SPDP Puteri Barbara P205..Mere Rumours..??

On August 17th 2011 we wrote this article,”PKR vs SPDP-Saratok “The battle rages on” We were told in so many words that the incumbent needs to be replaced if SPDP was to hang on our retain the seat from the grassroots,special branch,Jasa,to the military intelligence. SPDP President on May 5th 2012 said this to the main stream media,”SPDP most likely to offload Jelaing

It will be one year from the period since we wrote on Saratok indepth,plus the SPECIAL REPORTS which have been circulating and we extract one of the words we used than,’ The groundswell is very much against Jelaing as his “Batang Hidung” is not even seen at any of the 3 Malay villages . The “malay” votes are important in this parliamentary seat and SPDP will not chance it again as the reports on the ground is anything but kind to the incumbent. (It has changed considerably from then and we are sure that our very harsh mention and realities have got wind to the Deputy Minister)

Various names have been thrown into the fray including Chambai Lindong,Jasmys Sadan Sagi,Dr,James Chella,Enturan Lupa and even some imported non party members names have been seen to make appearances in this constituency.

This article which appeared in todays mainstream media throws another possibility to the seemingly crowded “interested and winnable” candidacy of P205. Now the Puteri Chiefs name has been thrown into the “shark infested waters of political haggling and lobbying and many will be taking an opportunity to defame,slander her and accuse SPDP President of using his position to build his legacy.

Does Wiliam Mawan have any choices? Mosts Parties groom their own to take over the helm and the likes of DAP( Lim Kit Siang-Lim Guan Eng) MCA (Chua Soi Leck-Chua Tee Yong) PKR( Anwar Ibrahim-Nurul Izzah) UMNO (Mahathir Mohamad-Mukhriz Mahathir) PBB ( Taib Mahmud- Sulaiman Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Taib) and the lists goes on. Even the USA and Philippines Presidents like George Bush,Marcoses,Aquinos are looking at legacies.

Is it Wrong for William Mawan to even think of that.?

Maybe only Azmin Ali would think its wrong when he talked about legacies. PM Najib Razak is now looking at new talents to complement the existing popular YBs and MPs who stand very good chances of being acceptable by the rakyat. Its not so much BN is not popular anymore but as a former Johore MP and Minister  Sharir Samad puts it”The competitive edge and winnable candidate offered”

Times have evolved and change. Nowadays its not the symbol but PERSONALITIES. Politics nowadays is Borderless and Malaysian Parliamentarians are watched upon like “hawks eyes“by the international media.

The political parties have no choice but to listen to the ground”people want to choose the leaders who can deliver,work for them and speak for them in Parliament” The other criterias of humblensess,popularity,acceptance are secondary now.

Its not about Barbara Mawan here but given the party is facing an onslaught from PKR and the words which are unretractable which we publish again here it gives SPDP that chance.


Extracted:-“Word has got to the ears of an aide close to the PKR assemblyman. He said,”any other persons nominated by SPDP our YB will not stand in the parliamentary seat but if SPDP was to renominate Jelaing or put in Nyarok, there is every chance that he will seriously have to reconsider.

Year Barisan Nasional Votes Pct Opposition Votes Pct
2004 Jelaing Mersat (SPDP) 11,995 72% Edmund Stanley Jugol (SNAP) 4,450 27%
2008 Jelaing Mersat (SPDP) 12,470 76% Mohd Yahya Abdullah (PKR) 3,764 23%

PKR he said was very pleased with the assemblymans stand in his recent comments on rumours in circulation that ,”he was prepared to jump ship and also join SPDP. Furthermore he reiterated that “ he was a staunch Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) man and that was where he would remain.”

There are so many factors for SPDP elections committe to consider and the words of Barbara Mawan,”am more willing to play a complimentary role in the party” is more than a political statement and we should not rule her out. Puteri UMNO is a Sabahan and now a Deputy Minister and Sarawakians should be proud too if SPDP Puteri does get her chance to prove her worth to be speaking for the many young women in Sarawak too in Parliament.

She herself knows that she will be entering”SHARK INFESTED WATERS” where every bite will be painful to swallow and her mental strength needs to be boosted up. audie61 should be amongst the first to inform the readers if she takes that road and embark on another journey of her life.

She has said it” Personally,I describe the speculation as an honour,but unfortunately there is no truth to it”


24 thoughts on “SPDP Puteri Barbara P205..Mere Rumours..??

  1. ruthless says:

    My advise to the young lady is, discuss with Jeling first. Respect the OLD man or else he is not happy and create problem with you. For Barbera, if opportunities arises, she should talk it . Second chance, i believe they is NONE? So go for it ?

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Mawan should forget what people talk or how they perceive. This writer has already spelt to Mawan and I put it down again,”Mosts Parties groom their own to take over the helm and the likes of DAP( Lim Kit Siang-Lim Guan Eng) MCA (Chua Soi Leck-Chua Tee Yong) PKR( Anwar Ibrahim-Nurul Izzah) UMNO (Mahathir Mohamad-Mukhriz Mahathir) PBB ( Taib Mahmud- Sulaiman Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Taib)..
    Also the late SNAP President did put his son up as YB? Was it Richard Wong? Karpal singh has his sons too in Gobind..

  3. PRS 30 says:

    To us she already very soon will be auntie as she has turned 40 we heard. OK let her stand and see whether she can fight the PKR’s

      • Fiery Fury says:

        hahahahah….ROFL (FYI: Rolling on Floor Laughing) good one Ruthless!!! At least this once i 100% agree with you. Also a question for you: Are you FOR SPDP and Barbara now since you are giving her good tips and a wise advice?

      • stephen kalau says:

        Ruthless SPDP kah! Marah nampak! Tak kisah lah sapa nak stand pun! Boleh ke ?? Haha

      • Ruthless says:

        We are all BN members, Since if she got a opportunities to be a BN candidates, we must gives her a good advise cause we only can gives her advise through blog and not in persons.

  4. iBan says:

    What nonsense here. All the musical chairs game.

    Saw Mawan boarding plane today. Dress very smart must be going for a meeting some where.
    I was In front of me he did not even greet me. Maybe he did not recognised me.

    Some guy a datuk a ex forestry guy sitting in first class who I recognised greet him t.s. but he did not greet the datu.

    He must be suffering from Wong judat effect.

    These days all BN- friendly. How about independent but BN-friendly.

    Then we all have friendly contest. All very good.

    Should I win we will have contest after two year then the voters really will have a ball.

    My question is the voters wise enough or in P???

  5. ruthless says:

    Front page STAR newspaper today: STOP questioning SWP party’s legality, say ROS.
    PRS members being advise to stop nagging in the legality of party SWP said ROS and also stop giving your stupid comments on the newspapers. ROS also question, Why the matters only being brought up 3 month after registration??? Must be someone from sarawak want to finds fault with party SWP?? I hope you know who i mean??? Wlifred(PRS SG) don’t try to be SMART, Datuk Sng Know what is doing.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Taib knows and had been monitoring Masing’s Greed in politics, be it power,popularity or position since his near downfall in 1987,Ming court coup by group aimed to unseat him.

      Right -thinking people know SWP existence merely meant to weaken PRS,and is grossly proven for challenging all 6 PRS seats only in coming GE 13 .

      Masing and Groups should be mentality prepared for the worst for their political survivals.

  6. 2012 hope says:

    What a great magician is Dato’ Sng,can turn SPFP,from Sabah to Swak and becomes his own Party.

    He is a man full of complexity and vast experiences in politics cum business,ones can deny.

  7. observer says:

    It is good to have an objective in any battle plan.
    I ask a form five school leaver at a work site what form he finished. He said form five and he is working as general labour on the construction site.
    He said he is from Belaga. I do not know what they teach in school.
    Now i know what PRS is doing or not doing.

    No wonder when the workers see SWP they see light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. 2012 hope says:

    Political analysts predicted the first to be totally whipped out is SPDP.Betulkah ?.This must be hurting to Members

  9. Ir.Luke Jetie Benjamin says:

    Enturan Lupa should be the candidate, not Barbara. Firstly, Enturan is originally from Saratok (Rumah Panjang Pelaie) and secondly, he is an engineer. Do not repeat the same mistake during State Election for Krian’s DUN last year.

    Ir.Luke Jetie Benjamin

  10. domino effect says:

    Barbara is the likely candidate, for she is a new towkayneo, multi million dollar projects up her sleeves..I guess Enturan will be her business partner. Others …not so winnable.. In Saratok ‘have money will win’ bah… Good tactical move by Mawan..

  11. anak sarawak says:

    saya harap jelaing dapat menyadi calon bn satu penggal lagi……kalau lah jelaing di gugur kan.saya dengan geng 12 menentang habis habisan,biarlah pembakang.

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