Atishoo “Knocked out”

If an incumbent YB and MP is dropped from the lists to contest in GE13 there will be all sorts of reasons handed to him/her. But when it involves health there is no choice but to step aside to someone who is capable and has the energy to serve the people of the constituency.

Our team of Natasha,Cindy and Ramesh are at the moment at home and unable to bring up to date stories/articles as they are suffering from influenza and cough. Could it be the Haze? A pharmacist said many people are sick and we should drink more water and stay indoors. Well even the boss is “KNOCKED OUT”

There were stories of the R.A.P Team (original or new)and also the Petra Jaya Incumbent who will not be renominated? We will get to that with insights when they are all well and giving “juicy stories”