“Padlocked,Demands SUPP,Sue DAP,Derail PKR”

It seems this sandiwara was well planned for SUPP with tycoon Ting Pek Kiing very much in the picture. Dr.Chan needed someone to boost his flagging image and to still ensure SUPP remains relevant in these testing times when PKR and DAP are making inroads into their territories. Who else fits the bill as a strong supporter of SUPP..Hmmm  guess..?  Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94786 with its headlines,”Has SUPP come to its senses?’ in which the report focusses on SUPP’s efforts to resolve the infighting, reengineer and reinvent the party to reclaim losts seats in which at the last State elections lost seven state seats to the opposition.

Malaysiakini also reported that ,” It is learnt that over the past three months, party president Dr George Chan and his central executive committee (CEC) members had taken pains to resolve long standing problems. One consensus reached by the CEC was to retain the status quo of the top leadership.We cannot afford to fight among ourselves. We must unite. If we are still divided, we will fall.”

The local tabloids today had headlines that  Global Upline advisor Ting opening the school gate  and handed over the padlock,chain and keys to SUPP President Dr.George Chan. Ting said he locked the school gate because the school management board was irresponsible and not because he had anything against Dr.Chan. As if this was not more uplifting of SUPPs credibility and ensure its political survival is enhanced Ting turned his attention to DAP.

Ting demands that DAP MP of Kuching Chong Chieng Jen withdraw his allegation that the developer had increased the consturuction cost of SJK Chung Hua No.2 from RM4 million to more than RM6 million. Ting even suggested that Chong come to the school with his quantity surveyor or contractor together with the press to estimate the cost.

Ting went further and said if he had overcharged SUPP for a single ringgit he will refund it to the school but if he is undercharging SUPP who will pay him? In his continuing attack Ting also had a go at the Chairman of the committee of Mangement of Kuching Ching Hua Primary school No,1-6 Dr.Chou Chii Ming. Both Dr.Chou and Chong were even ridiculed into not even giving a RM10 donation to the school.

Ting said if they were supporters of Chinese education then they should show their support. Ting was saddened as he was hurled with criticisms and allegations instead of a word of thanks. He said he has donated to many Chinese schools and he has donated RM1 million to this school. He even went on to say he has toiled day and night to ensure that SJK Chung Hua No.2 is completed on time for classes to commence in January.

SUPP President was happy that the school issue has been solved. But he was not to kind with his attack at DAP Chong and he said,”Chong should stop playing,”talking hero” and do something for the school instead.”He doesn’t give a single sen and what type of a hero is that.?”  

Chan went on further with his stinging attack at DAP Chong when he said that Chong as MP and assemblyman as well as a member of the school board he should be more responsible than SUPP to help the people. All he did was to criticise and not come out to help raise funds  for the school. These people behave as if they have no responsibilty while we work like COWS and still people criticise us.

Many political analysts has said that Tings timing was well planned to assist Dr. Chan as he faces his party members in the SUPP TDC.  The bigger picture is to ensure that SUPP gets back its lost credibility as PKR is making inroads in the rural Dayak based areas. The present 35 PBB and 11 SUPP state constituencies holds the key to whether Sarawak still remains in the hands of BN when the elections are called.(SUPP remains a vital cog in the State BN survival) The 8 PRS and 8 SPDP seats are very fragile and the mathematicians are working out which of the 62 BN seats remains standing. PKR has 2 seats while DAP has 6 and 1 is an independant.  

13th of December will be SUPPs and BN showcase says Beginda while PKR will be hiting the right chords on the 14th. In an sms he confirmed to audie61 that former State Assemblyman (Telang Usan) Kebing Wan will join PKR and hand over his membership form in the function at EastWood Valley Country Club and Resort which will be attended by Anwar Ibrahim. 

It was also reported that on the 18th Anwar will  be making a visit to Sri Aman and on the 19th in Kuching. Seems PKR is trying to make a statement or two and come good on its promises as mentioned at their Annual Congress. Its up to the BN component parties to be counter the PKR propaganda machine. If BN thinks that the threats are not real they will be very sorry as the people will take no PRISONERS as they are the  MASTERS come the next elections.

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No Review on ‘Correct,Correct,Correct”

Its a BIG BODY BLOW for now. Those involved are trying to clear their names in now the infamous V.K. Lingam video clip. In this Malaysiakini report ,”The Kuala Lumpur High Court today ruled that the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam clip cannot be challenged. The full extracted version is from  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94746.

 Justice Abdul Kadir Musa subsequently threw out the leave application by prominent lawyer VK Lingam and four others with cost.On July 16, senior federal counsel Azizah Nawawi had objected to the leave application by Lingam, tycoon Vincent Tan, Barisan Nasional and Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and former chief justices Eusoff Chin and Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim for the judicial review.

She had argued that the commission did not make any binding or conclusive decisions and that its findings and recommendations could not be reviewed.The five men wanted to quash parts of the report which implicate them.They claimed that the commission had prejudged the issues before it and lost its focus by going beyond its terms of reference when writing up its findings.Eusoff and Ahmad Fairuz will appeal against today’s decision while the remaining trio are expected to follow suit.

The release of the video over the Internet last year represented a low point in the reputation and integrity of the Malaysian judiciary which has for years been questioned by the public.

During the March 8th GE it was proven to be very detrimental to the ruling BN and it was widely used as a rallying cry by the opposition. Today when we say Correct somehow its an automatic reaction with us continuing with saying “Correct,Correct,Correct.”    So we await what the implicated few can do now.


Seems that the PMs reform bills which was tabled has fallen below expectations and this Malaysiakini report says it all ,”Mixed reactions have been recorded to the contents of the Judicial Appointments Council (JAC) Bill and the Malaysian Commission for Anti-Corruption (MCAC) Bill, tabled yesterday at Parliament. The full report can be read here at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94701.

Could Anwar and his lieutenants in Sarawak been on the move again after PM has tabled the bill. Sun Tzu’s Art of War seems to point that Anwar is capitalising on the reforms issue to strike hard at the very HEART OF BN. Nevermind the economy as this is not Pakatans undoing and its a world crisis.UMNOs March elections will be the final battleground for Anwar and for now he intends to wage minor skirmishes. The final nail in the coffin will come sooner rather than later when BN least expects.

It seems for now that there is an “air of expectation” that a certain Assemblyman and even an MP could be switching camps from BN to Pakatan at this Sundays PKR function in Miri at the East wood Valley Golf and Country Club. How likely it is going to happen is yet to be ascertained but from what we gathered its only going to be some more ex-MPs and some ex-YBs.

Even this report from an internet blog had Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan saying  there will be a `pleasant surprise’ at the party gathering in Miri.The full report please click here

It was confirmed to us through a telephone call earlier from Beginda Minda that the crowd is expected to be in the region of 3000 or thereabouts. Sarawak BN is busy with one of their component parties SUPP having their TDC and welcoming the PM to Kuching on Saturday and Sunday its PKRs turn says a PKR organising committee member from Miri. Will PKR be welcoming additional YBs or MPs..? All will be answered on Sunday.  

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