Anwar”Tongue Lashing..Enough.!!”

This is heavy stuff..!! This Malaysiakini report ,” Two feuding PKR leaders in Penang were at the receiving end of a stern tongue-lashing from a furious Anwar Ibrahim at a private meeting on Saturday. They have been both given ultimatums to bury the hatchet or else drastic actions that would see both leaders packed off from the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s state cabinet. 

Its not so much we are in support of Anwars actions but more the people who voted them in. If they cannot get into their HEADS that its the people who have given them the MANDATE to serve they better LEAVE. Leaders come and go but the State or the Country remains. We neeed to Focus on the job infront of us instead of bickering for positions,perks and plotting ones downfall. Is there any excuse or any gains in belittling each other? Politics of course they say is Gaining the Leaders trusts and most importantly ,”THE WHISPERING EAR

Isn’t this a classic case when.” Malaysiakini reported on Saturday that a PKR state leader, said to be driven by jealousy, hatched the plan to oust Fairus after he was appointed deputy chief minister.Sources indicated that the PKR leader has engaged bloggers and even conspired with certain local Umno leaders to topple Fairus from the coveted position.

It seems for now the issue is being solved and its good man mangement on Anwars side if he solves this NIGGLING problem.  Fairus even confirmed that Anwar had a private meeting with both of them and this clearly sums it up,”The issue is closed. I’m sorry that there is no more news about me for the media to sensationalise,” he told Malaysiakini with a broad smile.

The attention would now be turned to Sarawak. It seems there are some unhappiness on PKR Sarawak Dayak leaders that some UNSEEN  hand is meddling in areas which should be left to be decided by the State Supreme Council. The STATE CHIEF POSTS has yet to be decided and the jostling of so called “CLOSENESS TO THE BOSS” has trickled down to the grassroots. Anwar knows well who the firestormers are but he needs to tread this dividing line with caution and sensitivity.

A young political upstart has even this words for PKR,”If your candidates for the forthcoming state elections are the usual hasbeens,frustrated ex BN politicians,forget it. Stay in “Semananjung Better” he said without fear or favour.”   Your propaganda  is  CHANGE  lets see what CHANGES YOU HAVE IN PUTTING NEW FACES MAJORITY BELOW 45 years old. Only 10 percent of your line up should be the OLD GUARDS. audie 61 said ,”you have been informed Anwar and please heed  your young voters”.

A staunch supporter of PKR said,” Even in the days of 1987 Ming Court affair there were many who meddled in internal affairs. We cannot afford any more slip-ups if we are to provide the alterantive to the present BN government. TALK  is CHEAP but DELIVERING  is DIFFICULT. There should not be anymore POLITICAL HALF WAY HOUSES meaning ONE  FEET in EACH “PERAHU”(boat). The Sarawak people are our membership not the tens of thousands who swear allegiance but when it comes to the battle ground they are nowhere to be seen or lets just say ‘invincible” The mindset of PKR supporters needs to change especially in Sarawak. Its not about carrying FLAGS during election time BUT be BOLD and ready to stand up for the people in the constituencies where injustices are being carried out.

BN has their agenda and they are the government and PKR as opposition needs to play their roles too. This is politics and the people will see clearly who is right and they will have their say in the BALLOT BOXES. No need to squabble over positions or influence. The bosses/people knows who will be the RIGHT CANDIDATE  to pull it off during the elections.