The headlines screams in this Malaysiakini report which created a few ripples,”  Padang Serai member of Parliament N Gobalakrishnan has denied news reports which claimed that 1,000 people from his constituency have quit PKR and joined MIC. Are the voters or supporters dissatisfied with the MP in question?

In that the MP said it was,” It is just a rumour. For all I know, the only person who is quitting PKR to join MIC is Sarjeet Singh. It was quoted though in Tamil Nesan and Utusan Malaysia that ,” “Gobalakrishnan has not kept his election promises. On the other hand, MIC, even though their candidate lost (in the general election), has been running a good service centre and is attempting to address the issues being raised,”

Well, Anwar will be guests of honour at two functions in Sarawak on the 14th and 19th December. He will be in Miri and in Kuching an according to our sources there will be more people handing over their membership forms and be part of the the NEW DAWN in Sarawak. In Sibu when YB Gabriel Adit joined he brought with him 11573 members most of whom were from Larry Sng’s Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) faction and they are from the Rajang Basin divisional members. A number of “Serving BN councillors” are in the group and till today there are still serving in their capacities as BN Councillors in Sarawak. Just goes to show that the saying,”KEEPING YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER” really works in Sarawak.

The speculations and rumours of PRS HORNBILLING across to PKR has somewhat died down and this is good news to the State BN. The “Tree shaking political ” theory practised by CM Taib and worked to perfection by James Masing has really worked in PRS. We were also told by a reliable source that CM who is so astute in his political dealings did mention to James once,”Swallow your Pride and you will come up Trumps”

This statement from an internet blogger friend,”Following Beginda’s allegation speculation has been rife that PRS would follow the footstep of its other sibling, SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) by leaving the Barisan Nasional coalition, which was strongly denied by its top leadership. An insider has confirmed that the aforesaid speculation was not true. Malaysiakini and Malaysiakini tv has the full excerpts of Beginda Minda’s statements published a couple of months ago.

Cover ups! State of Denials..?? Some members in James PRS inner circles are playing a very dangerous game and they are making approaches to PKR which seemingly are known to the top brass of BN. Its an instigating game and with PPP being cold shouldered James has better advice one of his closest aide to better ‘TOE THE LINE” Word has got out that the few are not in favour of PRS staying in BN and there is no use in denying the facts. Taib will not be fooled all the time and its only a matter of time when CM Taib uses the Guillotine on their Heads.  

They say you are either with BN or out of BN and if you are in BN stay true to BN and likewise if you are Pakatan stay true to your own colours. To be a Trojan Horse is the most despicable profession and if it is in the ARMY or Police Force this is an ACT OF BETRAYAL. So how many more will show their colours and join PKR in Miri and in Kuching..? We shall see….

Dr Rayong No,No,No to SUPP..Anwar How..??

It seems that the doors are basically shut for now for Independant Engkilili Assemblyman Dr.Johnnicol Rayong Nyipa as he seeks to join SUPP a component of BN. The Malaysiakini report of President and DCM Dr George Chan in which Chan told reporters the Engkilili motion asking him to keep his promise and step down was no longer an issue.

The local tabloids today had  1. Toh Objects to Dr Rayong joining SUPP 2. SUPP Engkilili chief sees need to change party leadership and 3. Assemblyman says he’s not joining any opposition party.

Dr Johnnicol in the tabloids had said in July 2006 that he had wanted to join the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party(SPDP) another State BN component party. On July 27th Dr, Chan told reporters that Najib (DPM) had made it clear before the election that BN policy was not to accept any candidate who had contested against any state BN.

‘That policy stands and we stand by it. This is BN policy not SUPP’s. All BN parties have to abide by it,”he said. Sarawak CM and BN Chairman also said on August 9th 2006 according to the tabloids that the coalition ‘NORMALLY” did not accept candidates who contested against the BN, and he distinctly remebered Najib saying that this was the BN policy before the polls.

audie61 caught up with Dr.Rayong and he said,”Biasa Lah. This is politics.We just have to take it as it comes.” We asked him and said seems you are at the crossroads of your political career and he told us ‘We shall see.” 

It seeems that Dr. Rayongs choice is limited. On one hand its closed Doors to join SUPP,stay independant or to join PKR. Anwar would welcome him and I’m sure with Adit already joining in PKR this would be the most obvious CHOICE. It remains to be seen and in politics anything is POSSIBLE. Rules can be bend to suit the moments. Its all up to Dr.Rayong to bear with it and see where his political career take him to.