Pelagus N54 PRS “Sore Thumb”

Wah! Having been just appointed recently the “so -called Political Secretary to CM” has taken a bold step and have come out speaking against one of CMs prerogative appointed Assistant Ministers.

  • Is This the Sign of the Times..??

  • Taking Advantage of the Situation?


Everyone knows that Taib is under utmost pressure not only from the People of Sarawak but also from the UMNO led Federal Government. The Opposition backbenchers have been harping on CM outliving his usage and also the people are turning against him and he will be a thorn/blessing for the Opposition if he leads the Sarawak BN into the next State Elections.

This video

We do not need to elaborate on this subject further but we are disgusted to say the least that during such turbulent times a statement of this sort is forthcoming . A political watcher and a close aide of CM said this should never have even surfaced in the Malaysian Mirror internet portal,” 

The current two-term incumbent Larry Sng Wei Shien is no doubt an assistant minister in the government. He is there because of the party and the voters. But once he has served his term, it is time for him to go because he is now not a party member,” he said.

We have told them we have a candidate to replace Sng. They have also pledged they will only support BN candidate in the coming election,” he said.

Don’t tell me that he was misquoted and that the internet portal has taken it out of context next..?? This will give the Pakatan opposition extra ammunition to attack the BN Sarawak Government.


Honestly,Larry Sng remains a Sore Thumb to Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS) but the less the party harp on it the better it will be for BN Sarawak. This will be like opening another frontier of attacks when on one hand PRS says they have solved their party problems and the other looking to attack the CM from another angle. Seems that the Political Sec in question  needs to seal his lips accordingly and do more written reports. He must have also made use of what PM Najib said in this article to try to justify himself,”

 I’m sure the CM’s office is notified on this matter and he must be extra careful or it will be too full blown to wipe it out.

This statement ,””it is a traditional PRS seat and should belong to it.” should be left to the CM to address and  BN Sarawak Coalition knows bests what/who the groundswell favour on the candidates and the area which party represents.

Its not that simple anymore or is the Pol- Sec living in a Different Time Zone from the Other BN Political Secretaries.?? Does he need a POLITICAL GURU to remind him or is MADE TO BARK out instructions from the PRS Party Hierarchy and should we just bluntly tell him my friend,”



34 thoughts on “Pelagus N54 PRS “Sore Thumb”

  1. You are correct! wonder what will happen if Taib names larry as candidate for N54. Just cant wait to see the jaws drop by PRS.. Forget PRS/BN its PKR Pakatan for us now.

  2. The Pol-Sec just echoing his bosses words.he must have been pressured to say it out. What a way to do it.they have losts Baginda minda who was willing to say it all. PRS will have problems and thats for sure no matter what James says especially the rural areas are BN fixed D.

  3. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Even though Tengku Razaleigh is one of senior Umno member :lol: most Malaysians seldom talk negative about him bcoz he know where he stand n he do get many RAKYAT respect too compare to Dr mamaktir :lol:
    So for PRS or any of Bn component party MP :lol: as long as they are not racist or ‘SOMBONG’ then most RAKYAT will not comments anything negative about them unless they are looking for trouble n corrupted to the core like most of those bumNO warLOrd goons :lol:
    :idea: PAKATAN RAKYAT will be majority RAKYAT choice now as they are far more better than those rich + SOMBONG B-eNd goons :idea: VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT

  4. Without a doubt Taib is trying to stop the bad press on him.Larry is such a goodie two shoes and he needs him to ensure that all is well and PRS will still be with him. Taib master of divide and rule.Dayaks will all suffer if not BN not fixed deposit as per newspapers report. Sore thumb you are correct and very well written.James will be LAUGHING OUT LOUD.


  6. After being expelled by PRS,strong and faithful supporters of Larry in Pelagus said that float or sink,they will be with him.It is rare too to have such an easy approachable and contactable YB.Most of his supporters are very happy and satisfy with his service in N54.Ever since being elected as YB and later appointed as assistant minister,he remains at low profile and humble at all times that make him one the best young YB in Sarawak.Taib perhaps was correct to retain him in his exco line up.It would be surprise Taib will put him as cnadidate in N54 Pelagus though he is partyless.The recent claim by PRS that Pelagus belong to them and candidate to contest must be a PRS member.Whatever is it,Just wait and see.Hopefully there won’t be another silly and illegal bets like in the 2001 when Larry stand as a BN candidate which another group said he could not.

  7. Most of these Dayak leaders at the moment are satisfied with their regular ‘angpow’ packets from the powers-that-be. The money from the spoils of office keeps them in line. They couldn’t care less about their people.

    Besides, many of them have skeletons in their closets and can be easily manipulated. For example, one state minister is a gambling addict and has so many bank loans to take care of. Is he going to worry about himself or the Dayaks?

  8. To any PRS members who happen to read this posting,i dare to challenge you that Larry will be the candidate for BN not from PRS to stand in N54,Pelagus.Pls comment faction with James MAsing.

  9. kpt99 How much the Sngs pay you to lip service for them.Time for you to seal it with a masking tape.You are just a boot licker and nothing else. U can go dig your own grave. U wan Masing to Pay you. U help me I help u.

  10. NO matter how kind hearted, sincere, honest and approachable they are as UMNO controlled BN lawmakers and YBs, their days are numbered and the end will come to them if they are not breaking rank with the highly corrupted regime that feed them at the expense of the rakyat. The majority of the rakyat are fedup with the current corrupt, irresponsible, abusive and oppressive BN government. Rural population including orang Asli, the Dayaks, Kadazan and Dusun are getting restive for been neglected and marginalised for almost five decades.

    Malaysia4change. Vote Pakatan Rakyat .

  11. Larry has all the $$$$$$$ to stand and fight for BN.Why waste the talent. The sngs will not just give it up so easily. Miond you have you checked the link between Taib and the family. they go back a long way.

  12. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol: 

  13. Sng senior is filthy rich and enjoyed patronage from Ahmad Badawi’s administration and was given central contract for supplying ration to schools in Sarawak together with Badawi’s son and Najib’s crony, Bustari Yusuff.

    Taib is using Larry to provoke so as to check mate James Masing and keeping James’s KM3 ambition at bay. Meanwhile the poor rural Dayaks have been used as pawn by their own leaders in PBB, PKR, SUPP and SPDP to support BN in exchange for small grants and development opportunity. “Support BN in order not to miss out on development opportunities” has been the tagline used by BN leaders in rural constituencies for almost five decades.

    We must “sack” all BN goons and elect a new government in Pakatan Rakyat.

  14. After 48 years in the wilderness the raykat of Kapit, Song, Jagau, Ngemah want to see bulldozers, tractors constructing the roads now and not another arms twisting tactic of BN government.

    Dont ever tell us to vote BN if we want the RM174.0 million road to be constructed. An open tender should have been called one year ago and the construction started few months ago if BN was serious enough, knowing so well that the state election is less than a year away.Moreover, Tun Jugah told the rakyat the same story about how caring the BN government was. Now his grandson had run out of stories to tell and prayed that he would not be the cause and reason for a by-election for BN to drop instant -mee projects.

    Good bye BN. 48 years is too long. Pakatan government will construct the road for us and we are very sure they dont need 48 years to plan.

  15. Kapit people were greatly marginalize by BN for 48 years,hopefully it won’t take another 48 years to construct sibu- kapit road.Lame excuses like difficult terrains,low populations,no economical values and high cost are not longer acceptable nowadays.To defend the express operators business as once claimed by James Masing is not in line with the concept of 1 Malaysia,rakyat didahulukan,pencapain diutamakan.If 800 km of road can contructed in other divisions why is not able to contruct just 80 km from kapit sibu ?.Kapit people are anxious to know what is the latest developments of the road as announced so many times by the ministers.Is it just an political gimmick or lips services to make kapit people happy ?.

  16. In today’s Borneo Post, the deputy minister of International Trade and Industry, Jacob Sagan was photographed with a group of drunkard supporters and obviously the beer was free flowing. A picture tells a thousand words and that is what the Dayak YBs are good for. Instead of bringing real and well planned sustainable developments to their constituencies the BN YBs will drown the plights of the people with free flow of beer and invite the PM or CM to walk about and shake the hands of the people before an election.

    Incidentally, Baram is one of the most neglected constituencies and the people have been deprived even the most basic of amenities under the BN government for 48 years.

    The Orang Ulu community must be united in the christian faith to reject BN government dominated by UMNO and Taib Mahmud. Let’s us all vote for a new government. Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  17. The people of Sarawak are not divided or disunited by Pakatan Rakyat as claimed by Awang Tengah. It is the democratic right of every citizen and voter to have a choice of politicl affiliation. Awang Tengah has a choice to associate with UMNO controlled BN as well. But for every one Awang Tengah Hassan who is filthy rich by now, there are more than 100,000 poor Malays, Chinese, Dayaks, Melanaus, Dusun and Kadazan.Even some of Awang Tengah Hassan’s relatives are living in poverty for they have chosen the right path in their religious belief not to be corrupted.

    When Taib Mahmud falls and UMNO controlled BN government is replaced by Pakatan Rakyat government, Awang Tengah Hassan will be among the many ministers and lawmakers to be investigated for their ill gotten wealth. That will be most certain.

  18. Hey audie, check this out, news broke by Malaysian Insider apparently a new party to be set up to challenge the almighty taib.

    note the quote by Mohammad Nor of PERS in the report:

    “Mohammad Nor said most of the party’s potential candidates were formerly from PBB.”

    Don’t you think thats a dead give away?

    Haiya, no wonder BN is finding it hard these days, with strategist that comes up with such old out dated tired tactics, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot everytime.

    Asks yourselves how many former PBB do you know in Sarawak? Not many right! Most are fighting to get on the PBB gravy train!

  19. Not only Awg Tengah. Almost all the ministers alike Narodin Majais n others. I’m no matematician, but u can calculate what they earn don’t suffice to what the way they live. They’re all corrupted. These people need tb investigated for their ill-gotten properties. Vote them out comes PRN10. They’re all Sarawak thieves.

  20. Every single words uttered by BN lawmakers, Head of government agencies, District or State Police officers regarding public complaints or crimes , point to a near perfect administration of the government that cannot be faulted. The public are not only losing confidence but are actually getting fed up. I dont see how BN government can still command “solid” support even from the rural voters. As for myself, I am convinced it is high time we change our government and give Pakatan a chance to make things right.

  21. I hail from West Malaysia. I am now married to a Bidayuh woman and I chose to live in her kampung instead of the Army camp. The people in her kampung had a small tar road leading to the main road. About 20% still dont have electricity and treated water. A kindy and a school were built more than 15 years ago and not well maintained. Almost all the youth are working in Kuching or outstation. After deducting their expenses for petrol, car installments and a few beer they have almost no savings. People remain poor and those who participated in Salcra scheme received a miserable few hundred to less than RM5,000 ringgit a year as bonus. For the past 20 over years there are no further development in the kampung and the YB representing the area just wanted to be given VIP treatment and attention when he was invited for any local ceremony or he would not attend. Almost all the farm land are not surveyed and not given title by the government.

    I cannot blame the kampung folks for wanting to change the government. The youth and educated voters felt the BN government had done too little to improve the living standard of the people. The YBs will request for some development fund or grant usually before every election but make sure his own cronies get to do the job even for repairing the roof of the school or school toilet.

  22. Dayaks are directionless as long as they are still inside BN! Period! Period! Period! Inside BN Dayaks already disunited. The best alternative to exit en masse from BN and looks for new umbrella !!!!

    Taib, Jabu, Masing, and Mawan are all useless leaders and they uses each other for power and self-interest!!!

  23. If this country has no rule of law, I think I will be the first volunteer to hunt those 4 useless leaders. Sometimes I feel like to use C4 !!!

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