DAP Sarawak”Postponed because of Japan and now..”

The land seminar was supposed to be held at the DAP headquarters on Saturday 19th June the very same day Japan was to take on Holland at 7.30pm. audie61 wrote an article https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/dap-sarawak-bola-land/ and it was postponed according to MP Chong due to Fathers day which many wanted to celebrate instead of a Land Seminar.

Fair enough and of course as children we have to at least bring our Father to have a good meal and a good family day outing. But now after having failed to get a Police Permit to have the Land seminar conducted in the vicinity of the coffee shops the angle has shifted.

 Could this be the same SEMINAR..?? Even if it is not or has been conducted in their premises the Rocket boys and girls should know that confrontational stance with the boys and girls in blue is only asking for TROUBLE..


This is serious matter and they should conduct it at their headquarters or at a venue which is suitable to hold thousands. Are they afraid that it will not achieve the desired effect? if the people sees it is well worth it they will even scale Mount Matang to hear it out. Are we being too sarcastic here..? Why does DAP need to create this political mileage when they know that they are very much the VOGUE in Kuching. 

Even the young kids shout,”Hoi chi” ROCKET..!!!

DAP does not need to worry if they have the support of the people as 2006 has shown they have defeated the SUPP candidates. Is DAP feeling the heat that they have not done enough? Its Peoples Power and maybe George Chans statement recently,”We Will Win All Back” has reached the ground.

The article which appeared in the internet portal:-

DAP will attempt to sidestep the authorities by changing the format of its Kuching event, slated for tomorrow, which was not granted a permit by the police.

chong chieng jen interview 141108 02“Instead of giving talks, the speakers will be present at the coffee house and members of the public can pose questions,” said DAP vice chairperson and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen (left).

The party had initially planned to host the “Land and Rakyat” seminar on land issues, but was denied a permit as the venue was regarded as inappropriate for the event.

Contacted today, Chong said that the police cannot disrupt the event, which is expected to attract a few hundred urban dwellers, as “you don’t need a permit to sit down and have coffee.”

“They cannot chase us out of the coffee house because all we will be doing is sit there and answer questions,” he said.

Sparse traffic

 According to the parliamentarian, the reason of traffic flow given by the police doesn’t hold water as the coffee house is located in an area where traffic is sparse.

As such, he said, the move appears to be politically-motivated and is a “form of suppression” by the BN ruling government in anticipation of the upcoming state election.

“The police appear to just be trying to interfere with politics…or are acting on the instruction of some political party.

“Land is a very important issue and there are a lot of scandals affecting BN leaders, so the more people come the more they will know and BN will lose support,” he said.

Chong added that the event could not be moved to a different venue as the notice from the police had come at the last minute.

48 thoughts on “DAP Sarawak”Postponed because of Japan and now..”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    We the supporters of DAP and friends of Pakatan fully understand the constrains faced by Pakatan in obtaining police permits or even rent a venue for forum in any part of Sarawak. IN Pakatan ruled states, educational forums such and “Land and Rakyat” and many more important issues are taking place almost every week without much hassle and chinese or malay community halls are readily available.

    Do whatever is permissible and practical to educate the rakyat in whatever issues that have affected our lives and future of our children. We shall support you DAP and all partners in Pakatan Rakyat. Never say die . Tomorrow will never come if we continue to support UMNO controlled BN .

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: Tomorrow will never come if we continue to support UMNO control BN :idea: Mata Kuching :idea:

    :lol: AGREE WITH YOU :idea: Mata Kuching :idea:
    :lol: And now the real show begins with even Orang Asli says that Perkasa@Perkosa an identity thief that Orang Asli will not let Perkasa use the ‘pribumi’ identity to confuse true ‘pribumi Orang Asli’ with their racist n evil intentions :lol:
    :arrow: Just see those cunning faces DRAMA between Moo & ShitX3 meeting to robs the RAKYAT of their rights :oops:
    :shock: And now they BANNED non-muslim religious school society across M’sia!!!!! http://bit.ly/aLvWnW
    :lol: RAKYAT must be awaken n votes this racist regime OUT for good n for better tomorrow under PAKATAN RAKYAT peoples friendly party :lol:

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: Tomorrow will never come if we continue to support UMNO control BN :idea: Mata Kuching :idea:

    :lol: AGREE WITH YOU :idea: Mata Kuching :idea:
    :lol: And now the real show begins with even Orang Asli says that Perkasa@Perkosa an identity thief that Orang Asli will not let Perkasa use the ‘pribumi’ identity to confuse true ‘pribumi Orang Asli’ with their racist n evil intentions :lol:
    :arrow: Just see those cunning faces DRAMA between Moo & ShitX3 meeting to robs the RAKYAT of their rights :oops:
    :shock: And now they BANNED non-muslim religious school society across M’sia!!!!! http://bit.ly/aLvWnW
    :lol: RAKYAT must be awaken n votes this racist regime OUT for good n for better tomorrow under PAKATAN RAKYAT peoples friendly party :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Now they play their racist card by ‘BANNED’ non-muslim religious society in school across M’sia!!!!
    :oops: B-eNd must be voted OUT for a better tomorrow if all RAKYAT want peace n stability :oops:
    RRAKYAT really fed-up with all those BN sick DRAMA

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  5. Burung Kenyalang says:

    Let’s support DAP in the 2016 or 2021 elections, if they have a chance to win and hopefully implement some changes. DAP CANNOT win the 2011 elections, lets support the new batch of BN leaders, put them into a position, where we, the rakyat, can pressure them into effecting change. Why support DAP when they are akin to a barking dog but have no teeth to bite?

    For the moment, voting for DAP is a waste of time and opportunity for the people. Voting BN and forcing a change from within is a much more timely and effective strategy. Just read todays paper about the NCR issue, the Kenyalang Park Refund issues etc Effective change can only be effected by a strong Sarawak BN coalition government, support DAP at this point in time, will make us into state government like the one in Perak, where nothing can move, no delevopment taking place, businesses going bust. You want that for Sarawak? Vote for DAP in the 2011 stae elections, and that is what you will get, suffering and pain. Wait for DAP Sarawak to be stronger, wait for BN to be weaker, 2011 is not the time for DAP yet. Form a decisive government by voting in the strongest and most supported party, dont have an “alang alang” government, it will only make you and your family suffer till the next change.

  6. kaliu says:

    You may wait Burung. Nobody is persuading you. If your rice bowl has been threatened due to people power to move for change, too bad for you. But surely by now you can retire comfortable and convert your millions to Euro, USD or AUD and migrate anywhere you like. If you dont have the millions like those corrupted BN men you better make sure you get paid by the millions before Pakatan takes over in GE13 and Sarawak state election. Otherwise you are just one BIG stupid fool to defend the regime.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Yes, you are correct, I have done well for myself under the stable administration of the BN Government. Everywhere in the world and under every type of government, be it, facist, liberal, conservative, dictatorship, communist or democratic, To do well, you need to know and work the system. If you dont know how to do this, you will forever feel cheated, oppressed and feel every type of administration is unjust and corrupt.
      People like you forget to look into the mirror to see why you cannot succeed, it is nothing to do with the government, the administration or the system, it is just you, not being able to cope. Even if PR comes in, even if DAP , PKR or PAS becomes the the CM, in time, you will feel oppressed and the PR leadership corrupted again, because you have no capability to adapt to the system and succeed, people like you who think, every successful person have to depend on other people or politics to make it, is design to fail under every system under the sun.

      You already fail to make it now, why do you think a change of political administration, will make you succeed. You still do not know the system, and will continue to fail and continue to be anti administration and accuse every successful person of being corrupt.
      As for me, either party, whether it be a PAKATAN RAKYAT OR BARISAN NASIONAL administered state or federal government, I know I can make it, because I know the system and how to work with it. At this point in time, I feel a stable BN administered Sarawak is much more conducive than one controlled by the rather unstable and immature PR coalition. Again, I am not ruling out the PR state of Sarawak in future, but definitely not in the coming 2011 state elections where Sarawak will still be a BN state, but with a questionable majority. I just hope the win will be sufficient continue, Sarawak’s, stable business platform or else many companies will divest and move somewhere else to do business. And, just incase you are unaware, that is the nature of business, make a profit, no business is there to make a loss. Just incase you think business is running for charity or just run so that they can pay you a salary.

      • Jolia says:

        Burung Kenyalang, since you are such a smart asshole and knowing how to work with or sround the system of BN government and feel either BN or Pkatan will be just as corrupted and oppressive, why then are you so afraid to work with the system of Pakatan if it becomes the government? In your own words and self inflated egoism you should be able to work any government of the day. Stop talking bullshits.

      • fedup says:

        It either you have not done well and has some ‘kang tau’ in the pipeline waiting for approval thus the success hangs in the balance pending the outcome of the next election or you’re a paid public relations con sultan for BN!

        Because if you have done as well as you professes, you won’t be in here arguing with ordinary voters!

        What’s the point of stability when the stomachs of the people goes empty, their children goes hungry!

        Why should we the majority with hungry stomachs let you cronies and your masters enjoy stability to continually rape this state of everything!

        Why should the people be bankrupted by this bunch of self serving feudalistic savages trying to be aristocratic upper classes aspiring to become kings in this state through robbing the people of what’s rightfully theirs i.e land and natural resources of s’wak etc!

        You shall see the repercussions of years of corruption and abuses by taib and cronies from the public outcry and protestations of such acts, starting with Oxford tomorrow!

        Instead of getting the recognition taib wants internationally, oxford will suffer this mistake of having taib there..oxford’s prestige will suffer!

        Time for change!

        read this burung:

        ‘Protest rally against Taib Mahmud’s upcoming visit to Oxford’


  7. 1MALAYSIAN says:

    It is better to vote for parties or candidates who can at least “bark” when things are not correct, than to vote for those sitting stock dumb nuts of BN especially BN Sarawak. Voting for BN and hope that they will change due to people’s pressure, I think Sarawakians have waited half a decade and many have gone to heaven already. Try is what we must and what party like DAP must….not fucking setting a date or year another 2 more World Cup Football later.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      So when DAP become government, who are they going to bark at? Anwar Ibrahim? Lim Guan Eng? Have you not been reading the papers on the issue with the SDO in Penang, The SDO tried to bark, but the CM Lim Guan Eng tried to muzzel him. Isnt that what you are complaining about in the BN government? The PR government is doing exactly the same in Penang. Who is barking now?

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        :mrgreen: Go fly kites Burung as even Sarawak is one of the richest state in Malaysia BUT their respected peoples here still so POOR under BN bumNO control!!!!! Why ah???? Go fly kites n fly to lik that ‘pek mo’ n cxarry his ball la you burung tamak :mrgreen:

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        HO Ho Ho, so you think the people of Sarawak will be richer under PR? How may I ask? This is the down fall of the opposition in Malaysia, it is easy to find faults but much harder to find solutions. Not all people in Sarawak are poor, only people like HO Ho Ho who keep on flying kites, and feeling sorry for themselves, thinking everyone in the world owes him a favour to make him rich, these are the poor people of Sarawak. Opportunities in Sarawak are abundant, for those who look for it. If you sit at home watching TV or flying kites, you will never find these opportunities

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
        :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo you this Burung advice n comments really make me PUKE la bcoz it doesn’t make sense at all n I prefer to believe :idea: PAUL the Oracle Octopus :idea: n majority respected commentators that prefer Pakatan Rakyat than you this either old or coo coo bird farking nonsense here hahahahahaha n by the way I’m richie rich myself n not bcoz of politicians or any party helps + support BUT bcoz I’m born LUCKY n just simply RICH RICH RICH hahahahahaha wanna fly kite with me burung :?: :?: hahahahahaha :roll:

      • fedup says:

        No we the public will be barking at those who stole from this state and country!

        The public want to see the loot returned to Sarawak and as many of those guilty of robbing this state go to PRISON!

        They may run but there’s nowhere to hide! There are more of us then there are them!

        Note the changes:

        1) Possible SUPP branch revolt; and

        2) (more importantly) Letters and email written to Oxford University about Taib’s speech there on some topic. Shit will surely hit the fan and you can be sure the major news agency will pounce on this piece of news since its OXFORD and not so much because it’s taib! In the UK, they don’t know who the fuck is taib!

        So Burung, can you smell the shit yet?

  8. Burung Kenyalang says:

    Even the leaders of PKR, DAP, PAS, SNAP agree that they cannot win the 2010/2011 Sarawak state elections, they all agree that the best the coalition can hope for is to win more seats.

    Why waste my vote on a losing coalition, why risk a hung DUN just like Perak, where all the residents suffer, PR supporters and BN supporters both suffer. Intelligent people always strive for a WIN-WIN situation, worst case, they have to accept a WIN-LOSE situation, Smarter will win, less smart will lose.

    Only incredibly low IQ people will strive for a LOSE-LOSE situation from the very begining. Voting for PR, whose leaders have already acknowledged that they cannot win Sarawak State Elections in 2010/2011 is a vote for a LOSE-LOSE situation.

    I for one, am neither stupid nor have a low IQ, so until the PR coalition can be confident of a good win in Sarawak, like that of Penang or Kelantan, my intelligent vote will be for the BN coalition, they have served Sarawak, my beloved state, my friends, my family and myself well for more than 50 years. I do not want to see my beloved Sarawak become like Perak or Selangor where there is turmoil in the states management and make the residents suffer for the sake of the political parties playing their games.

    • fedup says:

      First and foremost Burung, it wasn’t a hung parliament in Perak!

      Secondly, lose lose situation? WTF are you on about! Now it’s just pure losing position for the people of S’wak and it will be a lose position for BN when they lose power for their loot and their liberty will be in jeopardy!

      Whatever it is, SUPP is out! One step at time and sooner or later BN will be kicked out!

      By then, be sure the public will want those responsible for this poor economic state to be addressed and we shall start by prosecuting those responsible for robbing this state!

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
      :lol: Go slow Burung as I’m watching you now n SIBU miracle with PEOPLES POWER do you believe n remember :?: PAUL the ‘sotong’ choice will be Pakatan Rakyat in very near period or either this coming election with MIRACLE of PEOPLES POWER support :lol: Don’t be sorry or worry for B-eNd as that regime is too CORRUPTED + RACIST n a sinking ship n me advice to you is either to be with TRUE MALAYSIANS ‘RAKYAT’ or get sink yourself or fly away :lol:
      Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    • fedup says:

      Burung whomever that hired you to come into this blog and ‘try’ and change people’s view on BN is sorely wasting their stolen money! You are just infuriating people even more against BN! great job!

      So typical of BN bull shit artists that we see and read so much about in the crap local papers.

      I gather you’re some bullshit CON sultan and probably earning some money for the crap that comes out of your pie hole, well, in this case, the words your dirty fingers are typing.

      A suggestion: You should keep a copy of all your comments in here and show your kids and grand kids in the future. Make them proud of you!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        You have your rights to voice your opinion and to justify your efforts in convincing people to vote PR, I also have my rights to voice my opinion and support my claim why I think the BN government is best for Sarawak. BTW, who is paying you to “SO” enthusiatically support PR and trying to convince people that they are the right government for Sarawak? They should get someone more capable than yourself as you have no ability of logic and persuation, much less ability to argue your points convincingly. If you are a sample of the mentality of PR people, how can they run the government. They cannot even think and argue on facts and logic.

        Burung whomever that hired you to come into this blog and ‘try’ and change people’s view on BN”

        Just for your information, the owner of this blog is a BN component party member, so this blog, in allowing you to voice your opposition propaganda, is evidence that it is impartial in it’s contents.

        I must be doing a good job at countering all your nonsense and illogical propaganda, because, you and your bunch of monkeys are really getting uptight about my progress. Your unwarranted personal attacks and use of vulgarities and profanities is clear evidence that you have lost in this arguement.

        I need someone with a higher interlect to argue with me on the merits of giving our votes to a Stable BN government which have given Sarawak much progress in the last 50years or a PR team which will not win sufficient seats to form government, thereby subjecting the constituencies they do win, to hardship and suffering for the next 5 years.

  9. Protest Voter says:

    If DAP can not be supported now and BN do not appeal to you, stay home and sleep. While go and que in the hot sun and listen to BN lies saying fight for change from within! I bet you those wanting changes in BN are the same once they come into power. That I am very sure. So stay at home and sleep. A Vote for BN whether it is for the young turks who are fighting for change is a vote for a Bankrupt Nation and an endorsement for cronyism, nepotism. If only you know who Najib is, than you will follow me and stay at home and sleep.

    • fedup says:

      Somehow i feel that S’wakians are either too lazy or too scared to be involved or simply just stupid. They have no concept or lack the understanding of money and property!

      I still don’t get it how can anyone be that stupid to vote for BN when they are the ones doing the land grab! Maybe they have been mislead but hey why so stupid not to realise after a few times?

      Like how the expression goes, ‘trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me’. Clearly, in Sarawak it’s the latter!

      Maybe the best solution is let them learn it the hard way! I just hope, these idiots don’t take it out on innocent people who had nothing to do with it when that happens.

      Honestly, they deserve what they get for being so stupid and that easily mislead each time!

      One need not be educated to know when one is being conned…one only need to open wide one’s eyes and ears to see and hear whats going around us!

      For goodness sake, wake up people!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Have you not seen changes happening? Have you not seen PM and CM changing their policies on the land issues. This is the direct result of us, the rakyat, the voters, demanding the change. We are at the apex of our power, we can force change in the government. If DAP and coalition partners have a chance to form government, then even I will support them, but the undenieable fact is the opposition cannot win enough seats in Sarawak to form a clear majority in this coming election. Last thing we want is another Perak DUN in Sarawak. It is my dearest hope that the people of Sarawak and see through all the hype and that there is no other choice for this coming election but to vote in BN and force them to change from within.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Firstly, I cherish my right to vote, even if it is only a single solitary vote, but it is something I can do to decide the people who represent my interest in the government. I cannot waste my right to vote under any circumstances. People and nations have gone to war to preserve this right, I am not about to give up this right, just because it is difficult to make a change. This is a defeatist attitude, and I would not be where I am today, if I were a person of that nature, therefore your suggestion of a protest vote is not acceptable to me and I hope to you as well, otherwise you will not be in this forum.

      You maybe right about BN lies and broken promises, but is DAP and the PR coalition any different, look at the Penang fiasco between SDO and Lim Guan Eng, what is the difference? But we as the voters can force them (politicians) to change. Look at Najib, making changes in the education scholarships,new hospitals for Sarawak,the Penan issue etc, Taib on land rental, NCR land issues etc. This is because the Rakyat, the voters are pushing them in that direction. Our single vote is pressuring him to act in our interests. The rakyat is currently strongest they have ever been and we should use this strength to trade with the people in power to get what we, the rakyat, wants for Sarawak. DAP and their coalition partners are spliting the rakyats power, reducing our combine strength in demanding for what we want.

      Just an example is the Sibu Flood Mitigation scheme of Rm600M which was promised by PM, If BN had won Sibu, this would have gone ahead, regardless, but a month after the loss in Sibu, the project is to be redesigned by DID and to determine a better area for the outflow of the drains. If BN had won, we could use this to force the project through based on PM’s promises (actually already fully budgeted in RMK9) but because the rakyat were tricked into voting for DAP, we no longer have leverage to force through this project. Actually Sibu have been made an example as many projects in RMK9 have been delayed or cancelled. This is the power of the ruling government. That is why it is pointless to waste our single solitary vote on DAP, because even with maximum seats they are confident of, they still cannot form the Sarawak Government in the coming 2011 state elections. It is better to use our vote to force the change in the current BN government, which can fullfil our requests in a timely manner.
      Anyway, rather than a protest vote, I rather you vote DAP, if you really feel that it is the best option for you. Never waste your right to a voice in deciding your government.

      • Jolia says:

        I think PM and CM must first declare their ill-gotten assets and ask all their lawmakers to do likewise. Then they should withdraw the appeal against the court ruling allowing Christians to use the word Allah. Secondly the PM and CM should withdraw the governmenmt appeal against the court ruling awarding ownership of NCR land to their rightful Dayaks owners. Thirdly Najib must tell all Malaysians if UMNO will allow itself to lose graciously in GE13 if the rakyat give the mandate to Pakatan Rakyat. If the PM and CM cannot do all the above..it is jut empty promises as usual come every elections about new “win- win” policies. Just that this time around it wont be ” I know what you want and if you give me what I want I will give you what you want”. Slap yourself in the face Burung!

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

        :oops: Slap yourself to WAKE UP burung n don’t talk n live like ‘Katak di bawah tempurung’ n not really understand what actually HAPPEN in this 21st century now n what ‘RAKYAT’ knows n wants in this computer ERA now n what the world knows about ALTANTUYAS,TEOH BENG HOCK,A.KUGAN high profile cases :oops: what Malaysians feels about this RACIST gomen playing their SANDIWARA cum DRAMA like cow head monkeys,Churches fire bombing,PKFZ $$$$$$ 12.5BILLION!!!!! scandals n many many sick SHIT things under this B-END :evil: regime :oops: YES SLAP YOU FACE ‘KUAT KUAT UNTIL IT TURN RED :oops:

      • fedup says:

        Reply to that dumbass Burung:

        WTF are you on about voting for BN again and force change from within! Haven’t they been in all these years? Where the fuck is the change from within? You fucking blind and stupid kah?

        Why would anyone allow the person you put in charge of your property to continue to be in charged of your property when you know he/she has been screwing you and your interest!

        One would instead seek to put that fuck in prison and recovery every cent from the fuck who stole from you! Recover it by hook or by crook!

        Screw the change from within BN, it’s the total change of government that we the public want and the prosecution of those guilty of corruption and abuse of power!

        Remember this, criminal offences have no time limitations! Sooner or later, justice will catch up with them!

        So screw you and your logic Burung! You have your head too far up your master’s ass to know anything worthwhile! May be, you are one of those guilty of some abuse of power and shitting your pants now eh!

        Jusgment day is upon you fuckers!

        Remember, killing the messenger has never stopped an invading army! Get it?

  10. Jessie says:

    Interesting articles in your blog. Who is this cry baby by the name of Burung Kenyalang? He sounds like lone loser. I agree with the rest of the guys that we need to change BN government. In a muture political environment People have the right to kick out a corrupted and lousy government. I am for Pakatan too guys!

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

      :idea: TQ n Keep It Up Jessie :idea: GOD bless PAKATAN RAKYAT,YOU,ME n ALL OF US HERE n ALL MALAYSIANS as well for better tomorrow to come :idea:

      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Jessie, How can you call me a loser, I am one person a cohort of opposition supporters and I am still standing my ground, is this losing? Please read through the blogs and postings, Have you heard anyone top PR person stating they can actually win government in Sarawak in the 2011 Sarawak state elections? The answer is NO, because PR is not ready to win and govern Sarawak yet. PR coalition can never win the majority of the rural votes yet. I do conceed PR will win many town seats, but the jerrymander in Sarawak is such that, those wins will still not be sufficient for PR to win government. Yes, I also conceed that in years to come PR will definitely make good inroads into the rural communities, but for this coming State election, why waste your vote on a losing proposition. Vote BN into your area, you will definitely get development and progress in your constituency, vote Opposition, you will get a very charismatic and able opposition representative but he can do nothing but talk and talk and the constituency will be starved of progress and development funds. Who will paint your Tadika, who will up keep the local clinic, who will clean the drains and repair the roads? You think Lim Guan Eng or Khalid Ibrahim or Nik Aziz will send you money?, sorry lah you cast your vote, if DAP, PAS, PKR or SNAP cannot take over the state, they will go back home, and wait for another 5 years, in the mean time, you and your family suffer. ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION, DOES THE PR COALITION EXPECT TO WIN THE SARAWAK STATE GOVERNMENT IN THE 2011 ELECTIONS?

      I am not denying the PR coalition have many appealing qualities and mandates, even to myself, but not being able to win the next election, is a big drawback in convincing me to support them. I am one for continued progress and development, PR cannot assure me of that, at this point in time. When PR is ready to win the state, I will be there with them, to waste my vote for PR for this election is sheer folly.

      • fedup says:

        Burung, it’s obvious from your comments that you do not understand the concept of democracy. What to say the roles and responsibilities of an elected representatives and especially the accountability of such an elected representative to the people!

        Democracy is not a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ type of management of the countries resources, development etc! It’s not the a free pass to do as you like with the countries resources for they are mere trustee holding for the beneficiaries i.e. the PEOPLE!

        So, how to deal with monkeys like you who see and do what the big monkey does?

        Use the ‘stick’! It’s impossible to talk sense to a monkey as one would to another human being.

        So, what’s the ‘stick’, it’s the vote and rule of law to put these cheeky monkeys in prison!

        After one, two, three big monkeys get sent to jail, the little monkeys will stop being cheeky! That’s the right path to nation building!

        Then, a government for the people, by the people and of the people will rise to the top!

        Save Sarawak, save Malaysia!

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: Ali rabid & little Napolean biawak really ‘biadap’ to be rude to CM LGE n PG CM,CM1 & CM2 explain all about this trojan horse inside doing sabotage n sick primitive attitude :mrgreen:

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: Burung should read this ‘pondan’ SHITfool goon n understand she+him = SHIM more better bcoz this ‘pondan’ lately give us n the world a BIG SHOCK wave n really a laughing stock hahahahahahaha n hope Mr Burung will enjoy reading IT bcoz this goon ANUS + BATANG can really function until many don’t understand what type of species this SHIM is from to play SODO2 DRAMA in political MOTIVATED sick SHIT case of the century to frame Respected DSAI :shock:
    :arrow: http://bit.ly/a5Tpgx

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

  13. Jang says:

    The author appears to be unfair to DAP in its comments. There is nothing wrong with DAP action. The heat may be there but this is one of the activities to assist the RAKYAAT as a responsible politician.
    Had they don’t do its then they have abandoned their duties.

  14. Asri Rahman says:

    Agree with you lang, DAP or any partners of Pakatan should continue to give talks and hold forums despite been harrassed, intimidated or prevented to do so for the benefits of the rakyats and for supporters of both political divides. A chat-chat may seem like not giving the issues more prominence but if that is the practical way to disseminate the information without having to fall into the trap of the police and accused of going against the law, just do it and I will be there too.

  15. fedup says:


    Ignorance is bliss! You of a higher intellect? Compared to a monkey maybe! Oops, i shouldn’t insult monkeys by comparing you with them. You’re a dumbass! Besides, who fucking made you the judge!

    No one is paying me and i do not represent PR. If the future PR gov’t becomes dumbasses like BN, we will attack them too. We, the public, believe in a government that is for, by and of the people!

    I am one of many citizen of this country who is absolutely disgusted and fed up with the crap from BN!

    I am one of many citizens of this country who is suffering the threat of land grab by s’wak BN government Taib and Co!

    I am one of the many who sought the help of SUPP directly or indirectly only to get the answer that they i.e. SUPP cannot do anything because taib don’t agree!

    Don’t you think someone facing such a problem need to be paid to support the opposition?

    Yes audie is a member of a component party in BN but i don’t hold that against him. As for you, you dumbass, just read your comments, why won’t anyone attack you!

    Anyway, judging from the comments in here, i think burung the majority disagrees with your logic, whatever that is!

    Looks like your head is even deeper inside your master’s ass than first thought!

    Time for change! Vote anyone, anything even a monkey, as long as it’s not BN!

    So fuck you burung and your kind!

  16. Stanley says:

    Burung, did you asked who is paying FEDUP for supporting PR? I dont mind telling you that PR need not pay me anything to support and vote them into Putrajaya and form the state government as well. I am sure FEDUP and all PR supporters do not need to be paid for supporting and working for PR. I may be earning low income as a police sergent but I have my pride too although I did take what was given to me sometimes by my superior without question. My guilty conscience will remain with me till PR takes over Putrajaya and the PDRM is revamped and all corrupted officers kicked out.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      Stanley, Then it is the same here, SUPP and BN need not pay me anything for my support because, I believe at this point in time, voting for BN is still the best option for Sarawak. PR already acknowledge that they will not be able to win over the state but only to gain a stronger foot hold, so what is the point of voting a party that already admit that it cannot win an election even before the dates are set? PR will be strong enough to win with a good majority in 5 or 10 years time, but for now, vote for BN, vote for continued stability.

      • Frankie says:

        People power will ensure PR shall remain stable and people power will rally behind PR against the onslaught of BN or UMNO in all their evil plots and schemes to destabilise PR and PR ruled states.I am an Iban and I will advise all Ibans to reject SUPP, PBB and Taib Mahmud. I agree fully with Poh Kwong. NO right thinking Dayaks should continue to support SUPP, PBB and Taib Mahmud. The Dayaks must take back the power to govern from BN and grant the power to Pakatan Rakyat both at state and federal level.

        Vote Pakatan

      • fedup says:

        The point of having more opposition MPs and ADUNs are to expose the wrongdoings and abuses of BN and ultimately, the change of government to one which is for the people, by the people and of the people!

        ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step’!

        The first step to change has started many many years ago and has gained momentum through the years as seen from the ground swell and the people power movement coming to the fore.

        We, the public shall give the opposition more support than ever before to clean up this state and bring those corrupted officials and their cronies to justice!

        As for burung, in case you haven’t noticed, in here no one has complimented you on your prowess in ‘intellectually getting your silly points across’…only yourself!

        So, here’s a phrase for you to ponder: “Self praise is no praise”. Very typical of BN!

        As for the ‘cohorts of opposition supporters’ as you put it, isn’t that saying something about the current political scene in s’wak!

        It’s rather obvious judging from your comments that you have never lived in a properly educated and civilised democratic society such as the UK or Aust, the likes of which the rule of law and people power holds supreme and is jealously guarded in the country by people, the authorities, media etc.

        For had you the opportunity to live in such civilised societies, it may have broaden your mind and your views may not be as mis-guided as it is right now.

        Your views on the need for an effective opposition in parliament, the role and responsibilities of elected representatives and the accountability of such representatives to the people may not have been so illogical and nonsensical.

        Just take a look at the current campaigning of the labor and liberal parties in the upcoming Aussie federal elections this August and the recently passed UK elections.

        Those political parties seek office only through intellectual means with such poise and civility unlike the crooked m’sian scene.

        Here, even civil servants dare to play a role in the success or failure of incumbents which goes against the very principle of distinct and separate independent limbs of parliament i.e. legislative, judiciary and executive of a parliamentary democracy!

        This is nothing but a nepotistic and highly corrupted uncivilised society that currently has a feudalistic minded backward thinking greedy leader who aspires to become sultan!

        In any modern civilised society, such ill conceived and mis guided aspirations of a leader would be scoffed at and forced to resign immediately! Instead, here it is portrayed by lob-sided bias local media that he is already as such to the great disgusts of the people. How ludicrous and uncivilised they are still!

        One only has to read some of the headlines in local ‘crap papers’ by MPs or some ADUNS telling the people to be grateful to the government for such and such to see that these leaders are rather intellectually challenged and are not suitable to be at the helm.

        They do not realise or even seem to know that it is the responsibility of the government to provide such facilities or utilities to the people and not at the discretion of BN!

        Could such feudalistic backward thinking leaders be the very reason why many of these ‘kampungs’ failed to advance and developed into towns or cities and have largely stayed as they were hundreds of years ago.

        One need only compare s’wak kampungs with ancient societies of the region such as the angkor wat, in Cambodia, where even in that time, they already have stone structured settlements with proper cultivation and irrigation systems in place! Unlike s’wak, where many kampungs today still lack even proper running water, these many hundreds of years later!

        After all, many of these leaders today came from such societies and even though some may have some form of ‘papers’ and acquired western tastes for fine cigars, wine and fine dining, they only need to speak before the phrase ‘monkey in suits’ comes to mind!

        So, why burung would we, the ‘enlightened’ ones allow this state to continue going down this path to inevitably serfdom as a result of monkeys at the helm!

        And, to highlight to the less informed amongst us what’s better than through elected representatives of the opposition whom we have voted into parliament!

        The more of the opposition in parliament the better it is for us!

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Hi fedup, Finally we get a constructive analysis and rebuttal from you.

        I agree with all you have put forward, increase representation from the opposition is good to more strongly voice the wrong doings or mistakes of the government. But as you said you are basing your analysis on “properly educated and civilised democratic society such as the UK or Aust”. But you are not living in UK or Australia, you have chosen to make your residence in Sarawak, we have our brand of politics which may not be, according to you “as civilised and democratic as that of UK or Aust”

        The rules of an eye for an eye, you scrtach my back and I will scratch yours is the norm. Be it right or wrong, be it civilised or primitive, be it democratic or dictatorial, that is the current system. If PAKATAN RAKYAT cannot win the elections, there is no point to vote for them, as your constituency will definitely be deprived of development and progress. That is a fact.

        Currently the opposition held constituencies are in the cities and larger towns, which the government have no option but to continue the progress albeit at a slower pace, if it were a rural area, the place will be relegated to the stone age. That is why PR can never penetrate into the rural areas, that is why the rural SUPP seats, even with the onslaught of DAP, are still safe seats.

        I ask you one question, why should the government want to develop an opposition held area which will not support you? Better you put all the funds and development into constituencies that is your strong supporter, who will continue to vote and support you.

        If PR win, they will share the development funds equally, with supporters and Oppositions alike. If BN wins Supporters will be groomed to be stronger, opposition can eat grass and sand. Please tell me I am mistaken.

        PR if you can win, please tell us in no uncertain terms, we, will give you our votes. PR if you cannot win in Sarawak, please don’t “CON” us for our votes and destroy our community’s future progress and development. Please do not make us pawns in your political game.

  17. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :shock: Ho :shock: Ho :shock:

    :shock: This dumbass BURUNG coo cuu bird really still wanna let B-eNd rape n robs him until BANKRUPT n pokai @ fulat hahahahahahahaha :shock:

  18. Auntie Mary says:

    I will make my choice of vote in the coming state election very simple. 48 years under BN is too long and definitely not good for our country. I will give Opposition a chance to right all the wrongs committed by BN. Isnt that fair?

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

      :idea: Very Very Very Fair :idea: Auntie Mary :idea:
      :idea: GOD bless you :idea: bless all Malaysians citizens as well n bless PAKATAN RAKYAT to correct + right all the wrongs commited by BN all this years :idea:

      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

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