PKR SARAWAK ‘Working as a TEAM”

Sarawak reports on PKR,SUPP and Anwar Ibrahim taken over the leadership of State chairman has really caught on with the younger set of voters in Sarawak. Malaysiakini for the past week has had many reports and one amongst which has drawn the BN Sarawak leaders into a frenzy is this headlined Anwar Ibrahim has been appointed PKR’s state chief for both Sabah and Sarawak – the two frontline states for the opposition party.

Baginda Minda the outspoken (former PRS Information chief of Baleh) called audie61 at 4.35pm and the first words were,”PKR SARAWAK IS NOW WORKING AS A TEAM” and not as reported in the local tabloid which is trying to create a bridge of MISTRUSTS and to start a FEUD amongst the PKR leaders in Sarawak. Of course, before the appointment was made various PKR Sarawak executive members were consulted and the decision was only arrived at after A LENGTHY MEETING AND AGREEMENT.

Baginda said,” When Kelantan was in problem didn’t PM Abdullah headed as Director of Operations.?” Isn’t there any capable leaders then and you need someone from Penang? Whats the difference if Anwar takes over as he will oversee that all matters are looked into and solved amicably and if we wrestled the State( Beginda said) the CM will be a local and that’s 100 %. That is why there is a COMMANDER in Chief , Generals,Liuetenants,Captains and Soldiers in War time continued Baginda and PKR Sarawak is now working as a TEAM. 

The whole story unfolded as one can read through this link in the local tabloid. The Headline reads,”No way Pakatan can take over the State Gov’t” George Chan. In another interesting twist a young Iban graduate of 44 years old has set his mind on taking on the seat of N15 Muara Tuang(14303) in which the incumbent is the brother of CM Taib. He was making known to a number of PKR Sarawak leaders that this will offer a very CHALLENGING CHANGE and whether the Sarawak multi racial theme would see PKR Sarawak making the impossible happen by winning comfortably. It represents the mindset of the younger generation and he knows besides BN and Pakatan the people will look at genuinely harworking candidates now. TIMES HAVE CHANGED and these words were also echoed to audie61 by Beginda.

George Chan should keep to his words says Beginda and not lead the party to another disastrous outing in the next elections. He should have made way and now Beginda calls him the “LAST EMPEROR OF SUPP”  as previous Chairmans of SUPP in Stephan Yong and Wong Soon Kai has also fallen.Sih Hua Tong the youth chief was also lambasted by Beginda as he says PKR Sarawak is not like before now we are a TEAM and we will let our Commander in chief know what are the underlying peoples problems and solve them. He said,'(Sih) should have just kept his mouth shut as Anwar was a former DPM and who is Sih? 

Is this the statement that has send shivers down the spines of BN leaders as reported in Malaysiakini.?  “Recognising that the welfare of Sabah and Sarawak has long been sidelined by the Barisan Nasional government, the selection of Anwar as the state liaison chairperson is the right move to ensure a change occurs as well as to show PKR’s commitment in championing the struggles of the people – from Perlis to Sabah and Sarawak,” said party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  

The groundswell is really building up for the last PKR Political roadshow on the 9th of January in Kuching before the serious political PKR machinery steps into the BN heartland. Many of the incumbent BN YBs are not taking it lightly as they know that no matter what they do if the PEOPLE  ARE TUNED FOR CHANGE there will be some SHOCK WAVES. Political Propaganda are very strong powerful tools that will strike the very bones of the people and BN is only too wary of all these. Even the Gobalakrishnan ban to Sarawak as this report suggests is the talk of the town now and the SUPP Chairman has now even thrown his name into the oil pan. Will this create a chorus of replies from PKR..?


13 thoughts on “PKR SARAWAK ‘Working as a TEAM”

  1. Zeus says:

    I am deeply puzzled by SUPP. Why are they attacking PKR when there seats are mostly taken by DAP. Just goes to show that something is wrong somewhere in the SUPP hierarchy.

  2. chloe says:

    Eeee,this old man of SUPP is getting on my nerves. when i read this morning i was hoping someone would pick it up. kuddos to Beginda for asking audie61 to say something. At least I have an avenue to express my feelings. Georgie boy should have kept his words and now he is making a mockery of the chinese community. I am afraid for SUPP as Beginda says the Last emperor meaning if I may the “WHITEWASH of SUPP” bye bye..

  3. Aya says:

    boycott all BN newspaper especially Borneo Post so that sale drop and that shall indicate our protest. Persuade our Sarawak PKR supporter to read news only in internet.

  4. yh says:


    simple. they are scare stiff. like a reindeer staring at car frontlight. all they know is to bark and bark.
    God is fair. for all the plundering at the expense of the poor natives of Sarwak, its payback time. And the whitehair oldman will run helter skelter. better make sure the documents will be ever ready to be shredded, just like the Toyoman. Oh, I forgot the shredding also happened in the Penang land. A Phd doesnt mean anything when one has to protect his own arse.

  5. KEN says:

    On the BP, it is a great shame to read PRS-JM’s comment on issue of Kedah PKR MP’s claim of adoption by a local Iban Tuai Rumah. Why divert from current critical political issues and focus on an ant-size topic? Is it this the quality of our most trusted leader? If you have balls, there are great a lot of problems facing PRS you need consider about. Just see your people leaving PRS, do you not wake up and realize some mistakes in your management and direction of the party and your stance in the BN’s so called coalition and coopertive spirits of ruling our beloved home-land? Our own people’s respect and trust on you PRS have been falling day by day, do we not feel painful and sorrowful in our hearts? Regardless of your success in winning over the chair in PRS, have PRS ever moved itself away from the trampling feet on the moral and benefits of our race and community? We wish you good luck and see you in next election, my friend.

    (A salute to Baginda, Jawah, Gabriel, Jimmy,Nicholas and all those who have chosen to carry on the struggle with a new vehicle. You will never be alone, brothers. SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2009)

  6. kika says:

    let BP publish all the news so that more and more educated people get angry and this will make worse for BN. So keep up BP for good job

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    The Dayaks will learn a lesson from the Indians who felt that they had been neglected by Pakatan Rakyat. Now the disgruntled Indians, obviously with the involvement and influence of some unseen hands, had realised that communal politic will not survive the test of time and that no single community can just demand immediate attention and handouts when all Malaysians wanted is to be treated as Malaysians by the government of the day and enjoy the labour of our contributions and productivities. Leaders who claimed that it was a shame for them to be appointed as councillors instead of deputy mayor or mayor should rightly resign and leave Pakatan Rakyat and join BN.

    We hope there are no such expectations from the Dayaks and all races who want a change in Sarawak and willing to make the chnages possible. There is no room for greeds and petty demands if we want a strong government. A good example is Gobind Singh of DAP who felt he need not be given a ministerial post to serve the people well although he belongs to the Indian minority in Malaysia and he is not talking about serving just the Indians but all Malaysians.

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