“The Sarawak Equation B4/P4”

There might be new parties,independants joining the next Sarawak State Elections ” DUE SOON ” but the actual Battlefields with casualties as most political watchers anticipates will be between the TWO HEAVYWEIGHTS.

Most if not all the parties involved are already encamped on the ground assessing the situation and also gathering feedbacks from the constituencies. The political soldiers knows that it would be one HELL OF A WAR and they will not want to be caught OFFGUARD.

The current Peoples Representative (ADUN) for each constituency will use whatever means and ways to ensure that their voters needs are taken care of and looked after.



4 thoughts on ““The Sarawak Equation B4/P4”

  1. Frankie says:

    PKR’s pledges for changing Sarawak

    July 12, 2010 by democracy4now

    With the Sarawak state elections around the corner we will try to outline what candidates and parties have to offer to the future of Sarawak. In this instalment it is the PKR pledges from Baru Bian:
    Baru Bian vision of reform for Sarawak

    Taken from: Sarawak Report

    Baru Bian – PKR Sarawak State Chief (Photo)

    Early election expected

    BN Ministers have started announcing bribes and handouts to communities, which they normally exploit and ignore. This, as everyone knows, is a sure sign an election is about to be called. Everyone also knows that BN will break the promises they are making and after years of this cynical treatment the people are fed up.

    PKR offering an alternative vision

    But there is an alternative. In an exclusive interview with Sarawak Report, the new PKR leader, Baru Bian, frankly laid out his own vision of reform for Sarawak. He said

    “if only the people can dare to hope, then the power of change is in their hands. They can save their future and the future of their children, but they must have the courage to act. They must vote out their oppressors at the coming election and they must not succumb to petty bribes. We in the opposition are not offering just a few ringits the night before the election, instead we are offering rich rewards after the election to those who have given us their trust.”

    Baru Bian, Sarawak’s top native rights lawyer, explained the measures that he will bring through immediately to reform Sarawak for its people. His key pledges are to:

    * End corruption and bring back honest government
    * Give back land taken illegally from native people
    * Fight for a fair share of Sarawak’s oil revenues
    * Save Sarawak’s environment by ending logging of virgin forest and oil palm
    * Stop the dam programme and the displacement of people from their lands.
    * Kick-start rural development with roads, water and electricity a priority
    * Improve schools and medical care in the rural areas

    “This is my priority 8-point plan explained Baru Bian, but it is just the starting point for a new, fairer Sarawak where there will be chances for everyone to succeed and to live the lifestyle of their choice”

    Comment: Sarawak is ready for change. WE shall vote PKR, DAP, PAS and SNAP in Pakatan Rakyat.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: Malaysians must reject frogs,kangaroo,greedy goons n racist party in order to be successful n live peacefully :idea:

  3. Minda Mandol says:

    Not only what Mr. Baru Bian had mentioned in his 8- point priority, some insider of the party did disclose that PKR got a very noble policies include:
    1. General Governance
    2. Land & Agricultural
    3. Forestry
    4. Education
    5. Health
    6. Welfare
    7. Labour & Employment
    8. Housing
    9. Late Birth Registration
    10. Native Status

    PKR/PR is seem to embark their consentious policies soon once they find the appropriate time. Hopefully they can distribute these policies details to the publics so that concerned voters can read and assimilate what to expect from the PR4 so as to have a clear view of why they the voters should not vote for BN4 this coming PRN10. PKR/PR must be more vigilant/proactive in dessiminates more information on their vision and mission. PKR/PR must be able to let the publics that they’re offering a better alternatives/options compare to BN4. Get to the rakyat and let them know what u got 2 offer for them when u form the state government. U don’t wait when 2moro DUN bubar then only u’r doing it, u’r late already. the rakyat’re with u PR4 n plz don’t put them down. The rakyat is ready to vote PR4 for change. So don’t waste ur time, get start now n never.

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