Sarawak ‘A New Battlefield” for PKR

Malaysiakini reports today highlighted the “ban of PKR N Gobalakrishnan ” of him entering the State of Sarawak. Lim Kit Siang said it was reminiscence of his ban 30 years ago. The full text of the report can be read Malaysiakini correspondent said,”the state government may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsula-based politicians, including PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition. When one plays up a statement like “may use its immigration powers”  this in itself is stirring up political  feelings.

On November 4th we mention that there are “PUPPET and the PUPPET MASTERS” at work and an extract,”the BN needs to really address the situation before it gets out of hand. Why..? BN must not be in DENIAL MODE anymore and says that the tsunami 308 will not occur in Sarawak. From the ground it seems that most Dayaks are looking at Beginda’s outburst with not only CURIOSITY but another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

 Even Dominique Ng (ADUN for Padungan) told “Malaysiakini today that while he appreciates the importance of the special provision in the Immigration Act resulting from the 1963 agreement in the formation of Malaysia to protect the interests of Sarawakians from being swarmed by workers from other parts of the country, the action against Gobalakrisnan was however politically-motivated.

Of course,this Christmas the dayak opposition leaders have gone down on the ground and trying to woo more dayak youth intellectuals and graduates to join PKR. Ming Court was headed by Tun Abdul Rahman and he is the uncle of Taib. But this time the word is Anwar Ibrahim is the Chairman of PKR Sarawak and they intend to see the end of Taibs rule. Timely one should say as the announcement was made just before Christmas. There is a lot of merrymaking in the longhouses no doubt BUT the latest in political developments are also being shared.

Anwar has made his move and Sarawakians sees that its a growing up process,” 21 years LATER AND THE ADULT HOOD KEY” is given to them on a platter. Time to forget the dayakism but look at multiracial concept and this is being capitalised. The dayaks say that they will deliver the seats as they did in 1987 but the Malay/Melanau seats are the ones that needs to be wrestled or it will be another percentage figure “IF ONLY”. 36 seats is the magical number to win the simple majority and this figure is attainable says a number of seasoned politicians. The wave is imminent and these words from a Dayak PKR member to audie 61.”ABOI CHAI BRO.” has got the feel of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” 

Even Gobalakrishnan said to Malaysiakini he later met Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s son Sulaiman who is deputy tourism minister, in the Parliament lobby.

According to Gobalakrishnan, the deputy minister had warned him that he (Sulaiman) would finish off PKR in Sarawak.
Sulaiman, who took over the parliamentary seat of Samarahan from his father at the March 2008 elections, was said to have been angered by the PKR MP’s remarks about his family-controlled business group, CMS, in Parliament.

So what is to be read into all this sudden political developments in Sarawak? The 9th of January 2009 is another date jotted down where more than 2000 it is believed PRS urban members aligned to Larry Sng(Assistant Minister in CMs office) will leave BN and join PKR according to an informed source. There were also calls for them to join another component BN party in SPDP but this failed to convinced them.  There will be “SUPRISES” this time round we will not disappoint the PKR members where Wong Judat  ADUN  Meluan was supposed to join in Miri but aborted his plans. A new Battleground it will be, but for now lets just usher in 2009 in  5 days time first as the state elections are not due for another 875 days.