from Pharmacy to be mixed with beer and “cap apek” when he asked his campaign workers to entertain those voters who were anti-BN or pro Opposition a night or two before polling day.This tactic was to prevent these group of pro- opposition voters from casting their votes. Gone are the days the rural Dayaks will drink till they dropped “dead”.History will be created in this coming state election and these goons of Taib Mahmud know very well and are running scared. The Taibtanic is sinking and more rats will be jumping off his ship in the days and months to come.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Pray tell us where the 36 seats are going to come from to make PR win in Sarawak, Even PKR Boss Anwar Ibrahim is realistic enough to realise PR is not in the position to take over Johor, Sabah and Sarawak yet.

      So all your claims of PR winning the coming state election is without basis and full of nonsense, attemting to CON the voting public.

      Tell the truth, tell the public, PR cannot win in the coming State elections but would like their support, state the reasons, and I am sure many people will give you their votes. I am sure BN have a bunch of
      liars as well, if PR goes on lying to the voters, then what is the diffence between you and them?
      Want to make a difference? tell the truth.

      • Lee Hui says:

        None of your business Burung where the 36 or more seats coming from for Pakatan to form the new state government. You should work hard for BN not to lose more. Leave PR to all of us .

  2. DK Being says:

    BN really devoid of any ideas. Now telling people that they cannot go at night to campaign. Aiyo if his dad no money he will also have to campaign furiously even to the dawn. Shut up and let us see you out of the DUN Snowdan.

  3. sarawakiana says:

    Too right he will feel the onslaught of the PKR wanita wing when the time comes. Ibi will have SNAP /DAP/PAS against Snowdan. Ibi under SNAP had 1559. now under PKR maybe enough to beat Snowdan. lets see and please remember BN Snowdan will know the feeling of being defeated.

  4. CCO says:

    How can he use the word like communists in the night? Where did he pluck it from.? Snowdan is talking too big and he should be voted out by the people.

    • Batholomew says:

      Snowdan must have been dead drunk with some chicks in the pub when he received an sms about PKR working hard till night time in Balai Ringin. Perople who know him personally will tell you that he is a drunkard clown who lives a lifestyle like Sulaiman Taib Mahmud.

  5. frantic means says:

    The “more the merrier” .He cannot even handle PKR what more to have a united opposition front? He running scared it seems. Time will tell and he needs to be very careful. The ‘miracle” of Sibu will hit Sarawak as now even essential items have gone up. Bye bye BN.

  6. Bong Kee Cheok says:

    The communist comrades of the 60s will ensure he will not be elected. That is for labelling us thieves.

  7. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    That snowman talking nonsense!

    Teach him a lesson one or two. Please don’t be so arrogant in politics. Nothing is last forever!

    People tired of BN!!!
    People tired of BN!!!
    People tired of BN!!!

    He is collabrating with Taib(Chief of Thieves) & Masing to cheat people of Balai Ringin!!!

    Enough is enough!!!

  8. Anti-Kleptocracy says:

    Taib tak tau malu langsung terkinja-kinja ke Oxford cakap pasal “green” konon. Di tanah air merompak tanah adat orang asal bak lanun kanan kiri. Pergi mampus cepat-cepat baru aman negeri Sarawak!!!


  9. zainuddin says:

    Boleh tahan lead reporter bagi news.Tribune making waves again. Good! Borneo posts standard already down i can see. STAR ok saja.

  10. Apai Balai Ringin says:

    True or not Mata kuching your statement,”My special branch friend told me that Snowdan’s father, Donald Lawan, used to purchse few hundred tablets ………”
    This is bad!

  11. Down grade says:

    Wow! How arrogant can one get? Telling people especailly us opposition supporters not to campaign at night and if we do we are like communists guerillas. The reporter was fast in getting a response from PKR.Good one!

  12. Tubairabut.... says:

    My simple mind dictates the followings:

    1. Behaves as he is…this young punk indicates he’s started having a regular nightly bad dreams.

    2. Consequence:The more you tend to behave as such the more bad dreams you’ll experience; you’re sure to encounter the worst nightmares ever.

    3. Re-examine yourself to double check whether you deliver sincerely and in a fair manner or otherwise to your constituents…their lies the verdict….are you a snowdan or a Snow-down…

    • Thunderstorm says:

      Audie,Yb. Snowdon must have a great time during dinner at Dama last few weeks. U may go to FB-Gangga Love, wow fanstastico, man. Handsome Snowdon with pretty girls.

  13. Wolf says:

    I am not from around here, but I will comment on what I have read. I have to side with Snowdan and the reason is not only is he a personal friend, but history has shown that those who campaign at night anywhere around the world, and especially in rural areas were taking advantage of the less priveledged making big promises they will never keep, and history shows that communists guerillas in Vietnam, China, and other countries that promoted communism did ALOT of campaigning at nighttime and even by force if necessary. As to Snowdan hanging in pubs, who are you to judge? we are just as guilty as he is and you who have judged him as this is a bad thing, then the only way for you to have known is by the fact that you hang out there as well, hypocrite! As regards to having pretty women around, well you are only jealous of him. Because if you weren’t, there would never be a reason to mention that on here in the first place. I have found the Lawan family including the father Donald Lawan to be an awesome and generous family. Whatever sins any one have may have committed is between them and God. Not a single one of us in this world is innocent. Their sin is no greater than yours nor mine. Sin is sin no matter how its packaged. Look in the mirror before you judge someone elses lifestyle because you are no different.

    • Bourgeois Revolution says:

      They are hardly the Vietcong type, Wolf. A couple of housewives taking a shot at politics. They are no Hanoi Jane, either. There’s nothing to worry about Wolf. Unless the State Department is worried sick, you don’t have to be excited.

    • snowfuck says:

      “I am not from around here, but I will comment on what I have read. I have to side with Snowdan and the reason is not only is he a personal friend,” — or r u snowdan, writing for urself?


      … pity Melinda, snowdan’s wife. She has to act happy, in fact she knows her husband has so many marital affairs. the latest one with a stewardess from Kechendai’s family. Melinda attacked the stewardess at the airport. Mr. Donald himself cannot control his favvy boy, Snowdan. The Lawans are all playboys. Just name them, Roy, Freddy, Dick, Snowdan. all are rubbish! You wanna see this Snowdan poking out his penis to fish some cunts? Go to Kings Arm or Victoria Arms.

      The truth is can ask any exThomian here. He didn’t even pass his SRP woo hooo! shame on him. spoil brat who then was sent to NZ and Aussie to further studies but did nothing.

  14. The Wolf says:

    Hey Audie,
    This is personally for you, from an American. You did not publish my comment I see. I have found that you have lied in your article and that you only publish propoganda, your own personal agenda. This is called censorship and it is the biggest tools the communists use. Who’s side are you really on anyway? Its obviously you are not for Malaysia but side with those who try to bring in communism by the “back door”. I have seen your kind before in Europe. You are an enemy and a traitor to your own country only out to make a name for yourself on the backs of those who try to do good.

    • Bourgeois Revolution says:

      There are no Communists in Europe. Just Russia and Great Britain. They are training you right, but you got all wrong.

      • Wolf says:

        As to my attack on Audie61,I apologize. however, YB Snowdan did not use the term “Guerrilla” in his speach, and neither were you completely accurate in what he said. Thus, inaccuracy invites negative feedback. As to communists in Europe, there were before the Berlin Wall came down in which it was the era I was refering to. That was when I was there last as I was in the military then stationed in Berlin at the time.I am trained by the best.

  15. audie61 says:

    Wolf,” You dont know me personally so dont judge the book by the cover”
    These comments”I have found that you have lied in your article and that you only publish propoganda, your own personal agenda” A way below the belt dont you think..
    You know what Uncle donald promised us at PRS at his office’We test drive too” if Snowdon was given the seat..”Did he keep his promise..??” Only ALLAH knows …Aiyo we just keep quiet but still want to hantam us..”Please lah…ask your Uncle what he promise first before you open your mouth on others..??
    politics they say will come back and haunt him but its not our interests to pursue.The almighty god will bless those who dont talk bad about people.if you know what i mean..

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