PKR SARAWAK ‘Working as a TEAM”

Sarawak reports on PKR,SUPP and Anwar Ibrahim taken over the leadership of State chairman has really caught on with the younger set of voters in Sarawak. Malaysiakini for the past week has had many reports and one amongst which has drawn the BN Sarawak leaders into a frenzy is this headlined Anwar Ibrahim has been appointed PKR’s state chief for both Sabah and Sarawak – the two frontline states for the opposition party.

Baginda Minda the outspoken (former PRS Information chief of Baleh) called audie61 at 4.35pm and the first words were,”PKR SARAWAK IS NOW WORKING AS A TEAM” and not as reported in the local tabloid which is trying to create a bridge of MISTRUSTS and to start a FEUD amongst the PKR leaders in Sarawak. Of course, before the appointment was made various PKR Sarawak executive members were consulted and the decision was only arrived at after A LENGTHY MEETING AND AGREEMENT.

Baginda said,” When Kelantan was in problem didn’t PM Abdullah headed as Director of Operations.?” Isn’t there any capable leaders then and you need someone from Penang? Whats the difference if Anwar takes over as he will oversee that all matters are looked into and solved amicably and if we wrestled the State( Beginda said) the CM will be a local and that’s 100 %. That is why there is a COMMANDER in Chief , Generals,Liuetenants,Captains and Soldiers in War time continued Baginda and PKR Sarawak is now working as a TEAM. 

The whole story unfolded as one can read through this link in the local tabloid. The Headline reads,”No way Pakatan can take over the State Gov’t” George Chan. In another interesting twist a young Iban graduate of 44 years old has set his mind on taking on the seat of N15 Muara Tuang(14303) in which the incumbent is the brother of CM Taib. He was making known to a number of PKR Sarawak leaders that this will offer a very CHALLENGING CHANGE and whether the Sarawak multi racial theme would see PKR Sarawak making the impossible happen by winning comfortably. It represents the mindset of the younger generation and he knows besides BN and Pakatan the people will look at genuinely harworking candidates now. TIMES HAVE CHANGED and these words were also echoed to audie61 by Beginda.

George Chan should keep to his words says Beginda and not lead the party to another disastrous outing in the next elections. He should have made way and now Beginda calls him the “LAST EMPEROR OF SUPP”  as previous Chairmans of SUPP in Stephan Yong and Wong Soon Kai has also fallen.Sih Hua Tong the youth chief was also lambasted by Beginda as he says PKR Sarawak is not like before now we are a TEAM and we will let our Commander in chief know what are the underlying peoples problems and solve them. He said,'(Sih) should have just kept his mouth shut as Anwar was a former DPM and who is Sih? 

Is this the statement that has send shivers down the spines of BN leaders as reported in Malaysiakini.?  “Recognising that the welfare of Sabah and Sarawak has long been sidelined by the Barisan Nasional government, the selection of Anwar as the state liaison chairperson is the right move to ensure a change occurs as well as to show PKR’s commitment in championing the struggles of the people – from Perlis to Sabah and Sarawak,” said party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  

The groundswell is really building up for the last PKR Political roadshow on the 9th of January in Kuching before the serious political PKR machinery steps into the BN heartland. Many of the incumbent BN YBs are not taking it lightly as they know that no matter what they do if the PEOPLE  ARE TUNED FOR CHANGE there will be some SHOCK WAVES. Political Propaganda are very strong powerful tools that will strike the very bones of the people and BN is only too wary of all these. Even the Gobalakrishnan ban to Sarawak as this report suggests is the talk of the town now and the SUPP Chairman has now even thrown his name into the oil pan. Will this create a chorus of replies from PKR..?

Anwar WHY YOUR KEDAH MP stepped on YOURS TRULY LAH….ref Malaysiakini

What is there to dispute..? Its like MP Gobalakhrisnan has suddenly wokened up the tiger and made it very, very, very, ANGRY. Even in this Malaysiani report,” Having visited Sarawak many times, Gobalakrishnan said he did not face any problems with the state immigration until this week.The full report

There seems to be a sudden change of mind on the hospitality shown as he said the state government had invited him to attend the Gawai Day celebrations in June. Even last week he was in Lubok Antu helping the locals in their Christmas preparations.

The only seemingly justifiable answer is that ,”GOBALAKHRISNAN has irk the Sarawak State Government and the state secretary has instructed the immigration officers to stop the MP from entering. This will be down to Anwar as opposition leader and PKR Sarawak chairman to deliberate the matter in Parliament in February.

The most obvious reason for now is that according to Gobalakhrisnan in the Malaysiakini report is that,”he was kicked out of the state because the opposition is increasingly becoming a threat to the Sarawak government and for his speech in Parliament attacking long-time Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Do we need to say more..? One can cry foul until the sun rises and sets but the fact is that he is banned from entering the State. This will certainly kick up a political storm but I’m sure the BN hierarchy knows how to handle the situation. But for now,a solution needs to be found around the problem and its of no use whatsoever for the MP to be agitated or fuming. REMEMBER SARAWAK HAS 30 MPS and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO LISTEN TO US. Do you need further clarifications..? The numbers are on Sarawaks side.