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SUPP Chairman responds to Malaysiakini report

Supp Chairman Dr. George Chan has strongly denied that his party has failed to highlight the plight of the dayak community as claimed by a blogger in Malaysiakini.

Dr.Chan said as far as SUPP was concerned,we have never neglected the interests of our Dayak members as welll as the Dayak community in general.Dr,Chan went on to say that ,”in any planning and implementation of its programmes,there was no need for SUPP to mention specifically this project is for this race..that project is for that he believes that would veer from the party’s multi racial stance. 

The report carried by Malaysiakini portal was highlighted this morning in an english tabloid and this has caught the imagination of the general public at large.  SUPP seems to be facing the anger and frustrations of this dayak blogger site and the press has capitalised on it. More issues will be highlighted and the opposition parties in DAP,PKR and SNAP will run the gauntlet down on SUPP.

The full report in Malaysiakini “Ignoring the interests of the Dayaks can be fatal to the party’s survival more so when the opposition is making major inroads into the rural areas,’ It also adds judging by the results of the last state elections, Supp’s position appeared to be shaky in constituencies where Dayaks form a sizeable number of voters and he wondered if the party can continue to ignore the interest of the Dayaks.

This statement in particular leaves a lot to be desired,”Supp leaders and members were discussing ways and means on their battle plans for the next state elections, especially in recapturing the eight seats which it lost the last time around.”

audie61 has highlighted in our earlier posting ,”even before the battle gets underway for the next State Elections, the referee has blown the final whistle for SUPP in the Kuching area to wrestle the lost seats back . It made all the Chinese tabloids and it is headline news and the POLITICAL DAMAGE IS IMMENSE

According to a political pundit SUPP would be better of swapping seats with the other BN component parties in PRS,SPDP and PBB and make it a really component consensus to help each other during their hour of need. There has been much talk that Padungan seat currently held by PKR Assemblyman Dominique Ng will be the surprise package and as one BN member would say,”IF PKR WANT CHANGE,WE WILL GIVE THEM CHANGE”

The battles have begun for the State elections and SUPP has been taken to task. It will get fiercer and more politicised if SUPP does not  clamp it  down. Its all in SUPP’s hands and Dr.Chan know it………

“DAP and PKR” making Inroads in Sarawak

Oooh..!! ‘Kakus’ you better watch out we are coming. It seems that this Chrismas a lot of conversations will be on the inroads made by PKR and DAP into the interior and rural bastion of BN. This Malaysiakini report in which DAP largely seen as Chinese-based and Chinese-oriented, is moving into Dayak areas in Sarawak. Of course, its not a sudden decision as YB Wong Ho Leng ADUN Bukit Assek, who heads Sarawak DAP, said the plan was approved last month.

Now it seems that DAP is working closely with its partner in PKR as word has it that Anwar Ibrahim defacto leader of PKR will head SARAWAK as Chairman of PKR Sarawak and also oversees the selection of candidates in which DAP/PAS /PKR will go head on with BN Sarawak. There will not be anymore DAP/PKR/BN three cornered fight in any of the constituencies. 

Now the internet will play a bigger role in the decimation of information to the rural areas. It seems that now PKR knows that the information technology will be used to inform the RURAL areas of the CHANGES happening in the world and ensure that the dayaks are no more ignorant of the FACTS.  The TEAM has now looked into this strategy as all PKR information will be downloaded and PHOTOSTATED and DISTRIBUTED into the rural areas. Now with the influx of PKR dayak members into the fold these Valuable information will be an added PLUS. The PKR senior member sounds upbeat after talking to Natasha of audie61. “ALL IS AT A TOUCH OF THE BUTTON AND THE KEYPAD NOW” 

When  Wong said to Malaysiakini more DAP branches will be formed in rural areas in the coming months he is really looking at the bigger picture of working hand in hand not only with PKR/ PAS but also other local opposition parties in SNAP/STAR and yet to be registered MDC.”(This shows that) we are not (merely) content to work in Chinese areas. We are determined to go rural and to see improvement in the lives of all (communities), in particular the economically (challenged) Dayaks.

These areas should have DAP Iban leaders to serve them. They should go for change (by booting out the Barisan Nasional).”Wong said the Iban leaders who addressed the branch meetings had dwelt on a common theme – that the state BN government has neglected their needs.

They also complained about “threats and intimidation by BN leaders” who have dissuaded them from joining opposition parties.

It seems that DAP has made their move and with the thought of Najib using the ‘HONEYMOON” period to call for the GE13 when he takes over as practised by former PM Mahathir and Abdullah, the DAP hierarchy has set their machinery into gear first in Sarawak. There seems to be a lot of activity in the opposition camps as after Anwar, Lim Kit Siang also descended into Miri  last weekend. 

The Pakatan group knows now that their archilles heels are Sarawak with 31 seats and 25 seats Sabah. If the GE 13 is called simultaneously with Sarawak the chances of Anwar and other leaders from the Pakatan group will not be able to lend a helping hand. They will be too involved in protecting and campaigning in their own seats in the Peninsula. 

Will CHRISTMAS COME TOO EARLY for Malaysian Voters next year..? Read into the signals and Kuala Terengganu and Pensiangan  Parliamentary seats will gives us all some indications.  Anyway Sarawak elections are due to be called in 879 days. Will being too early backfire..?? 

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Which “MONSOON” Will Strike..?

The battle will surely be between BN(UMNO) and PAKATAN(PAS) but the spoilers will surely have another say in this KT by elections on January 17th 2009. In this Malaysiakini report the candidate for BN says that he  is expected to resign as deputy home minister and as a senator on Jan 5, the eve of nomination for the by-election. Its also not a surprise that he is chosen as the candidate for BN as he is popular,political heavyweight and was born and raised in Kuala Terengganu.

In the last GE Datuk Razali Ismail BN-UMNO won by 628 votes polling 32,562 to Mohd Sabu (PAS) 31,934 and Maimun  Yusuf  (ind) 685. It is learnt that BN will not have it plain sailing as this will be a heated battle after what has happend in the last by-elections in Permatang Pauh. There are others who are also eyeing to stand in this by elections to thrust themselves into the limelight and provide voters as an alternative from BN or Pakatan. They certainly will be the spoilers in this keenly fought contests between BN and Pakatan. Many political pundits are expecting a tough battle ahead for the candidates and one wonders “WHICH MONSOON will strike KT..?

Even DPM Najib gave positive signals,” saying with less internal problems,a strong machinery and well received candidate,we can focus on canvassing for votes.” He also said “But I don’t want those involved in the BN machinery to give priority to the UMNO elections instead of ensuring BN’s victory.”

KT will certainly be the focus of the nation in early January and this will also serve as a minor tests of Najib’s leadership as he prepares to take over from Abdullah in March. So will the independant candidates again be the “spoilers’ as we wonder whether its the BN or Pakatan Monsoon in January.  Of course the choice will be in the hands of the VOTERS of KT.

Anwars Christmas Card to Jabu..+++


Malaysiakini portal has this update in which Anwar’s lawyers A legal firm acting for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has served a letter of demand for an unreserved apology and monetary compensation on Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu for alleged defamation. It also mentioned that Anwar is also a renowned leader of international standing, serving as consultant and advisor to international bodies, financial institutions and global charitable organisations. Well,Anwars name will not be in Jabu’s favourite list of invitees to Christmas dinner after this. So what is in store for Sarawak..? Anwar has sent signals out that he is definitely going for the BIG “SCALP” and that is to see the end of  Jabu and Taibs reign in Sarawak.

At the PKR National congress Anwar encouraged members with three reminders. Its Christmas and of course its a season to be jolly and holy. I received an sms from a PKR Sarawak senior Member which in itself will send after shock signals from the Tsunami of 308. The sms had”Latest !!! Anwar Ibrahim is New Sarawak PKR Chairman

How does one read into this? Will this be taken lightly or just brushed under the carpet as another baseless propaganda? What political significance will it have on the State if Anwar is at the mantle.? There are a thousand and one questions. Could this also be timely as the SARAWAK PKR CHAIRMANSHIP is up for GRABS? PKR is also another political party and there will be jostling for positions as many do not want to miss the boat. To prevent infighting amongst the aspiring candidates the WISE ONE will be chosen by the top leadership of PKR. That brings us back to Anwars 3 reminders.

1) People – In the end, it is the people or rakyat who will remove the corrupt regime. The people are not blind and neither are they deaf. As injustice, corruption and oppression are blatant in government, the rakyat will not sit quietly to watch this. This is true in Sarawak and Sabah where poverty is rampant their leaders are enjoying the fattened calf. Land and businesses are being taken away by our leaders. In the end, as in March 8, the rakyat will remove the arrogant government.

2) Patience – We’ve struggled 10 years. What’s another few months or a couple of years? We must be patient to realising a civil and mature democratic society – one where the constitution is respected. It will not be long in coming.

3) Prayer – We as Malaysians of all faiths must not underestimated the power of the Almighty and must together pray for an end to a corrupt government. We must pray for justice and for righteousness. We must pray that God will judge those who are evil and who have committed murder and corruption.

This is afterall the Christmas time when Santa Claus gives his presents to all. Anwar has instructed his lawyer in the published report of Malaysiakini ,”to demand that Jabu immediately cease and desist from publishing the defamatory words or similar words to that effect, to publish a full and unequivocal public retration and apology in terms to be approved by his client within 72 hours and to provide Anwar with a written undertaking that he (Jabu) shall refrain from publishing the defamatory words or similar words to that effect within 72 hours.

Baru Bian said his client is also demanding Jabu to nominate a substantial sum as compensation for the injury and damage to the established reputation and good name of his client within 72 hours and to indemnify his client of all costs incurred in the matter.

He said that in the event they do not receive any satisfactory response from him it shall be deemed that he (Jabu) does not dispute his client’s assertions and notwithstanding that he intends to continue the publication of the defamatory words.


Anwar has not minced his words with the hope that Jabu would do his part and retract what has been said in this season of festivities. What has been circulating around in the last 24 hours might just turn out to be  a Reality. Fancy this “Anwar takes over as Sarawak State Chairman” as the headlines in the local tabloids. Enough to have a feasty meal for some while others will feel the COLD TURKEY. Merry Christmas all…


Will Anwar and PKR Capitalise on Bengoh..?


It might just turned PEAR SHAPED for BN as most political analysts puts the Bengoh seat for SUPP and incumbent Dr.Jerip Susil. He might just have to face the wrath of the people and come out unstucked. This will see many aspiring candidates in the PKR camp making a bee-line with their credentials and also with grassroots support to be included in this volatile seat.

Malaysiakini reports Some turned up to receive their compensation happily; many others were there to protest, carrying placards to express their dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the government.This was the scene at the community hall in Bengoh, a largely Bidayuh settlement an hour’s drive from Kuching, which greeted the entourage of VIPs at the cheque presentation ceremony yesterday.

State Public Utilities Minister Awang Tengah Ali Hassan was there to officiate at the ceremony, accompanied by several Bidayuh state representatives including minister Michael Manyin, Dr Jerip Susil, James Dawos and Peter Nansian.

The local tabloids has ‘DAM critical to Kuching’s Water Needs” in which Tengah explained to the villages that the present water supply of raw water could only meet the demand in Kuching till 2010.’The construction of the dam is outside the BOUNDARY OF POLITICS.It is built to meet the overall need of the people for raw water supply.

“If anyone tries to politicise the project,he is BUT the SELFISH SORT of politician who likes to instigate the people for his own selfish political mileage. So who is he referring to ? Is it Anwar Ibrahim or See Chee How the Stampin Division chairman who is renowned for his hardwork especially in NCR land matters and Labour affairs of the natives. I will certainly not be drawn into who Tengah is referring to and its up to the opposition to find out.

Malaysiakini also learnt that there are proposals for the private sector to develop hill resorts in the Bengoh area and that studies have already been carried out for this purpose.

See Chee How, acting for the villagers, told Malaysiakini that an intriguing aspect of the resettlement site at Jalan Bau/Semadang is that an area of about 3,000 hectares has been leased to a company known as Salcra Jaya Sdn Bhd, a RM2 company with Deputy Chief Minister and Salcra chairperson Alfred Jabu listed as one of several directors of the company. He and Salcra general manager Vasco Sabat Singkang are also listed as two shareholders of the RM2 company.

It is learnt that the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) will hold a certain amount of shares in Salcra Jaya Sdn Bhd.

Locals say the timber stand in the area leased for oil palm cultivation is premium grade and of maximum girth and has never been logged before. The land has to be cleared first before planting of oil palm.

N16 Bengoh(20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil (BN-SUPP) is caught in a dilemna bringing development to his community or face the very people who voted him in as as a STAR candidate before when he was an opposition candidate. Anwar will certainly leave his PKR team to pick a credible candidate and this is a seat where it is going to be a “HOT SEAT“.

Any takers that the winner will only win by a majority of 1000? Previously the majority in this 65% Bidayuh seat was won by BN by 1477 and 3149  respectively in  previous elections.  PKR (Pakatan) or SUPP( BN) there is a bottom line for the voters. Its their CHOICE…..


On August 3rd Malaysiakini portal had this report on Sarawak where CM Pehin Taib said that there will be a major reshuffle next year.  That day saw a minor reshuffle it has pitted Wong Soon Kai,David Teng and Dr.Soon Choon Teck in the same Ministry ‘Environment and Public Health ”

The full report can be read here:-

On May 15th 2008 we gave a detailed report on the Sarawak’s cabinet reshuffle and back then we accounted for,”There are strong indications that the Chief Minister would maintain the two PRS Assistant Ministers in Datuk Dublin Unting(Lubok Antu) and Larry Sng(Pelagus) But that was then and with todays tabloids headlined State Cabinet reshuflle next year there will be POSSIBILITIES OF 2 NEW PRS ASSISTANT MINISTERS.

One is that Datuk Dublin is still unable to carry on as he is bed ridden while Larry Sng as this report from an internet blog on June 29th 2008 had,” Larry Sng’s membership is a foregone conclusion. “The supreme council is merely to endorse the decision. As a matter of fact, a letter has been drafted and will be sent to the Chief Minister informing him that Larry is no longer a member of PRS and his post as assistant minister should be replaced by one of PRS’ State Assemblyman,” said the sources.One can read more BY CLICKING HERE.

Today CM said in a press conference that the state cabinet will be reshuffled once the DPM Najib takes over from PM Abdullah. No fixed date was mentioned but the CM said it would be,” some time after Najib becomes PM.There will be a reshuffle some time next year after the next appointment of the next PM”

Taib went on to say the next state cabinet reshuffle will be  a “moderate one” as he foresaw that Sarawak would not be experiencing any “extreme situation to warrant a drastic change” in his cabinet. I don’t think it will be a drastic one as we don’t have an extreme situation in sarawk to warrant drastic change. We have to judge it(change) against that kind of background.” Taib went on to say that reshuffles were to faciltitate closer cooperation among cabinet members and also to avoid unnecessary ‘stormy debates” as well as to provide chances for members to understand each other’s functions and roles from time to time.

We usually want a harmonious cabinet.We want to discuss things rather than having stormy debates. Taib also said that he would have to think hard when it came to creating new portfolios.

So whatever has been reported that an impending State elections next year as speculated by Gombak MP Azmin Ali it seems that Taib sees it more of an opportunity to put his cabinet in place before he even decides to call for an early elections. This report can be read here where Azmin said,”turun padang” in Sarawak. Where does this put PKR’s election machinery? Do they still stick to their plans? CM Taib has got the cards up his sleeves and it is only HIM that can say,” TIME IS RIGHT AND I’VE GOT THE INSPIRATIONAL DATE’ BN Sarawak is every ready for any SNAP elections  as the machinery is well oiled.

Eventhough the PKR groundswell is building up with MPs visitations and dinner functions to the State BN its all a HOO-HA. The next dinner date on 9th January 2009 would be in Kuching. An informed source has mentioned that close to 2000 PRS urban members are ready to switch camps.BN Sarawak was under worse pressure in 1987 but they still pulled through. 

A political secretary to CM said,”We are monitoring the situation and PKR’s movements and at the moment it is under control” We know who the HIDDEN HAND is and his wings will be clipped sooner rather than later.”