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SUPP Chairman responds to Malaysiakini report

Supp Chairman Dr. George Chan has strongly denied that his party has failed to highlight the plight of the dayak community as claimed by a blogger in Malaysiakini.

Dr.Chan said as far as SUPP was concerned,we have never neglected the interests of our Dayak members as welll as the Dayak community in general.Dr,Chan went on to say that ,”in any planning and implementation of its programmes,there was no need for SUPP to mention specifically this project is for this race..that project is for that he believes that would veer from the party’s multi racial stance. 

The report carried by Malaysiakini portal was highlighted this morning in an english tabloid and this has caught the imagination of the general public at large.  SUPP seems to be facing the anger and frustrations of this dayak blogger site and the press has capitalised on it. More issues will be highlighted and the opposition parties in DAP,PKR and SNAP will run the gauntlet down on SUPP.

The full report in Malaysiakini “Ignoring the interests of the Dayaks can be fatal to the party’s survival more so when the opposition is making major inroads into the rural areas,’ It also adds judging by the results of the last state elections, Supp’s position appeared to be shaky in constituencies where Dayaks form a sizeable number of voters and he wondered if the party can continue to ignore the interest of the Dayaks.

This statement in particular leaves a lot to be desired,”Supp leaders and members were discussing ways and means on their battle plans for the next state elections, especially in recapturing the eight seats which it lost the last time around.”

audie61 has highlighted in our earlier posting ,”even before the battle gets underway for the next State Elections, the referee has blown the final whistle for SUPP in the Kuching area to wrestle the lost seats back . It made all the Chinese tabloids and it is headline news and the POLITICAL DAMAGE IS IMMENSE

According to a political pundit SUPP would be better of swapping seats with the other BN component parties in PRS,SPDP and PBB and make it a really component consensus to help each other during their hour of need. There has been much talk that Padungan seat currently held by PKR Assemblyman Dominique Ng will be the surprise package and as one BN member would say,”IF PKR WANT CHANGE,WE WILL GIVE THEM CHANGE”

The battles have begun for the State elections and SUPP has been taken to task. It will get fiercer and more politicised if SUPP does not  clamp it  down. Its all in SUPP’s hands and Dr.Chan know it………