Its been decided. The decision is clear  as per this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94702 The PPP supreme council, which held an emergency meeting this afternoon, unanimously expressed its full support for party president M Kayveas.

In a statement released to the media, the supreme council said that the prime minister’s remark was nothing more than a mere reply to media. Noting that Abdullah did not ask PPP to leave BN, the supreme council said the party ‘will cross the bridge when it comes to that bridge’.The supreme council also urged party members to remain calm.

All the speculations and rumours have been put to rests and for now PPP still remains with BN. We shall see what comes out of all this and now the attention will be turned to PKR in Miri on the 14th of December at the EastwoodValley Golf and  Country Club where Anwar will welcome many BN members who are dissatisfied and disgruntled with the State Barisan National.

On another note Beginda Minda (former PRS Baleh Division Publicity Chief)spoke to audie61 regarding DCM Jabu’s statement on Bruno Manser and other NGOs who are nobody in their own country as published and reported by the local tabloids.

The Bruno Manser fund as pointed out by Beginda is International funding and if it helps the Penans even how little or how small is much better than not even a RAISED FINGER.Beginda went on to say that even  it is based in Switzerland ,and though Manser has used the Penans to sensationalise the Penan issue through television and multi media at least the WORLD knows what the PENAN PROBLEMS are in Sarawak.

 Beginda was apparently very displeased with Jabu’s statement and told audie61 that,”Jabu should look at himself clearly before opening his mouth.”

Beginda issued another call to Jabu to step down from Salcra where Jabu is the chairperson. This time he pointed out that even Plantations like Boustead and Tradewinds are able to give good dividends and bonuses  to the employees.

What about Salcra.? Beginda said as per the Malaysiakini report an ex banker even said this,”“We understand that there has been no proper accounting and auditing at Salcra and so it may be an exercise in futility trying to grope in the dark where there has been no transparency. Nevertheless, we have to try and do due diligence of the organisation before we move forward.

The PKR machinery has made the groundswell in the northern part of Sarawak in Miri and Beginda confirmed that the figures of 3000 as reported yesterday were not an illusion. We have the figures with us and if there are only satu ratus orang ini “Beri Malu,Tak Bagus dan Tak mungkin” untuk kedatangan Anwar Ibrahim di Miri. PKR is the New DAWN and we are making inroads in Sarawak.

Congratulations “Malaysiakini” for the Recognition by Google

On behalf of audie61 we would like to congratulate Malaysiakini internet portal which sees Malaysiakini as the fastest rising searched website in Malaysia in 2008 according to the annual survey conducted by Google.

Its survey of “the largest spike in searches during 2008 compared to 2007″ has seen Malaysiakini beat social networking website Facebook, PAS party organ Harakah and private television station TV3.

Six others in the top 10 ‘fastest rising searches’ in the category of websites included popular blog Malaysia Today, Rapidshare, Blogspot, Youtube, Malaysian Insider and ‘Beijing 2008′.

The full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94684 can be read here.

“3PM BN Awaits while PKR expects 3000 at MIRI”

What else can a party do when they are snubbed by the top leadership. It seems that PPP’s lifeline is hung on tenterhooks. This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94657  PPP is to hold an emergency supreme council meeting tomorrow to be chaired by its deputy president Lee Heng to discuss the party’s status in the Barisan Nasional.

We just have to wait for the Press Conference after the meeting and this will be scheduled at 3pm. Malaysiakini was informed by Kayveas who is away in the States but the SC will be chaired by Deputy president Lee Heng. Lee confirmed that the emergency supreme council meeting will be held at 2pm tomorrow. So BN will await what PPP will say at the Press conference and sources have kept a tight lip on the agenda. We shall wait for the outcome.

Meanwhile a spokesman of the Miri PKR dinner at the Country Club expects a very huge number of people in the region of 3000 coming to welcome PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. Though they will only be about 1000 at the dinner hall but many will just be there to listen to  Anwars address. PKR has made arrangements to broadcasts it outside to cater for the crowds who are unable to get a seat in the main hall. 

There are some more surprises in store and be patient and just wait for the 14th says the source. We have been informed of the PEOPLE who will be joining but to protect our source integrity and confidentiality we will not reveal it here. On the 19th it will be Kuchings turn. Anwar will also watch with interests on PPPs stand in BN.

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