“Had A Bad Day..Watch.??”

Its one of those days when we hear people from all walks of life complain about Life in Malaysia will never be the same again. Why…?? Subsidies gonna be cut,price of oil,tuition fees,standard of living,cars,housing,food etc etc will ALL GO UP.

Hang on! Life’s not to bad if you CAN LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF IT. The Almighty Creator will want us to be HAPPY and Cheerful now.MALAYSIA IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY.LET’S BE OPTIMISTIC



5 thoughts on ““Had A Bad Day..Watch.??”

  1. dayang says:

    Very infectious when i started whistling. Took some of my stress away .Yea we really have to look at the bright side of life especially living in the city centre where its mostly Jam and rushing here and there.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: Keep It Up Respected Audie61 & all crews :idea:
    :idea: Thanks n really POSITIVE song n ENTERTAIN as well n I would like to add on some you know la ‘Always look on the BRIGHT side of life’ in POSITIVE way too :idea:
    :lol: GOOD ACTOR will surely ENTERTAIN all of us like VIP frens BUT EVIL :evil: ACTOR will always try to destroy or hurts others n always will be hated :lol:
    :idea: BE POSITIVE n CHEERS :idea:

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :oops: WTF things going to increase $$$$ very soon n NOW ‘COWboy GUNS’ lost after Jet Engine :oops:
    :shock: Make sure thgey check thoroughly no more c4 explosive lost toooooooo!!!!!!! :shock:
    YEAH,our country really BEAUTIFUL but NO NO to B-eNd bumNO bcoz they can’t lead a wonderful multi racial nation cause their MP always act like ANIMALS :evil:
    :arrow: check this one out :oops:

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