Don’t Compromise Their Future..

We need not look further than what we have in store for the us. We need peace,stability and a strong government which will ensure that all races in Malaysia live side by side in harmony together.

Joseph Salang Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Culture addressed the multimedia participants that there must not be any compromise for Peace and Stability which will be a dampener for the future of our nation as it looks forward to 2020 and beyond.

He also said””Don’t destroy the nation’s future by believing the empty promises of the
opposition that they can become a better government.”

Our Future generation depends on us and those out there as”Media partners must answer the allegations and issues raised by the opposition as choosing to keep silence will only destroy this nation which we built together.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Compromise Their Future..

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Mana hala tuju bola sepak Malaysia ?

    Fifa ranking,Belize=144, Curacao=151,Barbados=152, Malta=153,Aruba=154,Dominica=156,Lesotho=158,Maldives=160 and HARIMAU MALAYA ranked in 162 worst in the history.

    Datuk Rajagobal says that ranking doesn’t reflect the real strength and position of his team.

    Probably MPs in Parliament were absolutely right to lament his credibility and coaching skills and collectively ask the govt to forget about football in Malaysia and concentrate on other games and sports.

    Anwar says Palestine team who train on Kubur,burying ground is better ranked.

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