Anwar “No. 1 economy, No. 2 economy, No. 3 economy..”

You are A Barisan National member,You are a Pakatan member..!! Two party system like Democrats and Republican and that will be in 10 years time says a senior Keadilan member. A BN component party member agreed with him as they were sipping coffee talking about the local Sarawak political scenario.

Their attention was turned to national politics as they discussed the economy and this was highlighted by Malaysiakini in this report in which it was highlighted,” Instead of losing sleep over the Barisan Nasional-led federal government’s alleged discrimination, the five Pakatan Rakyat-led states have decided to work together to survive the impending global economic crisis.”

The world economy in which both of them discussed touched on two different angles. The BN member said that CM Taib was right when he said that what the Pakatan members have been harping on an early elections will not materialise. The ill health of the world economy will not permit nor it is conducive to allow elections to be held. Or could this be a political ploy to hit Pakatan when their resources are hampered?

Anwar meanwhile says the Keadilan member was reported in an internet portal as saying,” stability cannot be sacrificed on the altar of freedom no matter how intense the desire for change has become. The economy is paramount. We cannot ignore this. We are in for a very turbulent period in the next few months and years” Both Taib and Anwar are very capable leaders in their own right and that cannot be dispelled.

Just then a PRS member dropped in to join in the conversation that rumours are rife again that eventhough the economy is heading for a turbulent few months,dont discount PRS leaving the BN. Why..? even there is a blog portal in which it is aligned closely to a PRS supreme council member has this,” Should Parti Rakyat Sarawak(PRS) join PKR?”

We extract the posting here,” PRS has 6 Mps,of which 2 are deputy ministers in the Federal Government.In the State of Sarawak it has 8 ADUNs (State Legislative Assembly) of which the party is represented by one full Minister and two assistant ministers(including Larry Sng)

Of late,there are rumours that PKR has enticed PRS to join its cause to wrest power from the Barisan Nasional.

Should PRS take the plunge and join PKR? Dear readers,please drop comments,suggestions,the pros and cons,if relevant etc.

Anwar is backed up by a big group and the PRS member said it there are so many possibilties in partnership. Can PRS even be the No.7 member of the component of Pakatan? This will be even better than joining PKR and thus the symbol of Pakatan can be REALISED. After all,PRS is a multi -racial party and a local based party and the majority of the members are Dayaks.

The undercurrents especially the dayak rural voters seemingly seems to want CHANGE as the propaganda from PKR is reaching the areas. PRS leaders are listening closely to the ground shift and groundswell and will do well to fight of the unhappiness of their people. The highest political level talks will only stop this RUMOURS from circulating again. It is up to PRS to come good on this by having a ROADSHOW to show its true colours to BN. Apart from that says a political observor,PRS a offshoot of PBDS will still have the uncertainties and a DARK CLOUD OVER ITS HEAD.  The Dayak awakening cannot be discounted and we have written in our earlier columns that there are PUPPET MASTERS at work.


Our Condolences to Landslide Victims

On behalf of audie61 our thoughts are with the families of the landslide victims. Our condolences to the families and relatives of the victims. Malaysiakini has the report We have extracted  and posted it here.

A massive landslide at 4 this morning buried eight bungalows in Taman Bukit Mewah and Taman Bukit Utama, Four bodies have been found and eight to 10 people are still feared buried.


Three of the four bodies recovered were women

According to fire and rescue officials at the scene, they are expecting the worst. The bodies recovered and some 15 others who were injured have been rushed to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.The landslide has cut off the access road to the residential area, trapping hundreds of people at Bukit Antarabangsa in Hulu Klang

Azmin Ali, the state rep for Bukit Antarabangsa told Malaysiakini that rescuers are now fighting against time to reach those trapped under the mud and rubble.

He said the affected area has been cordoned off as there is only main road leading to Bukit Antarabangsa.The politician said he rushed over to the scene at 4.30am soon after he received words of the landslide.Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar was also at the scene to direct rescue efforts.

Lets all say a “little prayer” in our own ways for all those affected and also to all the rescue personnels.