“Sarawak’s Gossip of the WEEK”

Malaysiakini reports the headlines of the ‘Top 10 News of 2008 and it has spilled over in Sarawak with some political developments concerning SUPP and PRS.The full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95539 Groundbreaking change does not happen overnight, at least not in Malaysia where it takes a special blend of circumstances to rouse people to fury.That process started late last year and spilled over into this year. From then, it was only a matter of time until pent-up frustration burst. And it did.

Of particular interests is the news surrounding the Weeks Gossips is within the Chinese community in Sarawak is “SUPP members in “contact” with DAP” and also fast forward towards the March 2009 reshuffle of State cabinet in that “James Masing is to be dropped as Minister” 

If I may,RPK was saying to the news network Al Jazeera in which he was interviewed,” he clearly said that in his writing the 99 % of the rumours/gossips turns out to be the REAL THING. Are we challenging something which has not happen yet but may happen?

SUPP has been in the news lately with the  recent elections in which not all members are happy with the status quo of the Supreme Council and only 3 new faces,2 of which by virtue of them being the newly elected Youth and Wanita Chief  of the party. The same team will be led by Dr.George Chan(SUPP President) in the impending Sarawak State elections.

Word has it that the rumours started with DAP has “many soldiers BUT not enough top Guns” So the opportunity arises and presents itself to some of the younger set of SUPP leaders and they see it as a WAY OF MAKING THEIR OWN STATEMENT to the SUPP hierarchy. In politics we have to be selfish in order to realise our dreams and this saying is being MAXIMISED and CAPITALISED FULLY  by some. 

It was out in the open yesterday and in some local internet forums and the journalists took advantage of the rumours and questioned the VP of SUPP and also Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng and he replied,”From where did you hear the rumours..?” When he was further cornered he replied,”Everything is possible is politics.As I look  at it , there may be a possibility (of people jumping party) but the percentage of this possibility is not high now.”

It was reported in a Chinese daily yesterday that the DAP Sarawak chairman Richard Wong had met some SUPP leaders who had expressed interest in joining DAP. A phone call was made by audie61 to Yong’s residence and the daughter Brenda answered,” This will be even better,I’ve joined PKR.” Wouldn’t this make headline news just immediatedly after yesterdays Q & A from the local journalists. She reiterated that ,”In politics there are a lot of speculations and rumours and only the TRUTH PREVAILS”. She even said that my dad is by her side now and these are his words.”he is not joining another party” Surely,as a party man Yong will ensure that SUPP survives whatever crisis and to us its simple,” THE PERSON CAN GO OR LEAVE BUT THE PARTY SURVIVES”

audie61 thanked Brenda for her political views and she said what about the RUMOUR OF JAMES MASING BEING DROPPED in the next reshuffle? huh! seems that the gossips have even reached the SUPP’s VPs daughters ears and the market is really abuzz with this rumour. Even the former legal advisor of PKR called me this morning to check with me on this latest development. Who has been cooking PRS Presidents Name in the Hot Frying Pan? Who is responsible? Why now?

The only reason is that,’more and more PRS members are joining enbloc and leaving the party. This report ,”Jawah Gerang and his supporters join PKR” which can be read HERE.  Today a local chinese daily has the PRS Rejang Basin Divisions of 3000 strong in Nangka,Bawang Assan,Bukit Assek,Pelawan and Katibas in a simple ceremony finally receiving their membership from the Central PKR.  Ngemah PKR assemblyman Gabriel Adit handed over the membership cards to all the successful members through the branch leaders. The question here remains that all these members were all aligned to Larry Sng(Assistant minister In Chief Minister’s Office) and since Larry failed in wresting the Presidency of PRS they have become irrelevant. They have taken the fight outside to PKR meaning,”If you cant fight them from inside fight them from outside.”

Where does this leave Larry? More and more of his LOSING ARMY are joining PKR and the 9th of  January there will be more PRS urban Kuching members joining. Put your THINKING CAPS ON and the solution is easy. Who is Larry Sng? He is the son in law of Ting Pek Kiing and also the son of  Sng Chee Hua. They have been the movers and shakers of not only Sarawak Politics but also Malaysian Politics.

The chinese saying has this,” When you are astride a tiger you are very powerful and very few people dare face you unless in an act of respect. But once you get tired and decide to get off the tiger,then you are eaten alive in an instant.The bottom line of course is ,once you are astride a tiger and in this particular case not one but two,you must never get off. You need to ride the tiger until you die or unless you decide otherewise by resigning. Your guess is as good as mine on how Masing’s fate will be.

CM Taib will not be drawn now into facing another angry tiger in the horizon. He needs to keep all his tigers in check and he knows how also to pacify the President of PRS. These are all hearsays of  James Masing is going to be dropped as he is after the Ketua menteri Sarawak Posts. The CM after 27 years in power knows what is coming and he has even survived the Ming Court 1987 revolt which was against his uncle Tun Abdul Rahman. This time its the Pakatan Machinery with Anwar Ibrahim going after his position and the State.

Any truth in the rumours then? The Top News in Malaysiakini has, ” When Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the dissolution of the Parliament on Feb 13, many BN politicians thought that the 12th general election would see the ruling coalition retaining its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

However, Malaysians decided otherwise on March 8 after a 13-day campaign, and deprived BN of its majority in the House. The opposition won 82 out of 222 parliamentary seats, with an all-time high of 31 seats for PKR, 28 for DAP and 22 for PAS.Equally devastating for them was that opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat won four states and retained Kelantan – all of it contributing to BN’s worst results in electoral history.

Will Najibs takeover in March be a boost for the ruling governement and the Sarawak State  Governement? Time will tell, as we know the mindset of Sarawak voters are not going to change overnight. Even the world faces a crisis and a credit crunch, Sarawakians are still able to manage and will not just easily influenced into making RASH DECISIONS.

The RUMOURS will go on and this is the way POLITICS is in Sarawak……..Brenda did say,”Let the TRUTH PREVAIL.”