On August 3rd Malaysiakini portal had this report on Sarawak where CM Pehin Taib said that there will be a major reshuffle next year.  That day saw a minor reshuffle it has pitted Wong Soon Kai,David Teng and Dr.Soon Choon Teck in the same Ministry ‘Environment and Public Health ”

The full report can be read here:-

On May 15th 2008 we gave a detailed report on the Sarawak’s cabinet reshuffle and back then we accounted for,”There are strong indications that the Chief Minister would maintain the two PRS Assistant Ministers in Datuk Dublin Unting(Lubok Antu) and Larry Sng(Pelagus) But that was then and with todays tabloids headlined State Cabinet reshuflle next year there will be POSSIBILITIES OF 2 NEW PRS ASSISTANT MINISTERS.

One is that Datuk Dublin is still unable to carry on as he is bed ridden while Larry Sng as this report from an internet blog on June 29th 2008 had,” Larry Sng’s membership is a foregone conclusion. “The supreme council is merely to endorse the decision. As a matter of fact, a letter has been drafted and will be sent to the Chief Minister informing him that Larry is no longer a member of PRS and his post as assistant minister should be replaced by one of PRS’ State Assemblyman,” said the sources.One can read more BY CLICKING HERE.

Today CM said in a press conference that the state cabinet will be reshuffled once the DPM Najib takes over from PM Abdullah. No fixed date was mentioned but the CM said it would be,” some time after Najib becomes PM.There will be a reshuffle some time next year after the next appointment of the next PM”

Taib went on to say the next state cabinet reshuffle will be  a “moderate one” as he foresaw that Sarawak would not be experiencing any “extreme situation to warrant a drastic change” in his cabinet. I don’t think it will be a drastic one as we don’t have an extreme situation in sarawk to warrant drastic change. We have to judge it(change) against that kind of background.” Taib went on to say that reshuffles were to faciltitate closer cooperation among cabinet members and also to avoid unnecessary ‘stormy debates” as well as to provide chances for members to understand each other’s functions and roles from time to time.

We usually want a harmonious cabinet.We want to discuss things rather than having stormy debates. Taib also said that he would have to think hard when it came to creating new portfolios.

So whatever has been reported that an impending State elections next year as speculated by Gombak MP Azmin Ali it seems that Taib sees it more of an opportunity to put his cabinet in place before he even decides to call for an early elections. This report can be read here where Azmin said,”turun padang” in Sarawak. Where does this put PKR’s election machinery? Do they still stick to their plans? CM Taib has got the cards up his sleeves and it is only HIM that can say,” TIME IS RIGHT AND I’VE GOT THE INSPIRATIONAL DATE’ BN Sarawak is every ready for any SNAP elections  as the machinery is well oiled.

Eventhough the PKR groundswell is building up with MPs visitations and dinner functions to the State BN its all a HOO-HA. The next dinner date on 9th January 2009 would be in Kuching. An informed source has mentioned that close to 2000 PRS urban members are ready to switch camps.BN Sarawak was under worse pressure in 1987 but they still pulled through. 

A political secretary to CM said,”We are monitoring the situation and PKR’s movements and at the moment it is under control” We know who the HIDDEN HAND is and his wings will be clipped sooner rather than later.”