“Pakatan Sarawak Realistically….”

Series 7 Project 71 next Wednesday 4th of August 2010 must not be missed. Eagerly waiting will be many amongst the many political analysts and critics from both political divide on what is the political message and mileage from DAP YB Chong ADUN N12 Kota Sentosa.

Word is that after ” They call him Justice Bao” which kicked up a storm especially with misinterpretation  this could be another masterpiece from the writer/journalists Si Poh Liang. The 5 series to date can be read at http://tribune.my/project71/ 

 An excerpt from the article,”You must act like Bao Qingtian (the legendary Justice Pao of China’s Song Dynasty). So, in politics, they call me Bao Qingtian.

That is the reason why I have a lot of problems. They also call me the “Lion of Justice”. I got more problems. I was given two names … these placed a great burden on me, a very heavy burden. I don’t know why they nicknamed me like that during the election (campaign).

The insider on this project has indicated that it will surely be a TOP END ARTICLE and the Hidden political message would be….


Oooh You Just Can’t Wait.!!! “


6 thoughts on ““Pakatan Sarawak Realistically….”

  1. Down grade says:

    Could this have anything to do with the coming article,”http://www.malaysianmirror.com/media-buzz-detail/41-opinion/47109-pakatan-rakyat-get-your-act-together.”
    OK I will follow up…

  2. sarawakiana says:

    True true the Voon Lee Shans article has really caught fire.Even my close friends are talking about it. Even DAP has got problems.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: This WORLD will be a better place to live in if we really have all JUDGES as good n honest like ‘JUSTICE BAO CHIN THEAN’ :idea:
    But in this material world now :lol: most of the Judges are kangaroo judge n corrupted as well n I hope not all :lol: Well :lol: GOD is watching all of US n better be good :lol:

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    If ever there is any` pinch of sincerity on the part of PBB, the NGOs on Penans can assist PBB Youth fact finding team and should also invite Al Jazeera to interview the Penan community. It was a gross insults for PBB and BN lawmakers to label the Penans as good story tellers and that they were a promiscuous tribe. Only yesterday, we read a newspaper report that in Petaling Jaya, a school bus driver raped a primary school girl in broad daylight inside the bus parked by the side of the road in full view of other shocked pupils. So can we imagine how easy it would have been for some sickos to commit rapes and other crimes in the deep interior of Sarawak on those helpless and unprotected Penans and their young daughters?

    An average of 20 people were reported raped or molested every month in the first four months in Sarawak.Yet the CM, his deputies and cabinet ministers were all in denial on crimes committed against Penan girls. All right thinking Dayaks must be united in their Christian faith to vote out the highy corrupted and abusive UMNO controlled BN government in the coming state election and in GE13.

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    All rural Dayaks, Melanaus and Malays must be given the opportunity to listen to many of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah speeches. Let an UMNO veteran tells them how sick Malaysia has become and probably why rural development have been eluding our rural brothers and sisters.

    One of Tengku’s speeches :

    Recently, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah boldly stated that “our race-based party system is the key political reason why we are a sick country.”

    I couldn’t agree more. And I have a strong feeling that more of us from all walks of life than ever before find ourselves agreeing with the above sentiment.
    Ku Li’s recent address to the 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit should give us further cause for concern and reflection. However, we need to go beyond reflection and heed his admonition that it is indeed “time to wake up.”

    Quite frankly, most of what Ku Li had to impart to the students was refreshing and, from my vantage point, most necessary. For this, he ought to be commended.

    Far from mincing his words and delivering stale and old Soviet-style sounding party propaganda, which we have been subjected to by Umno operatives and ideologues through the years, Ku Li did himself (and the country) a huge favour by delivering strong words about the government’s direct hand in fragmenting and dividing us, whilst overseeing the decline of our national stature in various facets domestically and internationally.

    Perhaps more impressively, he delivered his message with genuine statesman-like credibility and dignity – more than one can say about his contemporaries and successors in Umno and Barisan Nasional.

    Trapped in the contradiction

    Ku Li, understandably, has a deep reverence for the historic legacy of Umno. It is hard not to admire his passion and commitment for legacy and vision of Tunku Abdul Rahman and Onn Jaafar.

    Tragically, it is also at this intersection – between his passion for the vision of Tunku and the machinery that Umno has become – that Ku Li seems to stumble.

    Contradictorily, Ku Li seems weeded to an Umno that has, for all practical purposes (as he himself has conceded), buried Tunku’s vision. Indeed, few (including Ku Li) would deny that Umno has threaded so far away from Tunku’s vision of a progressive, moderate, and inclusive Malaysia that it has practically abandoned that dream.

    Despite all the private and public calls for Ku Li to continue to help shape the country in Tunku’s vision, he nevertheless seems unconvinced that abandoning Umno and BN is the only real way for him to continue to salvage any modicum of hope for that progressive vision.

    Indeed, millions of Malaysians who share his commitment for getting back on the right path yearn for him to be a part of that very process.

    But alas, Ku Li seems mired and trapped in the contradiction between the Umno of today and Tunku’s vision. Consider the following.

    Ku Li says, “Today we are no longer as united as we were then. We are also less free. I don’t think this is a coincidence. It takes free people to have the psychological strength to overcome the confines of a racialised worldview. It takes free people to overcome those politicians bent on hanging on to power gained by racialising every feature of our life…”

    Yet, he seems to believe that the way out of this perilous dilemma of a racialised Malaysia is to make BN into a multiracial party.

    And this is precisely where, unfortunately, the faultiness of Ku Li’s proposal becomes exposed.

    To “convert BN into a party open to all citizens” requires, as Ku Li is well aware, for Umno to be capable and willing to set itself on an equal footing with the other subservient parties within BN. More importantly, it requires a leadership within Umno capable of – let alone willing to lead – for such a vision.

    Surely, Ku Li can appreciate that the embedded and deeply cemented interests within Umno renders it incapable of such a radical departure from what it has – through a decades-long process of systematic racialisation – become.

    Ku Li should also wake up now

    Indeed, rather than expecting Umno/BN to set the trend in dismantling the race-based political party structure and system, he stands a better chance of accomplishing this outside of the current BN framework and vested interests.

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