PCM..”Creature of BN..??”

audie61 and the crew had a great laugh.These politicians certainly know how to come out with names or at bests get themselves into trouble or shoot themselves at the foot.

One can just imagine on how will the leaders of PCM react..?? Don’t tell me just Brush it off after being called ,”PCM is the “creature” of Barisan Nasional. If PCM is the creature what are the members called..?? Hahaha Sort that out and if you can’t maybe Baru Bian can help. ( Look at the above.We have found the illustrated members…..”  “CREATURES

How can we have any understanding with PCM, when it is the creature of Barisan Nasional, whose intention is to disrupt our preparations for the coming State election”? Baru Bian Sarawak State PKR Liason Chief  speaking to reporters.

The full report can be read HERE.


17 thoughts on “PCM..”Creature of BN..??”

  1. Isn’t this not a WM based party coming to Sarawak? We have no proof that it is BN backed just yet. But we do know it’s run by some jumping frogs.

  2. PCM has got to be a joke right..come one lah, it just goes to show what monkeys they are…that Adit is probably the big ape!

    No wonder communities who vote for such apes are being laughed at and looked down upon..are there no one better than these clowns?

  3. PCM is Najib’s mines sweeper and they will be employing communist tactics. Hence it is also known as Party Communist Malaysia. It will not make any impact as it only attracts monkeys or apes.

    Pakatan Rakyat should stay clear of this UMNO sponsored party and should rightly treat them as enemies. It is said that PPP will be contesting in the coming state election under the PCM tickets.

  4. BREAKING NEWS – reliable sources say TKS (towkey Bintulu/PKFZ boss) is behind PCM. Money man is on the move again, meeting jangut GA secretly and dishing out the $$$$$. SPDP President Mawan knew about TKS wanting to bring PCM into Sarawak even before jangut GA came into the picture. TKS’s buddy started this peninsular based party. Is the President Mawan involved in any way in all this? You guess…………..!

  5. PCM How many they are going to field? Howmuch $$$$ to be made? What a windfall for some hahaha? U mean they are joining to split votes? This time PRS will go all out for Ngemah seat.

  6. PCM Parti cari Makan..Should it be L.D.P? Lose deposit party. U think it will work? Think carefully and who are the candidates?

  7. PCM-Parti Cari Makan?? Cannot cari makan in WS, now cross to EM lah….Welcome lah to field all constituencies, and let see how many loosing “Deposit”, but do not “hutang” here and there to towns and villages….

  8. Jumping frogs look for food here and there, lompat lompat lompat to look for insects with their long tongues. Parasites live on others, we don’t see them but they exist like those in SPDP.

  9. Party leaders who are parasitic worms happily get on with business, putting a FALSE front, great pretenders and liars. They have no direction! All they know is being parasitic and their survival as such.

  10. PCM – is a political end road for that frog jangut….all will be history soon and very soon. A real bad choice. However, that reveals the truth and very truth……Good Luck PCM – see U next state election lah

  11. I hope PAS leader in Sarawak is reading my comment based on my observation of the game plan of BN in Sarawak.

    PAS Sarawak should be very cautious and exercise its political prudence and wisdom not to be influenced by some so called strategist into believing that it has very good chances to win in as many as 26 seats in majority Malays or Melanaus areas.

    The hidden hands in BN political strategies in Sarawak is still alive and will work overtime to ensure PAS lost heavily and causing frictions and disagreements between PAS and PKR.

    PAS should not be gullible in Sarawak and must cooperate well with PKR when claiming for Malays and Melanaus majority areas. Overlapping claims are common at this stage of preparations and negotiations.

    I also have an advice to PKR leader and trust in its wisdom to return Padungan to DAP because that is what the people want this coming election after what the Padungan incumbent had caused and contributed to the defeat of the Opposition in a few winnable seats, notably in Bintangor and Sibu.

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