Anwar”NO DEADLINE..What about Sarawak..??”


When this was posted on Malaysiakini special reports Anwar told reporters that he would not explain why the PR alliance has not yet taken power at this weekend’s PKR party congress.“There is nothing to explain. It will happen,” Anwar said in Parliament. He did not set another deadline. Yesterday we extracted the article from Stanley Koh which was “Perfecting PKR”.

Today it seems that a NUCLEAR BOMB has just been dropped at the heart of PKR Supporters says a political watcher. More so, he said right at the heartland of Sarawak as the Pakatan supporters await the State elections in 900 days or thereabouts. Could this be just the perfect TIMING for CM or has Anwar just dangle the carrot..? 

Anwar has said this on November 15th 2008 at a dinner,”Sarawak, which has 30 members of parliament, holds the key to the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in the country.“When Sarawak changes its course, the Barisan Nasional government will collapse,” Seems that Anwar suddenly changed his own course while the Sarawak supporters are left to fend for themselves. Time to abandon PKR is it..?

We have failed to form the Federal government is in everyones thoughts. Sarawak No Problems for BN. The rural NCR land issues e.g. and other urban issues can be solved. Grievances and unhappiness are made up by POLITICIANS who are disgruntled and frustrated. The people will still vote for BN and the “dacing symbol” Pakatan is irrelevant to Sarawak and it will not have any impact on Sarawak shores. Could Complacency come into the picture for BN?

We have a close look at all the 71seats,the incumbents,the parties BUT we will leave the analysis to a later article. The voters represent the actual numbers during the 2006 Sarawak State Election. Why not make the necessary arrangements and if you are keen to contest you can choose any of the 71 seats. Remember it will be the NEW DUN BUILDING when you make your maiden speech.BE INSPIRED AND PUMP UP THE ADRENALIN.. 

  • N1 OPAR (7379) Ranum Ak.Mina (BN-SUPP)
  • N2 TASIK BIRU (14983) Peter Nansian (BN-SPDP)
  • N3 TANJONG DATU (7973) Adenan Satem (BN-PBB)
  • N4 PANTAI DAMAI (12073) Abdul Rahman bin Junaidi(BN-PBB)
  • N5 DEMAK LAUT (10080) Abang Draup Zamahari Rauf(BN-PBB)
  • N6 TUPONG (14787) Haji Daud Abdul Rahman (BN-PBB)
  • N7 SEMARIANG (13498) Sharifah Hasidah bte.Sayeed Aman (BN-PBB)
  • N8 SATOK (10835) Abang Johari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg (BN-PBB)
  • N9 PADUNGAN (24512) Dominique Ng Kim Ho ( PKR)
  • N10 PENDING (29503) Violet Yong (DAP)
  • N11 BATU LINTANG (24783) Voon Lee Shan (DAP)
  • N12 KOTA SENTOSA (18934) Chong Chien Jen (DAP)
  • N13 BATU KAWA ( 16237) Tan Joo Phoi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N14 ASAJAYA (12016) Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (BN-PBB)
  • N15 MUARA TUANG (14303) Haji Mohammad Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N16 BENGOH (20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil ( BN-SUPP)
  • N17 TARAT (15171) Roland Sagah Wee Inn ( BN-SUPP)
  • N18 TEBEDU (11793) Michael Manyin Anak Jawong (BN-PBB)
  • N19 KEDUP (15994) Frederick Bayoi ak.Manggie (BN-PBB)
  • N20 SADONG JAYA (6917) Haji Wan Abdul Wahab bin Wan Sanusi (BN-PBB)
  • N21 SIMUNJAN (9846) Mohd Naroden Majais (BN-PBB)
  • N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB)
  • N23 LINGGA (7545) Hajah Simoi Binti Hj Peri (BN-PBB)
  • N24 BETING MARO (7267) Haji Bolhassan Haji Di (BN-PBB)
  • N25 BALAI RINGIN (8244) Snowdon Lawan (BN-PRS)
  • N26 BUKIT BEGUNAN (7644) Mong anak Dagang (BN-PRS)
  • N27 SIMANGGANG (9849) Francis Harden anak Hollis (BN-SUPP)
  • N28 ENGKILILI (9477) Johnicol Rayong ak.Ngipa (Independent)
  • N29 BATANG AIR (7997) Dublin Unting anak Ingkot (BN-PRS)
  • N30 SARIBAS (7145) Dr Hj Wahbi bin Hj Junaidi (BN-PBB)
  • N31 LAYAR (7415) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang (BN-PBB)
  • N32 BUKIT SABAN (6876) Robert Lawson Chuat ak Vincent Entering (BN-PBB)
  • N33 KALAKA (13379) Abdul Wahab bin Aziz (BN-PBB)
  • N34 KRIAN (10429) Peter Nyarok Anak Entrie (BN-SPDP)
  • N35 BELAWAI (8004) Hamden bin Ahmad (BN-PBB)
  • N36 SEMOP (9162) Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar (BN-PBB)
  • N37 DARO ( 7411) Murni Suhaili (BN-PBB)
  • N38 JEMORENG (8545) Gani @ Abu Seman bin Jahwie (BN-PBB)
  • N39 REPOK (16750) David Teng Lung Chi ( BN-SUPP)
  • N40 MERADONG (14584) Ting Tze Hui (DAP)
  • N41 PAKAN (9034) William Mawan ak.Ikom (BN-SPDP)
  • N42 MELUAN (11169) Wong ak.Judat (BN-SPDP)
  • N43 NGEMAH (7849) Gabriel Adit ak.Demong (Independant)
  • N44 MACHAN (9966) Gramong Juna (BN-PBB)
  • N45 BUKIT ASSEK (26002) Wong Ho Leng (DAP)
  • N46 Dudong (21819) Dr Soon Choon Teck ( BN-SUPP)
  • N47 BAWANG ASSAN (16844) Wong Soon Koh ( BN-SUPP)
  • N48 PELAWAN (22559) Goh Chung Siong ( BN-SUPP)
  • N49 NANGKA (12973) Awang bemee bin Awang Ali Bassah (BN-PBB)
  • N50 DALAT (11423) Fatimah Abdullah @ Ting Sai Ming (BN-PBB)
  • N51 BALINGIAN (11326) Abdul Taib Mahmud (BN-PBB)
  • N52 TAMIN (10900) Joseph Mauh ak.Ikeh (BN-PRS)
  • N53 KAKUS (9417) John Sikie anak Tayai (BN-PRS)
  • N54 PELAGUS (13898) Larry Sng Wei Shien (BN-PRS)
  • N55 KATIBAS (8146) Ambrose Blikau (BN-PBB)
  • N56 Baleh (9731) Dr. James Jemut Masing (BN-PRS)
  • N57 BALAGA (6691) Liwan Lagang (BN-PRS)
  • N58 JEPAK (12049) Talip Zulpilip (BN-PBB)
  • N59 KIDURONG (23726) Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP)
  • N60 KEMENA (13338) Dr Rundi Stephan Utom (BN-PBB)
  • N61 BEKENU (10095) Rosey Haji Yunus (BN-SPDP)
  • N62 LAMBIR (11245) Aidan Wing (BN-PBB)
  • N63 PIASAU (17256) George Chan Hong Nam ( BN-SUPP)
  • N64 PUJUT (20098) Andy Chia Chu Fatt ( BN-SUPP)
  • N65 SENADIN (16925) Lee Khim Shin ( BN-SUPP)
  • N66 MARUDI (12425) Sylvester Entri Anak Muran (BN-SPDP)
  • N67 TELANG USAN (12793) Lihan Jok (BN-PBB)
  • N68 BUKIT KOTA (13328) Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Ismail (BN-PBB)
  • N69 BATU DANAU (6889) Palu @Paulus Palu Anak Gumbang (BN-SPDP)
  • N70 BA’KELALAN (6284) Balang Rining (BN-SPDP)
  • N71 BUKIT SARI (9373) Awang Tengah Ali Hassan (BN-PBB)

In 2006 Sarawak State Elections there was 54 Straight Fights,13 3-cornered,1 4-cornered,1 5-cornered and 2 YBS were returned unopposed. Are you ready to serve when you are called upon? Be the Peoples Representative and if you are Prepared the People will have no Qualms to choose you. Is it that SIMPLE…??

20 thoughts on “Anwar”NO DEADLINE..What about Sarawak..??”

  1. Baruk says:

    Bidayuh seats really under threat by PKR. BN losing the grip but when the colour of money is thrown everything will be fine. I understand Munan laja is trying his hand in Katibas. Dream on. PKR dont even want you as they know you are a BN MOLE placed into PKR. This guy really good for nothing and hanging on to his tots of going for PKR but then if PKR wins he will JUMP.. Beware PKR you have been warned…

  2. Gani says:

    PKR under threat from within the new BN jumpers following Adit. this you have to ask beginda. he knows all these people. Ask a loyal follower of Masing Tedewin. He will tell you all about this people especially those who jump so fast into PKR and are afraid to be thrown out again by PRS.

  3. eve says:

    No wonder Anwar is turning his back on Sarawak! Cannot trusts this PKR new boys who just joined 11753 of them. I think Anwar trusts Masing more. ask any PKR members whether they like the new ones who joined during Friends of PKR dinner. That is just a show by BN rejects,,,.

  4. Yeomen says:

    My earlier posting can help to allay some of the above fears . That’s why there must be REAL change ! This means that newbies must be put forward and not those who have been in and out of elections . REAL change can be realise if all involve can put aside their petty issues and have the common cause of getting rid of the unjust government !! REAL Malaysians wants REAL change , the ‘others’ , I don’t know and I don’t care .

  5. phillip says:

    It seems that Bn is working overtime trying to get at Pakatan. In the west its worst. I believe in Sarawak the matter should be not as bad as looking at the State Councillors/YBs Pakatan has only 8 out of 71. Sarawak looks untouchable!!!

  6. azalina says:

    Wonder what will Anwar do if the Sarawak State elections is held together with the 13th GE? Sarawak will still be a BN stronghold and to even get 20 seats then Pakatan will be laughing.

  7. fred says:

    Nothing seems to be right for Anwar. he is taking in hasbeens and all those who have not be nominated in Sarawak in the last elections. Jimmy was dropped and the rests of the gang we heard are going to be EX-councillors. thats why they all JUMP to PKR. So smooth they think and Im sure Anwar knows about this.

  8. oprah says:

    firstly remeber what Tiong said that there are businessman buying MPs? Remeber the incident anwar? They are trying to trap you again. Be very careful as they are all wolves in sheepskin these PRS rejects from Sngs faction.

  9. Joe says:

    To all PKR , DAP, SNAP and PAS members. let state register new voters as many as possible. New voters + 5% swing = New PR Sarawak State Govt!!!!!

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