Undilah in November..??”

We’ve heard this once too often ,” I Told you so.Now do you believe me.See my predictions are correct as I was informed.”

One political observer even said this to us ,”True,true i read it here you go and see:-http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=19785:ge-13-will-be-in-november-and-not-next-year-pakatan-leaders-warn&Itemid=2

Whatever it is, Whenever it is, the Country will surely have to go to the polls by 2013. The people will need to give their stamp of approval to the political parties or individuals who are/will be  elected to be Malaysia’s Members of Parliament.

The Video Undi-Lah has been racking in the number of hits in the blogsphere and has its fair share of criticisms from various sources .These are extracted links from the internet portals:-

Malaysians will go to the Polls and it could be very soon.

Could it justs be November??

8 thoughts on “Undilah in November..??”

  1. beritamu says:

    Definitely it wouldn’t be on November as hundreds of thousand teachers and t0 thousand schools will be close for year end holiday.

    In any general election, teachers and schools played a significant part by providing manpower and premises.

  2. beritamu says:

    Another event going on through out the country is SPM ans STPM exams.
    Can the schools be order to close paving way for PRU.
    These Political observers and analysts are too free and lack of in-depth knowledge without knowing the current situation of the country rather barking and singing to their the tunes.
    Too free for politicking,jockeying and speculating this and that without any substances.

    Perhaps SPR and political parties can run and manage themselves in this coming PRU after the so called election reforms by half-baked old govt retiree SPR.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Evaluate this statement, education fair for in Msia Najib says.

    If it’s not just empty talk and rhetoric Njaib should have the courage to open the doors of MRSM,Matriculation,University foundation,UiTM programmes for all races regardless of 3 R-religion,race and region.

    Even non-bumi students in secondary schools had voiced their grouses feel being discriminated at such young age,

    Who can govt cheat today ?

  4. kpt99 says:

    UMB BN Chairman abudul aziz had been very vocal and aggressive in dealing with cyberspace against opposition recently but too sad to say that they dont even have their own website.Talk is cheap ,cakap tak serupa bikin,.Najib was absolutely right to say ” syok sendiri ” BN culture and mentality should be discarded in order to avoid further embarrassments in the coming PRU.

  5. kpt99 says:

    Perkasa mencadangkan untuk memfailkan saman terhadap PM atas initiatif and cadangan hendak membatalkan hak keistimewaan bumi,article 153 yang termaktub dalam perlabamgaan.kata Pengerusi Katak Ibrahim Ali.

    Nobody can disturb and take away our rights and protections which had been given to us wisely my our forefathers.We will defend it with all costs echoed his assistant.

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