A number of political analyst have predicted that “at least close to 10 seats” will be in danger of falling from BN to PR. It seems that PKR YB See Chee How is also doing likewise as he calls for Sarawak voters to make a change to ensure a substantial number of PR MPs be voted into Parliament to safeguard and advance the political and socio-economic well being of the state.

In no uncertain terms Karim hit back strongly”stating theat the needs of Sarawakians had all along been taken care of by BN and there was no need for PKR Anwar to show the way. He also said that See should look back at history and that Anwar has no LOVE FOR SARAWAK.

See Chee How is only harping what his boss “Anwar wants him to say to the people and ensure that Sarawakians will also ‘assist” and “help” in his quest for Putrajaya. Karim have said it many times to the mass media that Anwar did not do it for Sarawak during his time as Deputy Prime Minister.

Anwar must have forgotten about this song “Always on my Mind” while he keeps on singing on his campaign tours “It’s now or never” in pursuit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Sarawakians do remember very well and not unless they are “mesmerised” which we would like to remind our friend YB See Chee How as we can clearly see some of the lyrics below:-

  • Maybe I didn’t treat you quite as good as I should
  • Little things I should’ve said and done, I never took the time
  • Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied
  • Maybe I didn’t love you quite as often as I could
  • And I guess I never told you, I’m so happy that you’re mine
  • You were always on my mind

YB See, we know you are trying to tell stories and meant well to give a good “perception” likewise most of us are too but Anwar’s “Sarawak Love” is over sold . We email,blog,text,instant message,facebooking and chat. There are also(24) twenty four hour news channels that have to report something,even when there’s nothing to report. You want to be in charge and try to make it viral but nowadays if the article or statement is not worth a pinch of salt it will only backfire.

The masterpiece propaganda of 916 which Anwar failed to pushed it through is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one. Anwar is now singing and drumming up support by telling Pakatan,”It’s now or Never”

  • Tomorrow will be too late
  • It’s now or never
  • My love won’t wait

We were told so many times by our parents and elders‘It is always the bests policy to speak the truth-unless of course,you are an exceptionally good liar

We must have forgotten Anwar keeps telling that he will give Sarawak what is being owed back to the people and some of his followers will be hoping that when the time comes they will be enriched and rewarded. A PKR member even said to me “its about power grabbing” and PR justs wants to get to Putrajaya soonest rather than later.

It does make sense therefore when Karim said Anwar is least concerned  about the state and its people.Anwar promises Sarawak greater autonomy,more oil royalty,highways,and et cetera and et cetera.



13 thoughts on “Anwar “HAS NO LOVE FOR SARAWAK”

  1. As I see it says:

    Sarawakians but which ones!

    We must take call of All Sarawakians.

    Make sure the roads we travel every day should not have pot holes and of better quality.

    We should not trust these politicians at All.

    It seems the rural folks are controlling the city folks.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Tuai Rumahs praised BN ” Tekan ada api,Buka ada air,Ada BN ada semua,jangan lawan Towkays.BN.

    Chance for PR to win in rural areas in Sabah and Swak is almost zero.

    Majority of the voters are illiterates and lack informed of the current issues.

    Anang Ngelaban Perintah Spirit has been charmed and instilled by Taib’s Spiritual and powerful Bomohs for more than 3 decades which ensure Taib Big Win in elections.

    Perjuangan PR bertujuan nak runtuhkan BN di Swak adalah mimpi siang hari,kata Taib.

    1/31bersamaan sekitar 3 % dalam PRU 12, macam mana hendak menang ?.

  3. Angel Gabriel says:

    Better to support the devil you know then the devil you don’t know! At least the devil you know, though not 100 per cent perfect, has done pretty well to bring harmony and peace to Malaysia. Anwar has a history of giving promises after promises and sometime, we ponder, is he really honest with his promises or he is doing that because in his deep desire to win Putrajaya, he will promise anything under the sky? Tracing back who he is, from a student leader, to Abim leader, to Umno Youth leader, DPM and looking at how he ring himself with loyalties, Anwar has a deep struggle of wanting the PM’s post which he almost manage to get when he was DPM. Through the years, his antics and who the real Anwar is slowly being known to public. See Chee How and Baru Bian are too naive and green in politic to know who this Anwar is. Before it’s too late, be contented with the devil you know.

  4. shallom says:

    Pls YB See Chee How also wants to walk the corridors of Putrajaya and get for his cronies projects. U see how he deals in his own cabang. He made sure that Dominic Ng was ousted in PKR Central uand that set him up nicely as “taiko”. Dominic brought in Baru Bian and still he was not good enough to sustain. See has SKY behind him and this are mostly DAP former members.
    There is more to PKR Sarawak than what everyone sees. This is Anwars way to get himself to be PM

  5. 2012 hope says:

    What happen to SWP now ?.

    Najib says SWP claims to bn friendly is illogical and not rational as they want to contest bn.

    He further reiterates even if swp win any seat in pru13,it would not be invited to join BN.

    What say you Taib,Dato Sng and Larry ?

    We wouldn’t be playing such game which will tarnish our image

    Dengan komen-komen di atas peluang dan ruang bagi SWP hendak menyertai BN adalah tipis dan takk wujud sekali.

    Jangan Mimpi Siang Hari,amaran James Msing kepada Larry.

  6. Right number aligned says:

    SWP will be SWP.

    Who knows what they up to?

    If they win a few seat and the number line up correct that will be interesting times for the member.

    Shall we say strike lottery.

  7. observer says:

    my friend we should be taking about EQUALIZATION Payments from now onwards.
    The bottom line is that money talks.

    Forget about UBAH this or 1Malaysia this or that.

    Malaysia is practically practicing socialism with this 1Malaysia by BN and UBAH or Change by PR.

    Borneo was once infested with Pirates. Oh well things has changed that much. now is white collar pirates.

  8. 2012 hope says:

    Life is full of ups and downs,what comes around goes around, avoid spending to much time and mind on getting rich all the time.

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