“Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

Forget the niceties which will be published in the mainstream media tomorrow on the meeting of the gang of 5″Separatists” with PRS President James Masing at Party Headquarters in Pending. PRS President was very accomodating to the group as he said,‘this is a genuine spirit of cooperation,we cannot waste any more time as the battlefield of the State election is drawing near and in the spirit of BN . PRS is keen and happy to see it happening.Its a long process and it will take time but first of all the “ROADMAP”must be charted to ensure it works. The persons responsible to visit all the PRS/SPDP constituencies would be headed by YB Paulus and PRS SG Wilfred Nissom.

 Of course the hidden agenda for the Press,Special Branch officers and media personnels on the whole PC lies on who are the personalities mentioned as “controling the party and the powers in SPDP…?” There was a deafening sound of silence when one person pointed out ,”Tiong..??” It was supposed to open the floodgates but the PRS President was quick to ‘close the subject” The separatists have themselves to blame as they are putting themselves in a spot of bother.

Its a simple analogy,”When you join a new neighbourhood or a new team,one should not speak foul of what one has left behind.Instead they walked themselves into a TRAP which Masing from his body language could not help them to solve it. Imagine saying Mawan and Nyarok are good people but they are controlled by someone.

If the merger happens dont tell me the President “whoever it may be” would let you just do your thing according to your whims and fancies…Please lah says a veteran Sarawak political analysts. They have walked into their own TRAP and they are just using this excuse to impress Masing to welcome them. They are like a FISH WALKING INTO THE NET…..

Masing needs to look left and right and would be very wary not to offend PBB,SUPP as it intends to FLEX its muscle. Some YBs in PRS are not exactly happy with this arrangement as they see further troubles brewing after going through a major crisis which ended in April 2008. Does PRS need further problems..??

The opposition would use this to capitalise on BNs weakness and its usually the BNs weakness in Sarawak “BN versus BN” which the opposition gains.  So one is compelled to say,”CMs cool it is not heeded and the SPDP separatists having seen PM and CM knows bests. Even Masing was quick to play down a question from the Press,”Ask them they know better.. !!”

The motion is now set for SPDP  supreme council meeting this weekend and what would come off it. DSG Paul Igai welcomes the SPDP separatists to show themselves at the meeting even though Nansian had said ‘What do you think..?”

Ther is still hope to see an end to the separatist needs and it needs a third party to be the official judge. Until then the merger process would remain in a “TRAP” Its not so easy as a corporate merger as Nansian puts it. A corporate merger is buying the shares in the company and with political merger it is an agreement of all concerned in the Supreme Council and the whole party hierarchy. Do we need to throw the constitution to him says an ordinary SPDP member?

The TRAP has already taken a number of the victims and they now need to know how to get themselves FREE from the entanglement and to STOP using ‘the personalities concerned” The main stream media will have all the juicy parts,photographs  and niceties but we have the political intrinques….

SPDP will come out of this with a “SHOW HAND” which has been discussed with the SPDP YOUTH and will be actioned accordingly.Remember politics is a NUMBERS GAME they say to audie61………


18 thoughts on ““Separatists Walked into Trap..??”

  1. BN man says:

    Watch out, watch out, everyone is trying to point a finger now at each other, including some instigators from within. SPDP, you waited too long for the merger, the waiting game is over.
    Whilst fish cannot think, human beings could. If you are walking into a beautiful net of gold to consolidate Dayak unity especially IBAN unity, why not? And Tiong, being Chinese will not think on this line. All he knows is SHOUT during meetings and throw his money around. Dayaks – this is your WAKE-UP call. Go Masing, go! PM supports you, CM endorses it!

  2. audie's good fren says:

    First they say, its a ‘merger’ and not party hopping. then a merger with, not a merger into and now, it is a genuine cooperation.
    And to further add confusion to the whole thing, there are now more merger committee in the two parties – one led by nyarok, another by billy abit, and the new ones by paulus and nissom.
    Had we have been honest from the start, we would not have to lie to cover a lie.
    Politicians, especially from Sarawak, need to realise that the public can no longer be treated as fools. Why cant we be courageous enough to say, we no longer support Mawan as our president and now accept Masing as our leader?
    A merger by definition is the ‘marriage’ of two units. For example, two units of semi detached – we have to break down the wall to make it a single unit. We cannot have just the kitchen ‘merged’ with the other semi-d, can we?
    As such, i plead with the relevant parties to make a clear cut on their stand. With such ambiguity on their status, they must be joking when they say that they will go to the election in a single BN unit!!!

  3. BN man says:

    Politics is both a science and an art, sometimes ugly, sometimes nice but always laughable. It gives you the “chills”. If the hidden hand is Mr T, he’s also known as the Cowboy, I would called him the SPOILER.
    Now everything is like twisted metal, Mr M is in a fix, Mr T can pop up his gun at anytime.
    I am still an BN man, I will support BN for the sake of 1Malaysia.
    It’s simple what, VOTE the corrupt ones out.
    Long Live DEMOCRACY!

  4. BN man says:

    What is so difficult, don’t crack your head with the detached houses and semi ds’, just tear down both houses and build a single story bungalow house with a swimming pool, tennis court and nice golf course. Oh yeah, don’t forget, the cozy bar and high end karaoke theater. ekekeke

  5. BN man says:

    Muslims are allowed to marry 4 wives – semua kongsi kongsi, tapi jangan lupa cuci! One or 2 of the wives will be jealous of each other, that’s alright, the law says you can marry 4.

  6. t99 says:

    ce in Oil Palm was awarded rights to develop 22K ha of NCR Land. This was sold to a GLC for RM17 million plus.

    Yes that is right a piece of paper for RM17 million.

    This proposed project encompass Wan Judat kawasan.

    Few months prior to SPDP TGA it was rumoured that the main players wanting to raise funds to battle for control of SPDP was awarded 5K ha of NCR Land to enable them to raise funds.

    Entrie is also rumoured to be working with a PKR VP over another PZ in Bintulu.

    The plot gets thicker.

    PRS and PKR marriage on cards.

  7. BN man says:

    Mawan, you are a “good man” as described by your leaders but sorry la, SPDP will be relegated back to its old standing = ” Parti Nyamuk”.

  8. SPDP insider2 says:

    Entri was the first SPDP Youth Chief. David Jeli his deputy and Philip Ngo as Secretary. Halfway through the term something happened-the then SPDP SG, the late Dr. Judson died in the heli accident. Mawan appoint Entri as the new SG. Tiong insist that Entri must relinquished YC post. Entri oblized. Jelaing was propoased by Mawan to be appointed the New YC. The Youth protested:1). YC is elected not appointed 2).Jelaing was already an old man be considered a Youth. Thus David Jeli became the acting YC. The next TGM he or PN would be the next YC. However two days before the Youth Convention, Nyarok to the Youth Surprise proposed Tiong to be the new YC. However at the eleventh hour he backtrack and proposed Nelson. However, Tiong insist he be the one. Although Tiong was not even there at the convention, he was “elected” as the Youth Chief, Nelson of course chicken out. Tiong breaks all record…he was the treasurer general, youth chief, vice president and to some perceived as the de facto president!!!..at the same time!!!.Robert Ayu was taken into the Youth Exco earlier by Entri…straight on he work to polish tiong balls and became tiong’s favourite. Tiong deputy was Philip Ngo. Mawan original presidential list incl PN as New Youth Chief and Ida as the New Wanita chief as both tiong and Chew said they are relinquishing their posts. Next SC mtg tiong, announced that he wants Robert Ayu to be YC and nobody shld challenge it. True..nobody dare challenge him not even the president Mawan. It was said most of the SPDP Youth meeting were held in Tiong office in KL and even during fancy trips in Taiwan and China. Infact in Tiong on words during the 2009 SPDP Youth convention….the New SPDP Youth line up was set up in shenzen china and no body should dare to challenge it…!!!!

  9. BN man says:

    For the sake of BN unity, it’s UNWISE now for SPDP leaders to criticize the PRS leader, you start crossing swords, you are asking for trouble.

  10. BN man says:

    What “Gang of 5” as you put it Limaudong? You mean to say SPDP has got shit in its house? Who started shitting, man? The President himself.

  11. pdp says:

    51 years on,what has Sarawak benefited from Putrajaya?
    Peninsula developed with KLIA,KLIA2,Putrajaya,Twin Towers,N-S and E-W highways.
    Sad state for Swk jalan Kuda from Lundu to Miri.
    Richest in resources but poorest state ,Renung-renungkan warga SWK

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