“HOPE,CHANGE,STABILITY” 2009 Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini has this report on the OX enters for more mayhem in 2009 http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95628. and it has been a year too where the Rat has played its significant part in the political Tsunami of 308.

The ox is unlikely to bring about effective reform or drastic change in governance at federal level, especially in teasing out the tangle of powers in the executive, legislature and judiciary, despite ongoing token efforts.

The quality of life is expected to erode further – social ills, contagious diseases, environmental pollution, ‘man-made’ natural disasters, corruption, poor enforcement and crime will prevail.Abuse of power, neglect of human rights and absence of free expression will persist through the year.

Audie 61 and its crew however would like to wish all its readers,well wishers,supporters,friends,allies and also the administrative staff of Malaysiakini a year of  “HOPE,CHANGE and STABILITY”. We do hope that due to the rise in unemployment there will be hope of jobs elsewhere for some and that social unrests will be checked and the country will be free from any racial breakdown.

2009 will provide a lot of challenges as the country will be facing a downturn and its up to each and everyone of us Malaysians to ride the storm. WE WILL OVERCOME and MALAYSIA BOLEH!! Have a BLESSED YEAR AHEAD….


6 thoughts on ““HOPE,CHANGE,STABILITY” 2009 Malaysiakini

  1. Malaysia Darul Sampah says:

    what is so great about malaysians?

    there is not a place in this country that is clean tidy and orderly.

    rubbish is everywhere from the drain, pavement the market , housing estate whether its the front or back lane, the food court , the industrial area.

    apart from all these nonsense the electrical pole , traffic light pole, telephone pole , signboard pole are all in slanting position.

    why is it all those majlis perbandaran from the bottom to the top are not sacked when it is proven they cannot perform all these years.

    employ only those who really care about cleanliness and love the environment and reward them dearly.

    we voted for change and changes are what we want to see.

  2. 2009 says:

    to Malaysia Darul Sampah:
    bear with us a litter bit longer for we are about to break another records for:
    “The Most Rubbish In The World” and “The Most Poles In The World”.

    2009 just arrived. Be happy.

  3. KEN says:

    to Audie61,Malaysia Darul Sampah & 2009. Gd M’ning & Hppy New Yer…

    Not only we have a lot of sampah on the streets, road-sides, kampong and resources; we will also be amongst TOPS-of-THE WORLD to have as many sampah leaders in BN government (who have sampah greeds, corrupts, lust and malice in their hearts) who talk only ” racial harmony! religious freedom! togetherness, unity, power sharing, semangat rakyat, jiwa bersih, berkhimat utk negara; kawan rakyat……I lov U, rakyat!!!…” Read W & E M’sian newspapers daily, you find so much sampah disagreement, quarrel, disputes and protests amongst parties, communities, offices, people races and religions. Where have the spirit of ” TOLERANSI & KESEFAHAMAN” gone??? –

    Wake up to welcome a new year and many will ask” Is this going to be a good new year of the many good promised changes ??? Do do we have to make the CHANGES???”

    Welcome very much the great messages from PRS Dr.JM on the very first day. I think he got a good MIMPI last night and we like very much to go into his views and visions (if those are true, this time; but many may still feel doubtful!!!) Any way, we wish Him and PRS all the best in making 2009 a decisive and brave year as a credit to his message.

    Ha..ha. Yesterday, many also read about the mouse crying for the death of the cat message…Great!!


  4. zztop says:

    G0, Sarawakians go for the change. Kick out your greedy and corrupted politicians who are BN running dogs out before they do further damage. Join PKR and fight back your customary rights.
    Join PKR NOW!!!!

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