PRS “New Faces” But N54 Still a “Sore Thumb”

One has to make a STAND in anything or else one is taken forgranted.

 James Masing PRS President according to an aide has every right to claim the seats which belongs to the party. It is up to the State BN Component parties to agree in the spirit of compromise and agreement.


audie61 earlier had an article on July 5th which was titled ,”Pelagus N54 PRS “Sore thumb” and today barely a week PRS inadvertably swung into action by changing their tag line and masterminded it into,”New faces for PRS”. Politically it was a “MASTERSTROKE” by James Masing as he asked the BN leadership to “RESPECT OUR DECISION AND GIVE US YOUR FULL SUPPORT”


However there are those within the Sng’s group that Larry will still be maintained to stand in Pelagus and strike a blow to James Masing during the meeting with CM Taib on the candidates lists. Sources have informed us that the following candidates are more or less confirmed unless otherwise:-

  • N 25 Balai Ringin Snowdon Lawan(Incumbent) 

  • N 26 Bukit Begunan Mong Ak.Dagang (Incumbent)

  • N29 Batang Ai Malcolm Mussen (Incumbent)

  • N43 Ngemah Alexander Vincent (retained,reappointed)

  • N52 Tamin Edwin Banta (New Face)

  •  N53 Kakus John Ak.Sikie ( Incumbent)

  • N54 Pelagus Wilson Nyabong (New Face)

  • N56 Baleh James Masing ( Incumbent)

  • N57 Belaga Liwan Lagang (Incumbent)

 PRS 9 seats will be theirs to name and the Party will ensure that their Presidents Wish Lists will be very much RESPECTED and MAINTAINED.


22 thoughts on “PRS “New Faces” But N54 Still a “Sore Thumb”

  1. kpt99 says:

    Larry is so confident that he does not care whatever statements and announcements made by PRS.When pressed by reporters on whether he will defend his seat or not,his answer was my fate lies in the prerogative of BN chairman.At the moment i just play my role as wakil rakyat to serve my areas and people effectively.Whatsoever demand and requests by James Masing for N54,Pelagus will still have to decided by Taib who is in favour of Larry.All his strong and faithful supporters said that float or sink,they are behind him.

  2. zainuddin says:

    PRS has the right .Larry is no party man and he cannot complain if he is not given any seat.join SPDP there are 5 seats available and to choose from.This is interesting!

  3. sarawakiana says:

    kpt99 you seem to favour the Sngs. Are you part of their payroll? time is up and Larry will need more than his dad and in law or Pehins help soon. He has written his history already. Enuf is enuf!

    • kpt99 says:

      Dare you to bet that Larry is still the candidate of Pelagus and not a candidate from PRS as James Masing said.Taib will endorse James AYam

  4. phyllis says:

    James is doing the NOBLE thing for once. Have always gone against him but this time I think he has the absolute right.Of course the supporters demand pelagus but if he does play his cards well CM Taib might just rearrange another seat just for Larry.

  5. kpt99 says:

    Wilson Nyabong is in the eyes of Kapit people.Hope PRS knows that before it too late.Modern voters are more educated and can make rationals.

  6. tuai rumah says:

    it is no doubt that BN-PRS 9 line ups will prevail as winners of each respective seats if it were to be kept that way. rural seats for the BN shouldnt be much of a problem and basically, masing and cm taib can just lay back and watch how these BN candidates win the hearts of the rakyats.

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    With more and more exposure on Taib Mahmud and family’s global property investment in Ottawa, Seattle, London, Perth and Adelaide, from the wealth he had stolen from all Sarawakians, the frail and dying old pirate is unlikely to make a stand on his choice of preferred candidates from PKR and SPDP for the coming state election.

    Taib will not want to upset leaders of especially Dayak based parties. The same cannot be said for SUPP as he has written them off and willing to let them sink. SUPP is indeed at a crossroad.

    Taib Mahmud is at his most vulnerable and if any YBs who have no financial worries and liability, this is the best opportunity to abandon UMNO controlled BN and Taib Mahmud. Sarawak is one state endowed with rich natural resources and abundant minerals which can attract private investments from abroad without the assistance from Putrajaya if Sarawak were to be governed by Pakatan Rakyat at this moment when Putrajaya is still controlled by UMNO dominated BN.

    The window of opportunity is wide open for all young, educated and credible leaders currently in PKR, SPDP, PBB and SUPP to contribute to the prosperity and development of Sarawak under the Pakatan Rakyat. platform.

    Taibtanic is sinking and all dynamic, intelligent and youth leaders of BN components should now lead the rats off the sinking Taibtanic.

    PeoplePower4Pakatan. Sarawak4Pakatan. Malaysia4Pakatan.

    • fedup says:

      Mata Kuching, i presume you were referring to PRS and SPDP instead of PKR in your comments above.

      Anyways, it appears that SUPP internally is losing support from their party loyal from within and these loyal have decided to step aside and let George and Co sink the boat.

      That’s the big difference between SUPP and PR, everyone in SUPP rather than speaking out in the interest of the people, chose to just tow the party line. Their party line is of course suck up to taib!

      By keeping quite and stepping aside is towing the party line. SUPP members should stand up and be counted instead of condoning George’s self serving antics.That’s why SUPP will as a result become a mosquito party after the next State elections.

      Note in local papers the last few days, all these BNs are out in numbers giving cheques, shaking hands, suddenly interested in the health of penan kids! What a joke! The people can see right through this and these BNs don’t seem to care whether they do or not or maybe they are just too stupid to realise that.

      Btw, what happened to the hyped up return of Adenan Satem not so long ago? Don’t see the old man in the papers anymore standing next to taib. Yet another red herring by taib to keep people guessing? Come on lah, this is a democracy not a monarchy in Sarawak and we the public aren’t interested in taib’s successor but only the person that will stop this nightmare!

      As what of this junior sng, party-less, they have so much ‘bread’ can easily form their own party and why don’t they if they think they are so popular?

      The people aren’t interested in whatever these BN do or how they maneuver to stay in power, there are more pressing matters like the economic concerns, livelihood and future of our children and all linked to our land and life savings tied into our properties which are under siege by BN and cronies, the land grab that has been going on for years!

      The more they keep this up, more of them will be kicked out! It’s tiring and sickening to see these BNs parading themselves, it just insults and infuriates people even more!

      The people know if BN is or isn’t helping the people, we don’t need to see it in the papers if they are and least of all, seeing them shaking hands attending some useless function just hit home that these aduns etc are nothing but a bunch of publicity seekers and not really doing their jobs! They are that free to do such things if they are truly helping the people?

      In truth, they have done more for yourselves rather than for the people! So stop blowing your own horns and be the ‘publicity whores’ that you are!

      It’s all crap BN! Cannot wait to see how many of you will stumble after the elections! Shit will truly hit the fan then!

  8. Irene Kana says:

    SNAP has done what it needed to do and the right thing to sack its trojan horse, Ting Ling Kiew. More young and aspiring politicians whose fathers are die hard supporters of SNAP are said to be keen in joining SNAP/Pakatan now. That is certainly a positive sign for Pakatan and SNAP.

    Mata I agree with you that soon more rats will be jumping off a sinking BN in Sarawak. I have unofficially appointed myself to drum up support for Friends of Pakatan and receiving good response from friends and relatives to rally behind Pakatan in its quest to defeat Taib Mahmud and UMNO dominated BN.

  9. Jolia says:

    Hi Irene..great job. I will do the same and excited to work behind the scene to get my relatives and friends to vote any Pakatan candidate in their respective areas.

  10. cikgu says:

    My neighbours living in Matang Jaya are talking about voting BN and giving Pakatan a chance to bring positive changes for the benefits of all sarawakians. w all feel that under Najib, Taib and UMNO government Malaysians will be made to pay dearly for all their mismanagement, cronyism and corruptions.

    We want to see changes to this corrupted government that divide the people for their own survival and to stay in power . WE are ready to support Pakatan and vote for Pakatan.

  11. Minda Mandol says:

    Are we S’wakians that fool, idiot or stupid? Are we S’wakians that silly to keep continue to vote BN come PRN10? If that what we choose then fair enough we’re all fools, idiots or stupids. We all know what have BN done to us all these yrs. BN and BN representativess are all corrupted. Just see their houses/Astanas at Demak Heights n many other locations in the states or overseas. Their richness at the expense of the poor people in the rural areas. They monopoly all businesses, lands scandals, etc..etc. We, S’wakians got to stop all these nonsenses. Look who’re those who got all the biggest projects? Non other than all the Wakli raklyat of BN and their cronies. Vote them out and vote for Pakatan Rakyat to see changes that will benefit the rakyat as a whole.

  12. Minda Mandol says:

    Larry Sng case is just nothing in Malaysia, the Bolehland. At least he’s an elected representative. If u look at our Federal Cabinets, it’s a joke to the politics when there’re so many of them are non-elected representatives. This is what make Malaysian’s politic is a mockery. Where on earth an individual who’re not an elected member can be appointed as minister/deputy minister. Malaysia Boleh. Semua Boleh. Koruppun Boleh. Murderpun Boleh. Rapingpun Boleh. Fighterjet without enginepun Boleh. Submarine cannot selampun Boleh. YB don’t know that he’s to get permission from Jabatan Syariah to have a polygamypun Boleh. Cabinet minister telling liespun Boleh. This is what make Malaysia BN is so special n UMNO is the mahaguru.

  13. Kenjo Always says:

    Larry Sng still the BN candidate for Pelagus.
    so the rest of PRS member ,,,,forget about its.
    Direct BN plus candidate….
    Kasihan yang betul betul mau jadi candidate…..

  14. Pandak segatak says:

    ALEXANDER REAPPOINTED/RE-ELECTED as a N43 NGEMAH CANDIDATE for next election?????????????????????
    will make BN trouble.The chances ALEXANDER to win the seat very slim even getting worse.Belief it?????you will see.The percetange Alex 20%,Joseph Jawa 80%,Adit 60%,Warren aris 40%,Ricchar Lias 20%.Alex will totally loss the seat…Masing choose Alex just base on their relationship not base on the fact.That is the common thing Masing done befor,now or might be the whole life his political career……Masing don do this stupid thing anmore,please. Our community trust of you but you dishonest to the people. Dr,James please correct the situation/condition.I ju the political obsever and I know the real situation……don expect our communities is many of us got the PhD now.TQ

    Mr.Honest to you.

  15. Pandak segatak says:

    Nothing Masing can do to Larry Sng.Larry remain the candidate for pelagus and also nothing to with Wilson Nyambung(Midday dreaming)..past history told us that Masing unable to dischage Larry to be a candidate in the state election..don dream wilson.This is not the way how you tried to conduct the chairman Ngemah PRS Chairman branch election last time in Kanowit…Every eyes in Kanowit focus on you during you tried to conduct the Ngemah PRS chairman election last time.You obviously bias and all kanowit fork see you as are the weakness person.Nobody trust you in kanowit..Adit will retain the sit if JJ not be a candidate…you will see.You just know how to deform the democracy in kanowit because you scared to your own shadow…we are not blind brother. Forget about your dream be a Pelagus Yb.If your name listed in the list you also will defeated.God is fair to us and god know what whether you are honest to do the thing or not.The altitude like your people make rakyat hate to BN.
    Go to hell

  16. anonymous says:

    @pandak segatak : the way you’re trying to explain things are most or less reflects how stupid you are. just shut up and let those of the higher ranks to determine who and which will contest for the seats provided. if you’re so good about commenting others, why dont you try to stand up as a candidate in the next election? cakap banyak, buktikan la brother. talk shit about people think you’re that good ka?go be an independent candidate to prove who’s good i bet the other candidates would perform better than you do, paling banyak you can kutip vote pun maybe around 100+ ? hehe.

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