Larry “BN MAN”

This article which appeared at Sarawak Tribune 21/07/10 will inadvertantly quash all rumours and speculations that Larry Sng will join the Opposition Front Pakatan 4 in Sarawak.

There has been an injection of venom into all these speculations/rumours and a close aide to Larry who audie61 interviewed has also said,”There is No truth”

Below is the story:- Abang Salfian Nawawi
20th July 2010 Time: 13:50pm

Larry is very much a BN man, says Jimmy

KUCHING: What has been reported in an internet portal and circulating around the political sphere of an Assistant Minister Larry Sng joining Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has indeed being doused off if by this exclusive interview by our political correspondent. He clearly said,”Larry is very much a BN man without hesitation.”

Former three-term Sri Aman Member of Parliament Jimmy Donald, who has switched from Parti Rakyat Sarawak to Parti Keadilan Rakyat said this through a telephone interview when asked about the rumours of him working in cahoots with Sng Chee Hua (Larry Sng’s father) to prepare for Larry to join PKR.

“It is just rumour, Larry is very much a BN man and I have not even spoken to the Sngs within a year,” he said brushing off the rumours being brewed-up at blog and also after a Bernama story which New Sarawak Tribune carried on July 19th (Monday).
Jimmy also said also these (rumours) are news to him and when asked about Larry’s being pushed out of N.54 Pelagus, he said that is BN’s problem not his (PKR’s) problem.
According to an internat portal, Larry Sng, an assistant minister in Taib’s Cabinet, is currently in political wilderness as no local parties have accepted his requests to join them.
The portal also said that Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said he was aware of rumours that Sng was trying to push his son Larry into joining PKR.
When press for further comments on Larry being accepted as a direct BN candidicate, Jimmy says it’s up to the BN’s leadership and again, it’s not his (PKR’s) problem.

“Pakatan4 BN4 Head On”

On July 1st we wrote,”Pakatan 4 vs BN 4” 13th July we posted this article.

Barely 3 weeks have gone past and the 1st Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak Council held yesterday has agreed that the opposition coalition will face off against BN in one-on-one battles in the upcoming state elections. 

According to a political watcher he said that Wong Ho Leng MP and Adun Bukit Assek mentioned that the Pakatan coalition needs to wrestle at least 36 seats in order to detrone the BN Sarawak. There was also a 4 point resolution in that it includes 

  • To gear up for Sarawak polls,
  • To resolve to capture Sarawak from BN,
  • To form a Pakatan committee to coordinate seat allocations, and
  • To come up with a joint manifesto for the election.

audie61received a number of calls from a number of  BN assemblyman and political secretaries to CM and they said,”eventhough Pakatan has now made their intentions known our elections machinery has long been in place and ready to engage in the political battle.”


DO YOU…………..???

“BN Direct..BN Club Party..??”

It seems that only T.Murugiah Federal Deputy Minister or Larry Sng Sarawak Assistant Minister will be given the Key to the Lock so easily. One has to remember though very clearly that it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister of the Chief Minister/MB of the State in picking/vetting the right candidates for the coalition in any elections.


Barely a month has passed when the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said,” Do not let dirty linen be shown to the public and BN Parties to ensure that all is within control so as not to jeorpadise the BN spirit and togetherness

Is There a BN CLUB PARTY IN THE OFFING..? DON’T  RULE THIS OUT says a political aide ??

audie61 were told by a PRS insider who  also wants to remain anonymous that ,” Larry Sng is the frontrunner as mosts ground reports remains in his favour and if Wilson just does not harp or do something the chances of him nominated will pass him by.( The internet portal has news from bernama which is reposted below) 

The same could be said about Edwin Banta who is making a push for the Tamin seat. It is very healthy to lobby as long as BN stands to win and not to lose. He was quoted as saying.”he would leave it to the party’s and Barisan National leadership to decide if he should stand in Tamin.” He even said that ,”I have been going around but i do it in a subtle way because the Incumbent is still there.” audie61 had earlier covered this story and we again called Edwin Banta and he said,”As it is..I leave it to the party and BN

Our earlier articles:-

The bernama story from the internet portal:-

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has dismissed any suggestion its former member Larry Sng Wei Shien be a BN direct candidate for the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

 Such suggestion was inapplicable and unacceptable as Pelagus was clearly and traditionally a PRS constituency, said PRS information chief Wilson Nyabong.

There were precedents in the Belaga state and Mambong parliamentary seats as those seats were claimed by other BN component parties.

“But, no BN party is claiming Pelagus,” he told reporters in Sibu to dispel rumours that Sng (right), an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, was defending the seat on such arrangement.

Wilson said the party had more or less identified Sng’s replacement.

“We have explained to the voters in the constituency that Larry is no longer a party member so he cannot represent it or the BN when his term expires.

“They, especially the women voters, understand this and have pledged to support only PRS/BN-sanctioned candidate,” he said.

On Sng’s action in maintaining he is still the BN representative, Wilson said as of now, he was still so as he was still serving his term as assistant minister and the state legislative assembly had yet to be dissolved.

On another matter, he said PRS would fight groups and individuals out to destabilise the party.

This included planting candidates to contest against its official candidates, especially in the Pelagus and Ngemah state seats.


On one side of the coin the people are blaming the ruling BN Government for the price increases on the petrol,diesel,Liquified petroleum Gas(LPG) and sugar. On the flip side some are also finding fault at the whole world economy which has spiral down and has affected the country. It is so easy to pinpoint faults at BN/Pakatan but the reality does sink in especially for the people on the street and working for the daily earnings.

Has overpolitiking affected both political divide until they drive each other up the wall..??  Both coalition  are so afraid of each others shadows and it needed a “Saint” Idris Jala now to inform the public of the true picture.

He is not even a politician belonging to any political party but a Corporate Man ropped in by the Government and he has no qualms but to blast it out that Malaysia may go bankrupt by 2019 if things are not checked.

Paul the Octopus a media darling now is overused and he might be stressed/burnt  out sooner than expected. We have turned to PETER the Electric Octopus to WAKE UP THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO THE REALITIES WHICH MALAYSIA NEEDS TO FACE.

Both sides of the divide needs to find a solution and deliberate it in Parliament and get to the bottom of it all. Believe it or not an EMPTY GAS CYLINDER 5 years ago costs $40 as deposit. Now for new house owners/shops/vendors the price for deposit for a similar cylnder is at M$120. Even your favourite coffee with sugar will soon see an increase of at least 10cents to 20 cents.


Lingam would have told you that its correct,correct,correct especially for too much sugar,sugar,sugar will have detrimental effect on your health.



Police “Patience..??”

The lists of complaints from residents of Riveria,Tiya Vista,Midpoint,Unimas is growing longer by the day. The Kuching Police ACP Mun Kuok Keong’s has even asked the people to be patient as the setting up of road blocks has seen a drop in petty crimes. This we covered earlier:-

audie61 has also been flooded with phone calls today and with the DAP Wong King Wei requesting the Police now NOT TO set up roadblocks during Peak hours it seems that it is not GOOD ENOUGH.


Surely, as audie61 thinking that the requests is heeded from 5-7 pm found out that mosts residents are only on the way home and will only reach their HOMES by 8pm. Moreover its a ROAD CONSTRUCTION AREA.

These are the pictures which was taken around 7.02 pm 13/07/10 to our disbelieve the Jam stretch all the way to Tabuan Jaya. We stop and told the Police in charge Zainuddin at around 8.13pm and he said that they are following orders and they have a job to do.

Fair enough,but the solution would be if only their colleague (a runner ) would have informed them that they have to speed up as they are holding up traffic and the HONKING is getting everyone VERY ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. (Took us more than 1 hour just to move a mere 1 Km.)

A resident even said ,”This is really Inconsiderate and too much.What happened to the COMMON-SENSE .!!” We were told by them that the opposition PKR  will be doing a Petition to move the Roadblock to another area.

Will they be able to achieve to move the roadblock away..??Will it work..?? Will the Police heed the public/residents complaints..??

We Will ALL Know as of Tomorrow……

“The Sarawak Equation B4/P4”

There might be new parties,independants joining the next Sarawak State Elections ” DUE SOON ” but the actual Battlefields with casualties as most political watchers anticipates will be between the TWO HEAVYWEIGHTS.

Most if not all the parties involved are already encamped on the ground assessing the situation and also gathering feedbacks from the constituencies. The political soldiers knows that it would be one HELL OF A WAR and they will not want to be caught OFFGUARD.

The current Peoples Representative (ADUN) for each constituency will use whatever means and ways to ensure that their voters needs are taken care of and looked after.