“DAP and PKR” making Inroads in Sarawak

Oooh..!! ‘Kakus’ you better watch out we are coming. It seems that this Chrismas a lot of conversations will be on the inroads made by PKR and DAP into the interior and rural bastion of BN. This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95239 in which DAP largely seen as Chinese-based and Chinese-oriented, is moving into Dayak areas in Sarawak. Of course, its not a sudden decision as YB Wong Ho Leng ADUN Bukit Assek, who heads Sarawak DAP, said the plan was approved last month.

Now it seems that DAP is working closely with its partner in PKR as word has it that Anwar Ibrahim defacto leader of PKR will head SARAWAK as Chairman of PKR Sarawak and also oversees the selection of candidates in which DAP/PAS /PKR will go head on with BN Sarawak. There will not be anymore DAP/PKR/BN three cornered fight in any of the constituencies. 

Now the internet will play a bigger role in the decimation of information to the rural areas. It seems that now PKR knows that the information technology will be used to inform the RURAL areas of the CHANGES happening in the world and ensure that the dayaks are no more ignorant of the FACTS.  The TEAM has now looked into this strategy as all PKR information will be downloaded and PHOTOSTATED and DISTRIBUTED into the rural areas. Now with the influx of PKR dayak members into the fold these Valuable information will be an added PLUS. The PKR senior member sounds upbeat after talking to Natasha of audie61. “ALL IS AT A TOUCH OF THE BUTTON AND THE KEYPAD NOW” 

When  Wong said to Malaysiakini more DAP branches will be formed in rural areas in the coming months he is really looking at the bigger picture of working hand in hand not only with PKR/ PAS but also other local opposition parties in SNAP/STAR and yet to be registered MDC.”(This shows that) we are not (merely) content to work in Chinese areas. We are determined to go rural and to see improvement in the lives of all (communities), in particular the economically (challenged) Dayaks.

These areas should have DAP Iban leaders to serve them. They should go for change (by booting out the Barisan Nasional).”Wong said the Iban leaders who addressed the branch meetings had dwelt on a common theme – that the state BN government has neglected their needs.

They also complained about “threats and intimidation by BN leaders” who have dissuaded them from joining opposition parties.

It seems that DAP has made their move and with the thought of Najib using the ‘HONEYMOON” period to call for the GE13 when he takes over as practised by former PM Mahathir and Abdullah, the DAP hierarchy has set their machinery into gear first in Sarawak. There seems to be a lot of activity in the opposition camps as after Anwar, Lim Kit Siang also descended into Miri  last weekend. 

The Pakatan group knows now that their archilles heels are Sarawak with 31 seats and 25 seats Sabah. If the GE 13 is called simultaneously with Sarawak the chances of Anwar and other leaders from the Pakatan group will not be able to lend a helping hand. They will be too involved in protecting and campaigning in their own seats in the Peninsula. 

Will CHRISTMAS COME TOO EARLY for Malaysian Voters next year..? Read into the signals and Kuala Terengganu and Pensiangan  Parliamentary seats will gives us all some indications.  Anyway Sarawak elections are due to be called in 879 days. Will being too early backfire..?? 

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