“Contrasting Political Statements”

In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94038 Azmin Ali PKR Vice President said,”He added that there could be a state election in Sarawak next year.” Could there be just one..? Najib the Prime Minister designate is toying with the idea as he sees it as an oppurtunity to have an iron grip on his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia. Or could it backfire making him the shortest PM in Malaysia’s history if he holds back to have it after 2 years together with Sarawak State elections due in May 2011.

Taib CM has even come out with this statement,”Taib today questioned the credibility of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Anwar Ibrahim, who aims to unseat the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next state election due in 2011. “I don’t want to comment on people like that. Well, his (Anwar’s) credibilty is not that high when he said September 16 is his target date which he promised to be the date to form a new government,”

Najib’s statement today which is politically astute in telling BN component parties to work together towards strengthening the economy in view of the global economic slowdown has indeed won him a plus sign. People want security, People want stability and they want the economy to be revived to suit their family and daily needs. The events happnening in Thailand and Mumbai has casts a shadow of a doubt of the minds of many Malaysians. We don’t want to be like them and this will greatly affect the Malaysian Economy and bring it TWO STEPS BACKWARDS.

Even  Dr Michael D Jeyakumar Sungai Siput MP was quick to point out in this malaysiakini report ,”The government should not wait until the economy fulfills all the technical requirements of a recession before taking emergency measures to alleviate the plight of Malaysians.” Could this statement be just what I thought said an UMNO Sarawak executive member. The political parties have long been drawn into too much politiking and the economy is suffering as a result. When the economy is vibrant Malaysians benefits and if its only politiking,infighting,slandering,defamations the economy suffers as foreign investors are turned of this unusually unstable political climate.

Even Tajem who is still the man to watch in Sarawak’s politics as people still listen to him wishes well for Sarawak. A contrasting statement though,’“But what I want is to see change in Sarawak. I don’t care who is going to be the Chief Minister after Taib, be he Malay, Chinese or Iban, as long as the policy on Native Customary Rights (NCR) land is changed,”  What does he mean to CHANGE..? Land being returned to the landowners that has been seized or is it just another political statement to earn some mileage. That we would have to leave it to Adit in this over the top political Psychological Political cry.

 In an emotional plea, Adit, who addressed delegates and observers at the PKR annual congress on Saturday in Selangor, said: “Please help us to fight Taib Mahmud. He has been Chief Minister for more than 27 years. Enough is enough. However, it is not easy to fight him. “In our membership drive we must go to every nook and cranny of Sarawak. We can even go to “lubang cacing” to look for members. Before the State election comes we aim to get one million members from Sarawak,” he said to the applause of about 5,000 delegates and observers.

Wow!! Great isn’t it? Sarawak voters only numbered above 890000 in the last State elections. The population of Sarawak at the last census in 2004 was around 2.3 million( 2,262.700) One MILLION PKR membership please,please,please,be more REALISTIC. So are you telling me that practically every one is more a less a PKR member or supporter. Maybe Adit forgot to tell the listening PKR delegates that Sarawak has 20 million population. What a way to RUBBER-STAMPED a QUICK APPROVAL in the eyes of the whole PKR delegates in the congress. That could be pretty smart too Adit. 

Well at least when Azmin Ali said this I reserve my comments,”  “The election committee will conduct an analysis and have it documented so that we can overcome our weaknesses for all of us to ‘turun padang‘ in Sarawak.Azmin further pointed out that each MP and menteri besar from the peninsula is required to adopt a parliamentary constituency in Sarawak and visit the area every week,”.

A politician who keeps too quiet is not a Politician and each and everyone of them mentioned here has his way of garnering the correct political MILEAGE. Politicians are all MASTERS in their own ways and if the messgae is delivered thats GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM. But sometimes it gets over the TOP. Don’t you think so…? 

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