“Pakatan4 v BN4”

The groundswell is reverberating and its not visible unlike an earthquake where cracks are evident. We only need to service and be with our constituents to ensure we not only survive but win our allocated seats for our coalition .

There is now more of a “United” platform now for the opposition and many have welcome the inclusion of SNAP in the Pakatan fold. Shall I say this it’s “BN4 v Pakatan4”

 These words by a current Sarawak YB talking to audie61 has more or less set the stage for the next Sarawak State Elections. Of course the inspired date has not been disclosed by the CM Taib though he insists its a “Saturday” .His aide meanwhile said that SNAP has never losts its support in the rural community and SNAP will be a FORCE now with Pakatan 4.

The people he said will choose the Government of their choice and its like this Traditional proverb,” Good Government is attained when those who are near are made happy,and those who are far away are attracted.”

Times have changed, people are more propaganda inclined and technologically savvy and the Political Parties Agenda and Ways of Governance are microscopically dissected in more ways than one.

Those days of “Anang Lawan Perintah { Don’t Fight or Go against the Government of the day is Gone } The Choice is there be it BN4 or Pakatan4. The lifeline accorded to SNAP has even awoken the ‘ Dead Alive Soldiers ” from the tomb. Not the Dead please…!

One though could imagine there could even have been” Cheers !Two Thumbs Up,Hip Hip Hoorays from the Past SNAP Commanding Officer,Generals and Lieutenants alike .”

We have been harping to the YBs for the past couple of days and also months that the “people power” is REAL and dont take it for granted. The sad thing though is when the reality bites after the election the same sentence will come out from their tongues,” If Only I have Listened and done this, done that! The English would say this though,


The SuperHero battle-field will not be for the fainthearted and in any confrontation there will be Winners and Losers. Some will be left to fend on their own while others will continue to fight another day.

Who will be your choice “PAKATAN 4 or BN 4…??”



13 thoughts on ““Pakatan4 v BN4”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    So many possibilities. Wonder who wil be washed ashore or who will be drowned? Cannot wait for the battle to begin. Hope it will not be an anticlimax. BN will fight to the last drop thats for sure.

  2. zainuddin says:

    Of course audie61 my eyes blinked for Pakatan 4 and that is Orange, I think so. Someone can verify?? Hidup Pakatan!!!

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :oops: This old ‘pek mo’ must pave way for younger generation to lead n MACC should check ITS 3Bil :?: ASAP lo :oops: Sarawak Sarawakians will be much more better off without this CORRUPTED TO THE CORE old n greedy ‘pek mo’

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. Mata kuching says:

    When DUN or Parliament are dissolved, the people or voters are the Rulers and politicians from both divides are the subjects. Whether you are Ahmad the fisherman, Ah Chong the fish monger, Nyembak a plantation worker or Ah Choo the hawker, you are all the Rulers of our state and nation. The power to select and vote which parties between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan National you want to be our government is in our hands. We have the choice and the power to give the mandate to the party of our choice.

    UMNO controlled BN has ruled Sarawak for too long and 48 years to be precise and yet 60% of the rural population did not benefited from even the basic amenities and basic socio-economic development and almost 90% of populations currently living in longhouses and coastal villages are surviving on less than RM700 per month ( benchmark for poverty) and having to pay almost double for all consumables and services.

    It cannot be denied anymore that the surest way to permanent poverty is to continue supporting UMNO controlled BN led by the paramount pirate Taib Mahmud. Even the Tuai Rumah’s salary of RM450.00 per month from BN government automatically confined him to living below poverty level and become a long term slave of UMNO controlled BN government.

  5. lea says:

    My auntie travelled from Puncak Borneo to Satok every week to sell her farm products and had to sleep overnight there from Saturday to Sunday. After deducting her transport cost, she barely make RM160.oo per month. I think 90% of the rural population are surviving on less than RM300.00 per month is more correct and reflect Taib Mahmud’s success in using Dayak YBs to keep the Dayaks poor forever.

  6. Balingian Voter says:

    I like your simple message mata. We are the Boss and with the power in my hand to vote the party of my choice, I will want to abuse that power also. I will want to tell Mr white hair and his campaign workers to tell Taib that I am not interested in his RM500 or RM800 gomen grant during election time. If taib wants my vote he must crawl in between my legs!

    All the B-End leaders like Taib Uban Lanun, George Kelabit Chan, Afraid Jabu, James Teruk Masin, William Karaoke Mawan must crawl in between our legs if they want our votes.

  7. willie says:

    24 seats for Pakatan Rakyat is in the bag. Lets work harder for another 12 to 15 seats which are 50:50 . To all Tuai Rumah, please be informed that Najib’s cat need at least RM1, 200 to feed per month including the gaji of the bugis maid specially assigned to feeding his cat. So why are you still prostituting yourself for only RM450.00 per month ?

  8. Asri Rahman says:

    The end is near for Parti Bohong Bumiputra. Destroy the King Termite and PBB is as good as disintegrated. The naive young supporters and members of PBB will abandon the party and vote for Change.

    Pakatan can form the new government after the coming state election with majority seats. My Special branch friend say Taib, George or Jabu may not even get elected to be chosen as Opposition leader in Sarawak DUN.

  9. dayang says:

    I must say this is well said,”

    Times have changed, people are more propaganda inclined and technologically savvy and the Political Parties Agenda and Ways of Governance are microscopically dissected in more ways than one.

  10. jolia says:

    Dayaks can clearly see for themselves the main reason for their backwardness was due to leaders like Jabu, Masing, William, Manying and others who ensured the Dayaks remain in the wilderness for the little rewards they received from Taib Mahmud. In short, these Dayak leaders had betrayed the kind heartedness, simplicity and hospitality of the rural Dayaks so that Taib can stay powerful and throw some crumbs for them.

    Time for change and vote for a new government. Vote Pakatan.

  11. Mata Kuching says:

    When you have dozens of properties and as many companies to manage them it is always a good trick to stick to similar names. Sarawak Report can exclusively reveal that there is a US arm to the Taib family’s North American property empire.

    In Ottawa, Canada the family’s interests are managed by Sakto Corporation, but in the US they are managed by Sakti International Corporation. Sakti International Corporation comprises properties totalling an estimated value of US$80,000,000, according to their own company documents. Each property is held under a separate company, usually named after the property’s street address, again in order to aid recognition. For example, W.A. Boylston manages 1117 Boylston St, Seattle (shown right).

    Hisham (Sean) and Jamilah Murray

    However, one of these companies is not so named. Wallyson’s Incorporated, based in Seattle, operates what is known as the Abraham Lincoln Building. The Abraham Lincoln Building houses a top secret FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) facility and to enter requires maximum security clearance.

    This is the North West Regional Headquarters for the FBI, America’s domestic security and counter-terrorism service. The Seattle branch lists amongst its particular responsibilities countering terrorism threats from Far East Asia. This building is owned by the Taib family.

    (Top) FBI Headquarters in Seattle – a Taib Building. (Bottom) FBI emblem at Abraham Lincoln Building.

    Sakti’s other main US office block, 260 California Street, San Francisco, also rents space to an impressive list of clients, including Citibank. It shows once again the Taib family’s ability to ingratiate with the establishment in host countries for their foreign investments.

    Taib company history in the USA
    Also like Sakto, Sakti is currently managed by Sean Murray, husband of Jamilah Taib, who is the daughter of Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak (salary 20,000 Malaysian Ringgit per month). Sean Murray was re-named Hisham Murray when he converted to the Muslim faith on his marriage to Jamilah, but never uses this name in his business or social capacities outside of Sarawak.

    However recent court documents deposited with the San Francisco Superior Court show that the company has always belonged to the Taib family. Sakti makes several key acknowledgements in its deposition to the Court, which are therefore incontestable. The company admits that Sakti was incorporated in California in 1987 and that it was initially managed by Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib. The documents state “The Defendants [Sakti International Corporation] admit that beginning September 10, 1987, Sakti’s designated Chief Executive Officer, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer was Mahmud Taib”.

    Previous revelations in Sarawak Report have proved that Mahmud Taib, the eldest son of the Chief Minister, was also an original Director of Sakto in Canada, formed in 1983, along with his sister Jamilah and their uncle Onn Mahmud, the Chief Minister’s brother.

    Court Admissions

    San Francisco Court Deposition – Defendent Sakti International Corporation. Click To Enlarge

    The Sakti court deposition goes on to admit that Mahmud Taib, who is now a Director of CMS Sarawak, was later succeeded by his younger brother Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib as “sole officer and director of Sakti”. Sarawak Report has documents to show that he was also the sole officer of Wallyson’s.

    When Sakti was incorporated in 1987 Mahmud Taib was 27 years old and his brother Rahman Taib was just 20. However, the youthful brothers were supported in their roles by the involvement of other close family members. Two of the Chief Minister’s brothers (Mahmud Taib’s uncles) joined him as the original directors of the company. The deposition by Sakti says “[The] Defendants admit that the original members of Sakti’s Board of Directors were Onn Mahmud, Arip Mahmud and Mahmud Taib”.


    Boss of the FBI Buildng – Rahman Taib. Click To Enlarge.

    Equally significantly Sakti admits that the shareholders of Sakti are all the Chief Minister’s own children or his brothers. The document deposited by Sakti International Corporation states ”the original shareholders of the company were Mahmud Taib, Onn Mahmud, Jamilah Taib, Arip Mahmud, and Rahman”. It goes on to confirm that “Mahmud Taib, Onn Mahmud, Jamilah Taib, Arip Mahmud and Rahaman are still shareholders of Sakti Holdings” (the company into which the shares have been moved).

    Sarawak Report can therefore categorically verify that Sakti in the US, like Sakto in Canada, was set up and originally managed exclusively by the Taib family, who provided the original US shareholder investments. The involvement of Sean Murray, the current Manager of Sakto and Sakti, began only after his marriage to Jamilah Taib and in fact he succeeded Rahman Taib as the Manager of Sakti only in 2006.

    Sole Officer and Director Rahman Taib and his parents, the Chief Minister and Laila Taib

    Sarawak Report therefore invites Mr Murray to declare whether he currently holds any shareholdings in the companies he directs, or if he is merely an employee of his wife’s family.

    Sarawak Report also invites the Taib family to explain how between 1983 and 1987 they were able to invest millions of dollars in the setting up of two property companies in Canada and the US, whose combined portfolios are now worth at at least US$200,000,000. Of the original shareholders, Jamilah, Rahman and Mahmud (the children of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud) were in their early twenties and at college at that time, while the other two shareholders, Arip and Onn, are the Chief Minister’s brothers. If the money was all coming from the two uncles, who are purported to be businessmen, then their generosity in including the Chief Minister’s children rather than their own in these shareholdings is surprising.

    Time for some answers

    260 California Street, San Francisco – another Taib Office Tower

    Sarawak Report believes that the people of Sarawak deserve an immediate explanation of these facts from Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud. The Chief Minister should instantly reveal whether he holds or once held a stake in these companies in North America and if any of the money invested was provided by him. If Taib Mahmud is the beneficial owner of any of the shares in these companies the Sarawak taxpayer is entitled to know he obtained them. Malaysia’s law enforcers should be enquiring on their behalf.

    The FBI should also be willing to issue a statement enlightening the public about the ownership of the building they occupy. As joint defendents in the California court case Wallyson’s and Sakti International admitted that the owner of Wallyson’s Incoporated is a company called Rodinmass, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

    Top tenant

    It is inconceivable that the FBI did not check who the owners of Rodinmass were, given the sensitivity of this building. As the sole officer of Wallyson’s was Rahman Taib, Sarawak Report contends that the owners and shareholders of Rodinmass are, like with Sakti International, the Taib family. Our information is that Laila Taib was the majority shareholder of Rodinmass.

    Taib’s wife, brothers and children are all linked to these North American companies.

    It is for Taib to now demonstrate that somehow he is not also linked as a beneficial owner of these lucrative properties.

    Source – Sarawak Report

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