SUPP Lantern Festival Reunion Night

Professor Sim told audie61 that he was very pleased and also happy that many supporters turned up for the Branch Lantern Festival Reunion Night. He also mentioned that the newly renovated Branch Office is there to cater for all constituents not only from Pending Area but also to those who needs service and assistance if and when required.

We are there for the People and the people are the ones who will put our party leaders in office. Without the peoples trusts and believe that we can deliver what we promised we will certainly not be “elected into office”.

Don’t worry he said ‘lets enjoy tonight and make it a memorable evening for all. He also thank SPDP Pending for their continued support and presence.

4 thoughts on “SUPP Lantern Festival Reunion Night

  1. sarawakiana says:

    The spirit lives on but SUPP needs to refresh itself. If the same old faces it will mean a painful exit soon for the party from the Sarawak political landscape.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Sim,as one of the most qualify and renowned heart specialist in Swak or even Malaysia shouldn’t have joined politics.

    However his credibility and in-depth expertise in heart surgery cant transform into the current dirty political struggles .

    Rakyat are very hopeful that Sim will one day reconsider his pursue in politics and go back to selfless and invaluable medical sector in saving more lives in future.

    It is very difficult to mix clean particulars and dirty elements in science as Sim himself knows.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    Dr M: Ling liong sik is honest,incapable of cheating govt.

    Neither he nor his cabinet were cheated in PKFZ case.

    Police : had they known that Ling liong sik wouldnt have been charged.

    Nobody cheat,nobody were cheated but rakyat.

    Msia Judiciary is playground for the rich,famous and popular.

    As most Msians predicted,the case will soon be dust in the sky and drops with not culprits held and charged cos those involved are Bg Sharks or Jerung, unlike late RM 2500 ikan bilis Teo Beng Hock.

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