On one side of the coin the people are blaming the ruling BN Government for the price increases on the petrol,diesel,Liquified petroleum Gas(LPG) and sugar. On the flip side some are also finding fault at the whole world economy which has spiral down and has affected the country. It is so easy to pinpoint faults at BN/Pakatan but the reality does sink in especially for the people on the street and working for the daily earnings.

Has overpolitiking affected both political divide until they drive each other up the wall..??  Both coalition  are so afraid of each others shadows and it needed a “Saint” Idris Jala now to inform the public of the true picture.

He is not even a politician belonging to any political party but a Corporate Man ropped in by the Government and he has no qualms but to blast it out that Malaysia may go bankrupt by 2019 if things are not checked.

Paul the Octopus a media darling now is overused and he might be stressed/burnt  out sooner than expected. We have turned to PETER the Electric Octopus to WAKE UP THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO THE REALITIES WHICH MALAYSIA NEEDS TO FACE.

Both sides of the divide needs to find a solution and deliberate it in Parliament and get to the bottom of it all. Believe it or not an EMPTY GAS CYLINDER 5 years ago costs $40 as deposit. Now for new house owners/shops/vendors the price for deposit for a similar cylnder is at M$120. Even your favourite coffee with sugar will soon see an increase of at least 10cents to 20 cents.


Lingam would have told you that its correct,correct,correct especially for too much sugar,sugar,sugar will have detrimental effect on your health.




14 thoughts on ““Correct,Correct.Correct..!!”

  1. Looks like UMNO and BN time is very much near the end. What else could save them? The people will suffer if they are already not and they will turn against the Government. No way will Najib be PM after the next state elections.

  2. The BN government dominated by UMNO and for UMNO is like a sick man and father who advises his children not to spend on ice cream and sweet and save more while he goes around spending on prostitutes and drown himself with alcohol. I cant think of better analogy to describe their policy and mentality. Time for us “children” to abandon such “father”. Vote Pakatan.

  3. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: UMNO is also GODfather of Perkasa :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: ARE THEY BOTH RACIST :?: :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT :mrgreen:


  4. The subsidy could have delayed or not implemented at all had there been minimum or no leakages at all.
    again the consumers will be at the losing end as the price increases had never been proportionate and is always at the sellers favours.

  5. Pakatan Rakyat should start an account for ” Sarawak4Pakatan” . My friends and I are willing to contribute or donate to raise fund for Pakatan in the coming State election and GE13.

  6. The BN government has once again demonstrated its total lack of responsibility and blatant disregard for the poorer Malaysians by hiking the prices of these essential consumption. It has yet to show Malaysians at large that the government led by Najib is commited to arresting leakages and wastages. If indeed the total subsidy is less than RM18.o billion a year as claimed by the Finance Ministry and not RM78.0 billion, a figure compiled by Pemandu, why the urgency for hiking the prices for fuel, gas and sugar?

    Sarawakians are against price hikes. A vote for BN is a vote for more miseries caused by more price hikes. BN government must be accountable to all Malaysians for all watages and leakages before removing subsidies

  7. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: How can a hard working n good person commit suicide when he is getting married the next day :?: :?: :?: :lol:

  8. “I am under no illusions that Umno is bound for destruction on its present course. Neither do I hold unrealistic expectations about the possibility of reform when the rot has gone so deep”.

    “What we must do now goes beyond political parties. We need the rakyat to rise up to claim their institutions, and demand that our public institutions are answerable to them. We must wake up to our sovereignty as citizens, reclaim the constitution which constitutes us as a nation and guarantees our rights, and demand a comprehensively reformed government to restore public confidence. We must do this before it is too late.”…….Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, former Finance Minister of malaysia and chairman of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

  9. Politically speaking and in the context of Sarawak politic, ideally DAP and SNAP should win more than 35 seats on their own to ensure political stability in the Pakatan Coalition in Sarawak. Being a non Chinese I still see DAP as the most principled and disciplined party in Sarawak among the coalition partners. Good governance depends on political structure and leadership.

  10. Churches opening doors for EC to sign up voters
    By Neville Spykerman
    July 18, 2010

    The Election Commission (EC) held their voter registration drive at the Subang-Sungai Way Methodist Church today — Picture by Jack Ooi
    PETALING JAYA, July 18 — As a sign of growing political awareness, churches are now inviting the Election Commission (EC) to hold voter registration drives within their premises.

    Representatives from the EC today set up booths outside the Subang-Sungai Way Methodist Church (SSMC) to register voters after Sunday service.

    Pastor Phua Seng Tiong described today’s event as a church initiative to help society.

    “There has been far too many complaints about things not right but some say they cannot make a difference,” said the church spokesman.

    He pointed out the least that any right thinking citizens can do is to vote and that will make a difference.

    Two representatives from the EC had their hands full from Christians, non-Christians and even Muslims from the neighbourhood.

    This afternoon’s event was launched by Subang MP R.Sivarasa and Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong, who are both from PKR.

    Sivarasa had also arranged for tents to be put up at the church compound to facilitate the voter registration.

    But Phua denied the church was endorsing either Pakatan Rakyat(PR) or Barisan Nasional (BN).

    “There are no political banners here and no political inclination in the event,” he said.

    This sentiment was echoed by Jasmine Ng who had arranged for the EC to come to the church.

    “It is strictly non-partisan,” said the co-founder of the non-racial. Growing Emerging Leaders (GEL) Centre.

    She said it did not matter who those who registered voted for but they be allowed to make their choice.

    “Without a voice you cannot make your choices known in a democratic system,” said Ng.

    Ng explained that the GEL had launched a Voice Your Choice. campaign to get two million Malaysians to register as voters. by year end.

    So far the on-going campaign has registered 30,000 new voters.

    Ng also commended the EC for their willingness to work with GEL.

    While most of their registration campaigns have been carried out at malls the EC has also shown their willingness to set up their booths at Churches.

    Last week, a similar programme was held at the KL Baptist Church in Jalan Alor where 75 people registered in just two hours.

    Today, there were 71 new voter registrations and 80 change of addresses between 12pm and 6pm.

  11. Who Is This Young Millionaire, Taek Jho Low?

    Everyone’s taking notice of a rich guy who’s apparently trying to single-handedly save the nightlife industry and give leggy models everywhere something to do. His name is Taek Jho Low, a 20-something Wharton grad who loves Cristal.

    Not much is known about the baby-faced Malaysian, but tales of his largess are swirling about and frequently as he has been dropping tens of thousands of dollars at hot spots around the city. Here’s what we know:

    Name: Take Jho Low
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Officially he is an adviser to some international corporations, but no one knows what that means or seems to believe that is the truth. People say he’s involved in oil, gas, and construction. He and was appointed to the board of Malaysian bank UBG Berhad last year. It’s rumored that he’s an arms dealer.
    Residence: Rents several apartments in the Park Imperial on West 57th St in midtown that house him and his staff—including several body guards. Famous neighbors include Daniel Craig and Sean Combs.
    Motorcade: Travels about town with his entourage in a fleet of Escalades.
    Nightclub Spending:

    * Spent $160,000 in one night at Avenue this September during Fashion Week.
    * Routinely spends between $50,000 and $60,000 at Pink Elephant.
    * Bought Lindsay Lohan 23 bottles of Cristal at 1OAK when she was celebrating her 23rd birthday.

    Birthday Party:

    * Just celebrated his 28th year starting last Wednesday with a four-day bash at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas.
    * Megan Fox was flown out to Vegas to hang out with the birthday boy, who routinely surrounds himself with models.
    * The hotel pool was surrounded by caged lions and tigers and filled with girls in bikinis. Later, at a nightclub, Low bought 120 bottles of Cristal for the revelers.
    * Jamie Foxx gave him a red sports car for a present.
    * Paris Hilton and Usher also attended the party.

  12. The link between Taek Jho Low and Taib Mahmud’s family in UBG Berhad.

    Officers and directors
    Ai Swan Loo
    Company Secretary, Executive Director – Legal & Compliance
    Siaw Lin Liew
    Company Secretary
    Chin Chin Oh
    Executive Director – Finance & Administration
    Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib
    Chairman of the Board, Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
    Syed Ahmad Alwee Alsree
    Deputy Chairman of the Board, Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
    Taek Jho Low
    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
    Shaher Moh’d Ali Awartani
    Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
    Kim Bang Liang
    Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

    Level 33, Suite A Menara Maxis Kuala Lumper City Centre
    Kuala Lumper, 50088
    +60-3-20789133 (Phone)
    +60-3-20725511 (Fax)

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