“HOPE,CHANGE,STABILITY” 2009 Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini has this report on the OX enters for more mayhem in 2009 http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95628. and it has been a year too where the Rat has played its significant part in the political Tsunami of 308.

The ox is unlikely to bring about effective reform or drastic change in governance at federal level, especially in teasing out the tangle of powers in the executive, legislature and judiciary, despite ongoing token efforts.

The quality of life is expected to erode further – social ills, contagious diseases, environmental pollution, ‘man-made’ natural disasters, corruption, poor enforcement and crime will prevail.Abuse of power, neglect of human rights and absence of free expression will persist through the year.

Audie 61 and its crew however would like to wish all its readers,well wishers,supporters,friends,allies and also the administrative staff of Malaysiakini a year of  “HOPE,CHANGE and STABILITY”. We do hope that due to the rise in unemployment there will be hope of jobs elsewhere for some and that social unrests will be checked and the country will be free from any racial breakdown.

2009 will provide a lot of challenges as the country will be facing a downturn and its up to each and everyone of us Malaysians to ride the storm. WE WILL OVERCOME and MALAYSIA BOLEH!! Have a BLESSED YEAR AHEAD….