“Will They..Will They NOT…??”

Updated 6.35pm:- An Emeritus Professor said,The Truth will prevail and Mawan will know who his friends and foes are after this crisis.Kapit will be the final curtain call and the river will swallow up who makes the wrong decision. Anyway Garai and Gani are just part players. 

Updated 6.05pm:-This tactic and strategy might just be the right approach to stop the harassment from those aligned to Mawan. Lets see what happens and whether the privilege source has CREDIBILITY leftIs he so sure.,says a political analysts..??

Updated 3.11pm Peter Gani has confirmed to privilege source that he will not be going to Kapit. ITS NOT A PLOY OR DECOY……

The mosts likely answer to the question would be for the Separatists SPDP 5,”THEY WOULD NOT.” According to a veteran political analysts,”It would do them world of good as Mawan the President has already offered them sweets plus an olive branch.

Mawan can only do so much as he has forgiven,hope and accepted their actions for being misled or taken their own individual initiative to fast forward the SPDP/PRS merger plan. Mawan also said that he does not CONDEMN this sort of things. So are the Separatists 5 plus 3 too GUILTHY to come back and attend the SPDP SC this weekend?  

The sms from an insider source text at 13.10 pm reads,” The SPDP 5 plus 3 SC but minus Tiki going to Kapit joining SC PRS tomorrow.” Convinced that they will not..?? Earlier audie61 made a phone call to SPDP Headquarters and got hold of DSG Paul Igai and he mentioned that the Agenda for this weekends meeting and all necessary documentation has been sent out to all concerned and that includes the 5 SPDP and 3 SC members. 

Just then at 2.05pm an SPDP Youth member asked audie61,”Why are they attending the PRS Supreme Council meeting in Kapit tomorrow knowing fully well that their own party SPDP will be having their own this weekend. Have they severed all ties and joined PRS? Or are they just using this excuse to say that they are on a roadmap of “MERGER”

The phone has not stopped ringing an our privilege source came out with this at 2.41pm,”It seems that George Garai the earlier initiator of this merger plan has pulled his handbrake and will not be going to Kapit to attend the PRS SC as THE PROMISE is not kept.” What that means will be unfold in days to come according to our source.

So Mawan would be too happy if the Separatists can come back to the SPDP SC meeting with what has been discussed in PRS SC meeting. That insider information is very vital is of extreme importance according to what was reported in todays news as echoed by the SPDP President Mawan.

So WILL THEY or WILL THEY NOT….?? Feb 28 being the 15th day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations would be a very much awaited day for not only all Chinese celebrants “CHAP GOH MEI”but also SPDP members in totality.

15 thoughts on ““Will They..Will They NOT…??”

  1. R.Will says:

    4ybs will be attending coz they already absorbed as SC member of PRS, not gani and garai. Audie61 very reliable source. I booked the flight tickets for the 4ybs.

  2. fedup says:

    honestly doubt anyone with a brain gives a shit about what these self serving monkeys do..sad to say, these leaders really give a very bad impression to others about their community.

    These leaders are representatives of their respective communities and the impression they give is that they are a bunch of self serving, no principle idiots! Are people of these communities like the leaders they chose?

    Anyone with a brain wouldn’t think so but then again, why choose these type of leaders time and time again?

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    :idea: Money Politic :idea:
    :lol: I WOULD IF I COULD
    :lol: I COULD IF I WOULD
    :arrow: Methink and believe + hope that comes 13th GE …
    all those frogs,monkeys,pontianak,leach,hantu wang all will be voted out and all loving Malaysians will vote for change and get in good representatives to serve and do a good and more effective jobs and takes M’sia to a greater height with success than those :evil: evil MORON BNed goons :lol: :lol:

  4. BN man says:

    Crying foul now is not right. What is the fuss about? Mawan has already said it “razor sharp” that the 5 are still very much with SPDP, they have not resigned nor have been sacked. They are helping Mawan carry out a long forgotten task.

  5. sarawakiana says:

    Gani and Garai pulled out according to sources is that they are not given the Sc posts of PRS. Thats why???No $$$$ involved. Promises not kept

    • Speculator says:

      Gani need to send his ailing mother-in-law for a chek-up tomorrow.Garai also not so significant…most important the 4ybs have burnt a bridge with SPDP and is certain to attend PRS SC meeting in Kapit come saturday..

  6. phyllis says:

    Ouuch! Please forgive and forget..Move on or else the rakyat will vote you all out. Seems that PRS is thinking too cocky now with additional YBs. Spells TROUBLES soon…

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :arrow: After MAJORITY voted them :mrgreen: this politicians get greedy and jump ship like a frog to the MINORITY B-end group and next round all MAJORITY MALAYSIANS will voted and kick them out to hell forever :roll: :lol: :lol:

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