“LAST STRAW” Anwar in Miri

He makes it all and what have we got..? This Malaysiakini report http://malaysiakini.com/news/94813 in which CM Taib Mahmud is not bothered by reports about the huge debt pile of a major Australian partner in a proposed US$3 billion aluminium smelter plant in Similajau, Bintulu, saying the project will proceed as planned. This could be the ‘LAST STRAW” and it is clear that the many BN YBs  are unhappy but their lips remain sealed as they give the thumbs up to CMs call but behind it all is another picture. It also means more land would be taken up for this huge project and many are at odds as how they are going to explain to the people who voted them in at the last elections.

Even Anwar would know how to capitalise on it all as he starts on his campaign trail in making the inroads of having a huge representation of PKR in the state. Firstly he has Beginda Minda,YB Gabriel Adit and now he is making approaches to even Daniel Tajem who Anwar sees as the ‘star’  is still the man to watch in Sarawak’s politics as people still listen to him.

Tajem himself has openly said and these are very strong minded words,’But what I want is to see change in Sarawak. I don’t care who is going to be the Chief Minister after Taib, be he Malay, Chinese or Iban, as long as the policy on Native Customary Rights (NCR) land is changed.” Will this smelter plant,NCR lands and PKRs growing influence change the minds of BN YBs to switch camps? I doubt it very much eventhough reports from PKR Miri is that the ” pleasant surprise” as mentioned by PKR Vice President Jeffrey Kitingan is going to be a reality.

Wow! BN YBs will be wondering whether they will be part of this huge project. What if they are not..? Will they be left clenching their fists and grinding their teeth.? Even A PRS supreme council member who wants to remain anonymous said,”This could be the LAST STRAW” before we make our move. Is it a threat or is PRS worried..? The full report can be read here.

It just shows that Anwars impending presence in Miri has already ruffled many feathers and with the huge crowd expected BN will have to look over their shoulders. So who will be the BN YB making that move…

“Why aah..?”

Many would be question the non appearance of CM and the political spin doctors would be having a field day. This Malaysiakini report has  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94812 Chan telling the delegates that the chief minister had apologised for his absence as he had other matters to attend to.

Good enough don’t you think …? Of course there will some who will be saying he is unwell or one “cheeky’ remark was “why need to be with the PM who has losts his power and in 3 months will hand over his Premeirship to Najib.” This is the realities of politics and in real world this is also the case.

Malaysiakini also carried this,” The Supp chief told the prime minister in the presence of some 1,000 delegates, observers and guests that Sarawak is still lagging behind and needs more funds for development projects, especially for Sarawak Corridor for Renewal Energy (Score) projects, to help the state realise the 2020 Vision.” Chan also told the PM that he hoped more funds for development could come as increased allocations under the Malaysia Development Plan or in the form of increased royalties from oil and gas revenue.”

Seems that Dr.Chan has secured his posts as the President of SUPP for another 3 years and he will be leading the party into the next state elections.

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