Will Anwar and PKR Capitalise on Bengoh..?


It might just turned PEAR SHAPED for BN as most political analysts puts the Bengoh seat for SUPP and incumbent Dr.Jerip Susil. He might just have to face the wrath of the people and come out unstucked. This will see many aspiring candidates in the PKR camp making a bee-line with their credentials and also with grassroots support to be included in this volatile seat.

Malaysiakini reports  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/95129 Some turned up to receive their compensation happily; many others were there to protest, carrying placards to express their dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the government.This was the scene at the community hall in Bengoh, a largely Bidayuh settlement an hour’s drive from Kuching, which greeted the entourage of VIPs at the cheque presentation ceremony yesterday.

State Public Utilities Minister Awang Tengah Ali Hassan was there to officiate at the ceremony, accompanied by several Bidayuh state representatives including minister Michael Manyin, Dr Jerip Susil, James Dawos and Peter Nansian.

The local tabloids has ‘DAM critical to Kuching’s Water Needs” in which Tengah explained to the villages that the present water supply of raw water could only meet the demand in Kuching till 2010.’The construction of the dam is outside the BOUNDARY OF POLITICS.It is built to meet the overall need of the people for raw water supply.

“If anyone tries to politicise the project,he is BUT the SELFISH SORT of politician who likes to instigate the people for his own selfish political mileage. So who is he referring to ? Is it Anwar Ibrahim or See Chee How the Stampin Division chairman who is renowned for his hardwork especially in NCR land matters and Labour affairs of the natives. I will certainly not be drawn into who Tengah is referring to and its up to the opposition to find out.

Malaysiakini also learnt that there are proposals for the private sector to develop hill resorts in the Bengoh area and that studies have already been carried out for this purpose.

See Chee How, acting for the villagers, told Malaysiakini that an intriguing aspect of the resettlement site at Jalan Bau/Semadang is that an area of about 3,000 hectares has been leased to a company known as Salcra Jaya Sdn Bhd, a RM2 company with Deputy Chief Minister and Salcra chairperson Alfred Jabu listed as one of several directors of the company. He and Salcra general manager Vasco Sabat Singkang are also listed as two shareholders of the RM2 company.

It is learnt that the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) will hold a certain amount of shares in Salcra Jaya Sdn Bhd.

Locals say the timber stand in the area leased for oil palm cultivation is premium grade and of maximum girth and has never been logged before. The land has to be cleared first before planting of oil palm.

N16 Bengoh(20077) Dr Jerip Anak Susil (BN-SUPP) is caught in a dilemna bringing development to his community or face the very people who voted him in as as a STAR candidate before when he was an opposition candidate. Anwar will certainly leave his PKR team to pick a credible candidate and this is a seat where it is going to be a “HOT SEAT“.

Any takers that the winner will only win by a majority of 1000? Previously the majority in this 65% Bidayuh seat was won by BN by 1477 and 3149  respectively in  previous elections.  PKR (Pakatan) or SUPP( BN) there is a bottom line for the voters. Its their CHOICE…..