PKR “Adopted Son..?””Adoption..?”Mockery..!!

Never mind the “Gossips” but the reality of the ban of the Kedah MP Gobalakrishnan took another turn when PKR President was interviewed by a local daily on the report which appeared in Malaysiakini which had this Entry Ban”Adopted son Gobala a local”

PKR Hulu Rajang division chief Frankie Manjah Bedindang, a former ‘wali kota’ or mayor of the Upper Rajang town of Kapit, told Malaysiakini that Gobalakrishnan went through the rituals, also called the miring ceremony, as part of the traditional Iban adoption process.

Gobalakrishnan was subsequently was given the name, Jugan Jugah, at the June 16 ceremony which was conducted in Tuai Rumah Jugah longhouse, Ulu Sut, witnessed by residents of the 30-door community.

James Masing when interviewed said,”“It’s rather unusual for a grown up man to be legally adopted by an Iban family. I would love to see the adoption papers. I hope this MP isn’t trying to pull a fast one on my community then his act is a mockery of Iban customs.A real adoption process is more than just words of the mouth (during the ceremony).” 

In an immediate reply to today’s FRONT PAGE news,PKR Hulu Rajang division chief Frankie Manja Bedindang told Malaysiakini ,” Masing should not just dismiss the adoption of any person by way of Iban tradition and custom because this practice has been entrenched in the adat(general customs) of the Iban community.The traditional adoption of a person was, in fact, included in the ‘Adat Iban 1993′.

Frankie Bedindang however said this,”I do not dispute Masing’s contention it is not a legal adoption in the sense there is no legal documentation. But to us, it is a practice that has been going on for generations among the Iban community. It would be dangerous for the community if an Iban leader were to take the stand that traditional practices were always illegal because of the obvious implications.

It seems that the groundswell is now taking on a different scale. The dayaks awakening has taken another form and they are now using the platform provided for them by PKR. The state BN parties in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will face testing times ahead. They have gone through worst political scenarios and survived.

 The inroads made by PKR will be not much impact if the penetrations in the dayak hinterland are not solid. It seems that its old wars coming to the fore with different platforms in PRS and PKR (aligned to Larry Sngs faction)mostly and also defunct PBDS. Same old stories to tell, same players in the game and same designated rural areas says a political observor. Who will make it in the next elections.? Will your guess will be as good as mine.? We shall see…Hmmmm……..