Which “MONSOON” Will Strike..?

The battle will surely be between BN(UMNO) and PAKATAN(PAS) but the spoilers will surely have another say in this KT by elections on January 17th 2009. In this Malaysiakini report the candidate for BN http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95217 says that he  is expected to resign as deputy home minister and as a senator on Jan 5, the eve of nomination for the by-election. Its also not a surprise that he is chosen as the candidate for BN as he is popular,political heavyweight and was born and raised in Kuala Terengganu.

In the last GE Datuk Razali Ismail BN-UMNO won by 628 votes polling 32,562 to Mohd Sabu (PAS) 31,934 and Maimun  Yusuf  (ind) 685. It is learnt that BN will not have it plain sailing as this will be a heated battle after what has happend in the last by-elections in Permatang Pauh. There are others who are also eyeing to stand in this by elections to thrust themselves into the limelight and provide voters as an alternative from BN or Pakatan. They certainly will be the spoilers in this keenly fought contests between BN and Pakatan. Many political pundits are expecting a tough battle ahead for the candidates and one wonders “WHICH MONSOON will strike KT..?

Even DPM Najib gave positive signals,” saying with less internal problems,a strong machinery and well received candidate,we can focus on canvassing for votes.” He also said “But I don’t want those involved in the BN machinery to give priority to the UMNO elections instead of ensuring BN’s victory.”

KT will certainly be the focus of the nation in early January and this will also serve as a minor tests of Najib’s leadership as he prepares to take over from Abdullah in March. So will the independant candidates again be the “spoilers’ as we wonder whether its the BN or Pakatan Monsoon in January.  Of course the choice will be in the hands of the VOTERS of KT.