GE13 “Could it be November..?”

On September 25th 2011 we wrote that November 2011 could see Malaysians above the age of 21 going to polls to give a new mandate to the present ruling government. A year has lapsed and it seems the feel good factor is again at the doorstep and many pundits are predicting it could be this November 2012. Even Mahathir the former PM short of saying”have it now as further delays would give added advantage to the opposition”

Last year this article got everyone excited of pools looming:- . Even the Video Undi-Lah which was released around that time recorded substantial hits on

How soon and when is still on everyones lips and Malaysians are just waiting for the day Parliament is dissolved.

 Could it be Dissolved in November and polling on 12-12-12?

Many in the business sectors feels that the sooner elections is over the better it is as the worldwide economic climate is not too promising. Malaysia would also not be spared from an economic downturn.