SPDP “Under Seige Again..??”

SPDP party members and loyalists must now be shouting with their lungs bursting and screaming,”ENOUGH,WE ARE NOT GOING TO SIT BACK. WE HAVE DONE OUR HOUSE CLEANING AND LEAVE US ALONE

A senior member of SPDP said to audie61 ,”It will continue on till the GE13 and this in itself is not good for Barisan Nasional. The party itself have had 6 assemblyman who are now residing outside 5 partyless(BN Club) and 1 in SWP. BN Club is not a registered political party and its justs absurb. We might justs call them PARTYLESS for now.”

An SPDP political secretary chipped in”We ought to be concentrating on the preparations of GE13 instead of involving in sinister plots as reported by the STAR tabloids today.”

SPDP is very much part of BN machinery and as such any Outside forces trying to create factions and instability within the party needs to be dealt with.

The instigative nature of the attack on SPDP senior vice president is uncalled for and those with personal agendas will also feel the wrath of the SPDP members in totality. The party will not stand still and be bullied to submission says the senior member and as such we are compiling all facts and figures. If it needs to be revealed later we will but for now lets fight a common enemy in Pakatan Rakyat.  

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